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Quinscher - Denu Val Gumas

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Volume 1
Denu Val Gumas
This is magic of the will or the so-called secret book of the builders of Rah Ohmir Quinscher
Uranus Verlag Memmingen Bavaria In the hands of the publishing and printing cooperative Memmin‐
gen / Bay Edited and edited by D. + .G. F. From a Magic Archive

Who can call the child by the right name? The Few to Know What They Foolishly Were Not Keeping
Their Full Hearts To the mob, their feeling, their look revealed - they have been crucified and burned.
(Goethe's Faust)

In this work I have united 34 chapters into one book for the purpose of opening my eyes to my fellow
human beings and teaching the art of using secret powers to shape earth life according to one's own
wishes and will. High goals require great men and great acts of firm will and iron nerves. - Not every
reader will conquer these powers and I know for sure If only one third of all readers make use of it I
am satisfied. In material, financial and economic terms, our people have become poor. The humanities
are broken down. But even for the most oppressed, there is one way, one salvation: SPIRITUAL SCI‐
ENCE Well, secret book walk your way and sprinkle your seed! I WANT IT - It Will Be The Author FIRST
BOOK 1 Chapter Of Life In the beginning, life was the beginning of all life and all life was created out of
it. This life was the light that ignited and divided parts and particles. These parts of the particle were
equal to the origin, light and life. But because life, and therefore light, was the primordial power of God,
all parts of it were divine. Life created for itself a law, a cycle of all things, that everything that was, di‐
vorced and divided and divided again, but again sooner or later, had to come back into the light of the
primordial power. A number of the parts, the divine beings, became haughty and thought to be the pri‐
mal force and the creator to be different. They eclipsed themselves and their bodies, which were equal
to the Divine Spirit, ethereal, became heavier, firmer and more material through their self-conceit. This
is how the earths and worlds came into existence. The visible world, the kingdom and the children of
Lucifer, the light spirit. He seems to be a native to himself and to be able to create himself. But his
works seemed to have dead bodies, dark masses. What millennia needed to finally return to the free
light of the original being. For them the hard law, the must, was created by the primordial life. Which
pressed and banished all beings, worlds, things, and its eternal orbit.
Although the free will left it all, however, a limit became law for all beings. Up to here and no further
The primordial life of the impersonal God formed from fallen particles, called matter, a likeness to
which the spirit and life, the soul, gave; in order thereby to draw back the beings of Lucifer, who
through them are forced from the light of the day closer and faster to the deity. - Man was created as
the Lord over all things and powers of the earth. Which became the school and repository of all spirits.
In the middle of the realm of Lucifer. When he saw that the primordial life was trying to induce him to
return by renouncing his creatures, he tried to thwart this by all means. He seduced the created man
by instilling pride and vanity in him. (I'm ashamed because I'm naked!) He succeeded and the result
was that the law of necessity in its application also came into force against the people, had to occur.
Earth to earth! Dust to dust The spirit could no longer, on its own perfection, lay down and dissolve its
earthly garment, the body. (Exceptions were Henoch and Elijah.) No, he had to wait until his time had
come to pass, and was then forcibly separated. The use of the forces of nature is now hidden from
him. Man became an animal. He sank down to animal existence. He could only be master of the pow‐
ers if he humbly or voluntarily subordinates himself to the primordial life, the deity. The question
arises: Why did not the deity destroy the apostates and create others who were not so arrogant? When
the deity splintered Lucifer into atoms and destroyed him, God also smashed with him all the worlds,
beings and things that had arisen with him and also through him. For Lucifer was the first of God, his
first-born, the other part of God. - Still today is the inherent spirit of the great cosmic man, whom we
see with our flesh eyes as sun, moon and stars. - He could take him free will and self-determination?
This was also an end to the propagation, education and survival. - You also rupture a field with wheat
because weeds have grown in between. - No, but you let it grow up to harvest and then feed it later
with straw. Thus, it also feels its purpose ----- Therefore, the antipode of the enemy of the light had the
night, so that all other beings recognize and voluntarily subordinate themselves to the deity, the divine
law. Even the worst has its good. For this reason the Scripture says: Then evening and morning be‐
came the first day. The evening, the opposite of tomorrow, is here Lucifer. Morning is the deity itself.
