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1. object A approches object B which is stationary.

Velocity of object A is 𝑉 = 25𝑖 + 4𝑗 − 5𝑘 in

m/s. Mass of A= 10 kg, and that of B=4 kg. after impact, the two objects stick together.
a. compute the x-component of the velocity after impact. 17.86i
b. compute the y-component of the velocity after impact. 2.86j
c. compute the z-component of the velocity after impact. -3.57k

2. two objects flies towards each other. When the distance between them is 1.2 km. their
velocities and accelerations are as follows: VA=40 m/s, VB= 15 m/s, aA= -0.5 m/s2, aB=1.36 m/s2. A
third object left object A and moves toward object B with velocity of 50 m/s. upon reaching B it
then flies back to A and so on until A and B meets. What is the total distance traversed by the
third object? 950 m

3. a conical water tank with its vertex down has a height of 20 cm and a radius of 10 cm at the top.
Water leaks such that the water surface falls at a rate of 0.5 cm/sec. compute the rate of change
of volume when h=8 cm. 25.13 cm3/sec

4. francis set out from a certain point at 6 kph. After he had gone 2 hrs, julwa set out to overtake
him and went 4 km the first hours, 5 km the second hour, 6 km the 3rd hour and so on gaining 1
km per hour. After how many hours were they together? 8 hrs
5. a block of copper has a mass of 50 kg and a density of 8.91 g per cubic cm.
a. find the volume of the copper. 5611.67
b. if this block is converted to a cylinder with the same volume, find the base area if the
length is 1500 cm. 3.74
c. find the diameter of the cylinder. 2.18
6. a theodolite is set up at point A with elevation 500m. the angle of elevation of the top of the
building observed from the theodolite is 22.5°. if the theodolite is moved to point B, 321 m
nearer to the building but 19.65 m lower than point A, the angle of elevation of the building is
42.5°. find the elevation of the building. 758.86 m
7. two trains are running in the same direction on two parallel tracks. The trains are 100 m and 120
m respectively and running at 100 kph and 250 kph. If the trail end of the first train is 800 m
ahead of the front end of the second train.
a. determine the time required for the front end of the second train to reach the tail end of
the first train. 19.2 sec
b. determine the total time traveled by the second train from the initial position when it has
completely overtaken the first train. 24.48 sec
c. determine the time traveled by the first train from the initial position until both ends of
the two trains abreast each other. 22.08 sec
8. a frustum of a sphere has the following diameters 12.6 cm and 20.4 cm. the frustum is 3.6 cm
a. find the volume of the frustum of the sphere. 837.2 cm
b. find the radius of the sphere. 10.65
c. find the area of the zone thus formed. 240.90
9. from his office window of a building, a man tried to make vertical angular measurements of a
utility tower in a distant field. Using crude instruments, he measured the angle of depression of
the foot of the tower and recorded it be 6.4°. he then looked at the top of the tower and
calculated an angle of elevation of 42.6°. if the ground is generally level from the foot of the
tower and the man’s eyes was approximately 3.2 m above the ground, what is the height of the
tower? 29.43
10. A metal sphere weighing 24 kg is melted down and recast into solid cone which has a base with
a radius of 8 cm. the metal used has a density of 8000 kg/m3, 15% is lost in the recasting
process. The perpendicular height of the cone is not readily known what is the diameter of the
metal sphere? 17.88
11. A loud speaker diaphragm is in the form of frustum of a cone. The end diameters measures 28
cm and 6 cm and the vertical distance the ends is 30 cm. the curve surface of the speaker is
made of felt composite material. Calculate the area of felt composite material needed to cover
the curved surface. 1706.4
12. A train 180 m long is chugging along a railroad track going north. Along another railroad track,
very near and parallel to the first, another train 100 m long is trying to overtake the first at 180
kph. If the first train is running at 120 kph and its tail end is exactly 500 m ahead of the front of
the second train, then find the following:
a. How many meters have the first train traveled when the first train traveled when the front
end of the second train caught up with its tail end? 1000 m
b. How many meters have the second train traveled when its front end caught up with the
