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Om Chanting – Atman kya hain

(In Woods of God Realization-Vol 1-pg 593)

This Atman, this true Ocean of Reality, this

Controlling and Governing Self, this is to be
realized, this is to be felt, to be seen and known in
order to be one with the Infinite. This true Self or
Atman is called the”I am”. This true Self, the
perfect”I”is beyond cause, and time, and space.
This perfect, this true Self is represented by Om.
Om means”I am"; and while chanting Om, you
have not to address yourself to somebody else.
While chanting Om, think not of someone outside
yourself whom you are calling. While chanting Om,
you must feel yourself to be one with this true”I am".
By this strong feeling, the mind is merged in
the Reality. By this strong belief, by this living
knowledge of the mind, the mind becomes, as it
were, a bubble which bursts into the mighty Ocean
of Reality. This is the way to Realization; this strong
feeling, this living knowledge on the part of the
mind laying hold of you, and de-hypnotizing your
false self, is the way to gain Truth, to free yourself.
The true”I am”is seen in this body and in that body.
The true”I am”the Governor, Controller, Ruler, the
Infinite Self is the same in the tiny atom, as it is in
the huge, mighty ocean; the same in all time, space,
and causation. Just feel that, realize that you are
that true”I am”feel that you are that Infinite,
Indestructible Self, and what a metamorphosis,
what a grand change does it bring about in your
position? To think that you penetrate all space; that
you are in all time, that you are the Self which
supports all space, that infinite space is supported
by you, held up by you. Infinite Space, Infinite
Time, Infinite Causation, Infinite Force, Infinite
Energy, power— This I am. This fact is not a matter
of ignorance. It is in reality the cause of whatever I
think myself to be, and it is yours always. Think
this and you are raised, you are freed from all
selfish motives; believe it, and it disperses all
sorrows and anxieties; you are raised above all
jealousy, chafing, worrying, and disturbance. Feel
that you are that”I am”. The same you are.

Your intellect has no right to ask the cause of its

effect, has no right to identify itself with the cause.
Take this piece of scarf. If it identifies itself with
anything, it must identify itself with silk, the
substance of which it is made or in which it makes
its appearance. It has no right to identify itself with
its length, breadth or thickness.
Similarly, when the intellect identifies itself with
anything, it should be identified with its own
substance, its true nature. It should become a
bubble, and burst into oneness with the mighty
Ocean, the Atman, the”I am;”it should not be
identified with the body. The body is only an effect;
and therefore the intellect has no right to identify
itself with the body.
O! The true Divinity, the Atman, this sublime
Power has no right to be identified with worldly
relations, with worldly affairs. You are that Sublime
Divinity, that True Reality. Know That, Think That,
Feel that, and Rise above all sorrow and trouble.