Out of these mutual frictions of mutual competing in producing, the world man was created. These
are the wars of Jehovah whose success was the creation. ------ 2 chapter Life. Life is the Conservation
of Life Life is an element, invisible, everywhere noticeable. Life is spirit! Breath, as the breath in the
mouth or the raging hurricane is life. Life is something that material science explores in vain; the hu‐
man brain can fathom in vain. Something that can be fruitful and destructive, but also something mild,
gentle, soft, soft. Sizzling steam, roaring fire, glowing flame, ice-cold water, the little brook, the rushing
river, the traveling stream, the raging sea -all is life.
You look for life and that is everywhere, in the narrowest space, on the farthest floor - life, life. What
should the earthly kingdom be? The earth is created as a place of learning for the mind, for the perfec‐
tion of the spirit. Not to fossilize the body, to live well. No, to work and always to work, physically and
mentally. Life is work, because it is the active work, the created work of the primordial life. Do you
think that the primordial life, the deity, has now finished work and left everything to itself? No, because
then the great work went down. We live in the sixth day of creation. Where it is the turn of the human
being, the spiritual man, to become a godman. - If this has happened, then it says: "God saw that his
work was good!" - Then the world man has grown up and grown old and goes to his extinction - world
end is the judgment of the world! - Not the entire creation is destroyed, no only a number of worlds dis‐
solve into original parts and splinter. The spirits of matter solidified therein are redeemed. - The lost
son returns to the Father and new worlds and earths emerge. (In my father's house are many
apartments.) Not complete dissolution, but only a transformation occurs. I should say that? Well
friend, do not you see the stars shoot at Sternhellen nights? The mists of the Milky Way? These are all
parts of dead worlds. Worlds that died thousands of years ago and went to pieces. Their original com‐
ponents fly around in space. Quietly add the so-called comets to it. That is why dying and destroying is
also life. Why? Take the flame that blows from the burning wood, it spreads heat. Heat - Heat is the
augmented, enhanced activity of wood and fire spirits that sit in the wood and flame and are propelled
by the air spirits to greater action. But wood is destroyed, dissolved into its original components, in
earth = ashes, water = smoke. The spirits raised therein become free and unite with others, now pro‐
ducing a new entity. Voluntarily or forced by the law of law to create always new. Life is work We live
because we have to live! For we have not given ourselves life as human beings and, as only people, we
can not give life to others. So it does not affect the mind. The spirit is God, of divine origin, everlasting,
unfathomable. All earthly measures, tools, brains are not able to - or indicate this. As much as the
earthly man may strain his brain, he can do nothing, he is nothing, without mind and spirit. I am noth‐
ing and I can not do anything, as a human, as an earthly, retains full validity. It is different so we fertil‐
ize the mind, him schools, to continuous activity, there we can create much. From this we can create
life, for the spirit is life. Everything else is piecemeal, machine, tool, medium to purpose. ----- From this,
we draw strength to approach God and become like God, within our orbit. Without fear of being forced
to be forced by the must.
3 Chapter Of Destiny Everything has its time. You, too, who are reluctant to believe in my words and do
not want to acknowledge what I wrote. You can not escape fate! Everything that is granted to you, that
happens, whether you want it or not, you have to! Only you can mitigate some things, mitigate, if you
recognize it in time. You only know about the past and not the present time. The future is completely
veiled for you. - Poor man, who should be the image of God with all his powers and abilities. How has
selfishness, hate, envy blinded you Dissatisfied and discouraged you have become! Filled with things
that you can not comprehend, because you have not trained your mind, have not received it! Because
only pleasure-seeking and all the foolish things in the world sufficed you! # One pleasure after the
other was dear to you, as a quiet hour to think! ---- It comes to you for an hour in which you all need‐
lessly wasted hours of your life back to be able to live differently, But then it is too late. There is no
back! Only pay and atone! What good is your cursing and ranting, because of the bad time? Do you
think it will be different? With not! - If you want to escape the life that has become unbearable for you,
you can only destroy the body, the body, and life! The mind stays and then you see what you did! - The
hour of your death is also your last judgment. You then judge yourself, no one else! - What you now
vorgaukelst that you will then recognize with horror! Delusion, erring soul! - Seek the master and recog‐
nize his teaching and if you can not grasp his divine, then stick to his humanity. Live like him,
undemanding, loving, humble, faithful, just and in everything and you are helped. - Let the brooding, the
much and better knowledge. Piecework is all human knowledge. All science in the world consists of
the ignorance of the spiritual. This is dead sand, unnecessary ballast. ------ Do not look at God as an ab‐
surdity that sits somewhere between the stars and does not care about the people. He is not far, in the
still hour he is close to Di and will be found by you too! He is not a cairn church, cathedral, cathedral,
no pastor, bishop, pope. He is still impersonally foreign to you, but he will also become known to you
personally. Seek him in other people, even his enemy, who has done you evil. Repay him with good.
