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Letter of Intent



Terms and Conditions of Application A +/-

Application Conditions (/OBS/Application/Condition) Reference Information (/OBS/ReferenceInfo) Preferences (/OBS/Application/Preference)

In what language should I write my statement

Letter of Intent Questionnaire (/OBS/Application/InterviewLocation) Summary of purpose?

Türkiye Scholarships is a highly competitive scholarship programme which receives more than 100,000 applications a year throughout the world. Therefore, it is very (

important for you to explain why you should be selected for the scholarship, from among candidates with similar characteristics, over and above documents and figures. The
letter of intent, intended academic research proposal and essay fields are included below in order for you to be able to express yourselves better, other than through the
documents you will submit. Your performance in these fields will have an impact in the assessment of your application. Therefore, we would like to state that completing
these fields with care, in a manner which will distinguish you from the other applicants, will have a positive impact on your evaluation process. You may complete these
fields in any language you feel comfortable expressing yourself.


1 - Title of Study (Please state the title of your study in a brief and concise manner, as the title of a thesis or an article.) (Maximum 30

2 - The Analysis of the Issue (Please state the subject which you will deal with in your study and your theory.) (Minimum 75, maximum 300

3 - Research Method (Please provide details concerning the methods of research you are planning to use in this study. For example, in
depth interviews, observations, surveys, trials, etc.) (Minimum 75, maximum 300 words)

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Letter of Intent


4 - The General Structure of the Study (Please state the main headings of the study.) (Minimum 75, maximum 300 words)

5 - The Academic Contribution of the Study (Please explain what type of contribution this study will make to the Field in the academic
sense.) (Minimum 75, maximum 300 words)

6 - Literature Review (Please state the principal academic resources which have been written in the field of this study and which you will
utilise.) (Minimum 75, maximum 300 words)

If there are any areas which you do not consider to be sufficiently clear, or which you believe need to be clarified, or any points you wish to
draw the attention of the assessment committee, please describe these briefly, in this section.

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