tail end of the first train? 1500
c. How many seconds would have elapsed from the initial position when the second train
has completely and clearly overtake the first train. 46.8 sec
13. Obama and Romney are 20 km apart and walk towards each other in a straight line direction.
Obama walks faster than Romney by 1 kph. Romney walks at a constant rate of 5 kph. Obama
left his original location first, then Romney started walking 24 min after. When they eventually
meet, how far has Romney walked his original position. 8km
14. You are given 8 numbers which add up to 166. One of the numbers is 28. Calculate the average
of the other 7 numbers. 20
15. The population of weeds in a particular idle field doubles every year. If there are 2,000 weeds
now, in approximately how many years will it take the population to grow to a million or more?
16. Martin buys a pen for P75.00. he then marks up the price by 80% consequently sells it for a
discount of 20%. If the transaction was paid in cash, what was his profit from the deal? P33
17. Along EDSA, two billboards were erected. They are of dissimilar sizes with their sides having a
ratio of 5:4. The bigger billboard required 250 m2 of material to cover the entire billboard. How
much material, in m2, is needed for the smaller one? 160
18. A sphere of radius 1 is totally submerged in a cylindrical tank of radius 4. The water level in the
tank rises a distance eh. What is the value of h? 0.083
19. If the if the two sides of a rectangular change in such a manner that the rectangle’s area remains
the same, and one side is increased by 25%, what is the effect on the other side? Decrease by
20. A fuel tank which is rectangular in shape has the following dimensions. Length = 10 m, width = 5
m, and height = 12 m. it is filled up to 2/3 of its capacity. If an additional 50 m3 of fuel is added,
what percentage of the tank is filled? 75%
21. Two wheels are rolling along parallel straight lines at the same linear speed. One of the wheels
has a diameter of 12 cm while the other has a diameter of 18 cm. if they area allowed to roll
until the larger wheel has revolved 72 times, how many times has the smaller wheel probably
revolved? 108
22. A cube is formed by six squares ABCD, ABFE, ADHE, BCGF, CDHG, and EFGH. Point M is located
at the midpoint of BC while point N is the midpoint of GH. If the cube has a volume of 1, what is
the length of MN. 1.346
23. The height of a rectangular box is 10 cm. its length increases at the rate of 2 cm/sec, its width
decreases at the rate of 4 cm/sec. when the length is 8 cm and the width is 6 cm, the rate in per second, at which the volume is changing is. -200
24. The angle of elevation of the top point D of a tower from A is 25°. From another point B, the
angle of elevation of the top of tower at D is 56°. Points A and B is 300 m apart and are the same
horizontal planes as the foot C of the tower. The horizontal angle subtended by A and B at the
foot of the tower is 90°, find the height of the tower in meters.
25. Compute the transform equation of the curve xy = 1 by rotating the axes through an angle of
(𝑥 ′ )2 − (𝑦 ′ )2 = 2
26. An open-top hemispherical tank having a radius of 1.2 m full of water drained by a vertical pipe
whose exit end is 0.8 m above the top of the tank. How much work is done in emptying the full
content of the tank? 44.38 KJ
27. A catapult is placed 100 feet from the castle wall, which is 35 feet high. The soldier wants the
burning bale of the hay to clear the top of the wall and land 50 feet inside a castle wall. If the
initial velocity of the bale is 70 fps, then at what angle should the bale of hay be launched so
that it will travel 150 feet and pass over the castle wall? 50.8
28. A circle has its center at (3, -2). It is tangent to the line 3x + 4y – 26 = 0. Compute the point of
tangency of the circle.
29. A coffee pot with circular bottom tapers uniformly to a circular top with radius half of the base.
A mark halfway up the side says “2 cups”. Where should the “3 cups” mark go? And what is the
capacity of the coffee pot? 2%, 3 1/37cups
30. A 100 kg body initially at rest is acted upon by a constant force of 80 N for 5 sec after which an
opposite force of 54 N is applied. In what additional time in seconds will the body come to rest?
31. A hemispherical tank having a radius of 2.5 m is filled with water to a depth of 1.8 m. If a solid
sphere having a diameter of 1.8 m is placed on the bowl, determine how high will the water rise
on the bowl.
161 mm