Love every human being, embrace every being of the world and look at everything with different eyes.
In every plant, indeed in every stone, you can recognize the creative omnipotence of God. All nature is
a great book, only you must have the key to leaf through it. The key is yourself. Recognize yourself
Then all secrets are open to you. Then you did not break DuPrel, Eckartshausen, Fludd, Paracelsus,
Cagliostro, and other no clergy or teachers. No other person, the spirit in you will teach you, like me,
and if you can not find your way, write to me and tell me what troubles you. I will help you if it is in my
power. Do not consider me a magician or other wizard, a know-it-all. - I am a human like you who
draws everything from what he teaches and writes. Myself, my personal self can not do anything, the
body can only do its work. Everything else is created by the mind. May the world men also consider
me a nerd, in me lives a world of which you can not make yourself known. Some people came to me in
his Distress and spiritual darkness and I showed him the way he had to go. I do not long for fame,
honor and reputation. I will fulfill the will of the Master and attract all who seek Him. I am only voice of
a preacher and the world. Prepare the way for the Lord and make the right way! .-------- 4 Chapter On
the Hereafter What is the Hereafter? The hereafter means the state of the soul, of the spirit after the
final leaving of the body. Beyond earth life, the earthly shell becomes the soul of the body of the spirit.
Compresses and takes shape and form. Now it turns out if man has done something for his spiritual
life. If he has it, then the soul imitates the abandoned earth body, human form. If he does not have it,
then she takes on an animal form, the same animal whose affections he most indulges. Where is the
hereafter? The answer everywhere. - Were you materially minded, then the material also binds you and
you remain banished to the earth and live as usual probably the carnivorous eyes of other people, but
not all invisible, until you hold in you. Go to the same activity. That you had during your lifetime, and
continue to live in your fantasies and illusions, you have to realize one day that you are no longer a
physical person, but a spirit. This does not happen immediately, it can take hundreds of years before
you get to that realization. ----- However, if you have worked spiritually and done much for your spirit, it
will take you to where you aspired and longed for on earth. Not for doing nothing but for active work in
the spiritual field and spiritual works. If it was your desire to come near the Divine Master, and have
you always striven for that, then your wish will come true. But before you will recognize and regret all
your mistakes. So purified you can approach him. This will be your last judgment. Your earthly life and
act judge yourself, nobody else! ------ 5 chapter beginning and end Where is the beginning, where the
end Only in the origin of all things, the deity. A tremendous circle through and through all things and
creatures. Beginning and ending in the deity. Seven changes and free periods are all subject. Of these,
as the days of creation Moses speaks. These are becoming, growing and transforming all things into
new, better, more perfect ones. Three periods dominate the whole, the becoming. The first from the
creation of the world to Abraham. The second of these until the birth of Christ.
