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38 Una donna a quindici anni (Cosi fan Despina, a ladies maid, tries to influence het Albanians, to take a lighter approach to love Una donna a quindici anni Dee saper out gran moda Dove if diavolo ha Ia coda, Cosa & bene, © mal cos’® Dee saper le maliziette Che tihamorano elt amanti, Finger riso, finger plant, Inventar i bei perch Dee in un miontento Dar retta acento Colle pupitte Parla eon mille Dar speme a tutti Sien Dello brutti, Saper naseonelersi posso,e volo ubbidtr. ch'abbiam gusto, tutte) sr mistresses, who are wooed by the two 4 damsel of fifteen vears Should know every important fashaon Where the devit has his tail, What is good and what is bad. Should know the litte tricks Which enamour lave How to fergn laught Invent good reasons She shoud in a moment Encourage a hundred With her eves, Tal to a thousand, Gine hope to all, Be they handsome ov ugly Know how to dissemble Wuthout embarrassment, Without blush Know how to ie And like a queen Fram the tofty throne With 1 can and will Mate herself obeyed. They seevn to have a likin, For such a doctrine Long fwe Despina Who knows hw to serve "feign tears Rbyshmical wanstation by HERBERT GROSSMAN ‘Andante Despina _ (Moers When a girl is al- most yp igog dee sa - she should know a= gai gran fif- teen, out so - hala a-round with pro dia- vo- Jo get fe malcos! worthwhile and what is dee sa She can per— le ma - li flirt with half a BOR HEES ~ riet che inna- aay te, do - zen, oe © Copyright 1948 & 1959 by International Music Company, New York sate, # tet Pete et pag it SS] sa~ permen= ti ly = ing, without much’ in pate "ree gh Re Oy tga SaaS fike a queen whosits on her ea gi - na col pos-soe vo -glio far-si ub-bi - queen with powers un - known, she'll rule all the earth, = throne,with powers un - known, she'll rule all the earth, dir, tos 6 allo faresiub-bi dn © qual Re- Par ch'abbiam Lthink they'l ae = i tat gu sto lis - ten di tal dot to what I've told them.Wé Ere tri - na,vi-va De ~spi - fell done, Despina, you've proved your worth, you've proved your hha,che sa ser ~vir,che sa ser- = Erp Sem iD TB He 689) eee Dee in un mo - men~ to dar ret-taa cen-to, colle pu- She must en - cour ~ age, ne -ver dis -courage and set them t see Shs