In the third period, we live now. In 6097 we write (1927) today in the 7034 the third period is full. A mil‐
lennium is dedicated to peace and quiet and love. (Seventh day of the Mosanic creation story.) Then
the material will be transformed into spiritual components and another law will guide and direct the
worldly man. - Then we do not know: - We? When we have become partakers of the light, we will live
closer to the light, and live and shine in its brightness. In my father's house are many apartments: -
This great transformation will be the so-called end. Dying, transforming new emerge. Not the entire
world will sink into the rubble of nothingness. No, only their gross parts, things and substances dis‐
solve into the subtle. Then the big school of life will not be on this earth anymore. But another world,
world body, receives this high facility. Circulation on a large scale, as well as on a small scale. As
above so below! This law of law will cease and make room for a voluntary surrender. Love is the eter‐
nal law -------- 6 Chapter of the Last Judgment The seventh millennium of the third period will be the
last judgment for the world man. The time of his transformation and his return. - As well as the hour of
death for man. Your hour of death is also your last judgment. You judge yourself, bringing the images
of your earthly life before your spiritual eye. Also, the verdict you speak yourself. - You probably end
this life on earth, to enter into the otherworldly. If you sowed love on earth, you will also reap love. No
one judges and judges you, as you, your self. You are a world for you and in this world u are also your
god! Her creator, hence her judge! ---- Do not be deceived by pretending to be able to deceive yourself
and to convince yourself that you have done enough to gain the kingdom of heaven. The Kingdom of
Heaven is within you and you create yourself! Work and create real spiritual values, to which your here‐
after is not desolate and desolate! Search here on earth to perfect and perfect, otherwise you have
millennium before you, with difficulty to achieve what you have now failed. Do not forget that your
spirit is eternal for God and therefore equal to him. The last Earth Day is also your youngest. Then the
transformation begins. ausende See in God your Father and his eternal love! Only then can you be rich
in and in spirit and complete yourself. - Then is achieved the noble goal of perfection. - The big word: it
is accomplished will also get the true meaning for you. --- It is the people set to die once, then the
court, that is self-knowledge!
Exalted and glorious, before your conceit and vanity darkened and banished you into dark matter, as
the result of your selfishness! --- Equipped with all divine power, emanated from it first - and yet
Lucifer! ------ Consider man this tremendous gospel of the light-ghost, which rightly shows you the
greatness of the deity, and lets you know what little dustbell you are made of! For you are Lucifer's
offspring, otherwise you would not be burdened with the heavy hangings, wrapped in earthly bodies,
like your father of the one world, one of all! Do not get me wrong and do not think, these are the ex‐
cesses of a confused person. - You too will miss and understand everything. Then you will not be pre‐
vented from earthly talk, neither time nor space. Then you feel the power of deity rest in you! The first
thing you need is self-awareness! To recognize yourself, what you consist of, how you are, what you
are there for. - Use the time you have when you do your daily work and work on yourself and your spirit!
First you will find the exercises a burden, something unbearable, but then they will be a rest! With ex‐
citement you can hardly wait for the time, in which you can occupy yourself denurisch. If you can only
post the first success, then your further work will be a pleasure and no longer a must. ------ All things
always look in which state of mind one looks at them, in which worldview one lives! As a coarse mate‐
rial man one finds the world full of load and effort, bleak and bland, or also full of vain joys and
hollows, which only cause a heavy head and hangover! As a spirit-thinking and feeling person, one
sees in nature and in the smallest things whole Gospels of the fullest truths, clarified by their spiritual
meaning and purpose. 9 chapter What is magic? By magic I mean the effect of the will, the willpower
of one or more people who have been trained through years of practice. Thus, magic is will-power.
How does the will or the power to accomplish this will arise? By knowing and utilizing the mental
powers. The spirit of man, imperishable, being a part of the primal part, brought with it into the body
its primal element, the fluidum or ethereal ether. The primitive substance that fills and sustains
creation, the whole world. The fluid surrounds the mind, as a light garment, misty. By the will of the
spirit to which he belongs, this ether mist is contracted and forms rays. The generator sends out these
rays and they return to them. Usually these rays work in human bodies themselves and stimulate all
organs to activity. Create feeling, taste, smell, walking, listening, thinking. Ordinary man knows nothing
of these ethereal souls, and all modern science seeks in vain with acids and microscopes for the soul
or spirit in man. No human eye can detect the fluid. To a tremendous power, this fluid can be devel‐
oped through appropriate training and exercises. -
But magic is also the knowledge and knowledge of all things, forms and beings on earth and in
creation. In order to convey some of this knowledge, this book is written. 10 Chapter How to become a
magician? So ask and ask many. They ponder and muse and can not find the thread that leads them
through all confusion. They divide white and black magic, like two different things, and they are a
whole. There is neither white nor black magic. Another red as a super clever wanted to have some
time ago by "inspiration" of "some masters" (?) Experienced. There is only one art, one course, only the
effects characterize the act, whether it was good or bad .---- The eternally same law: I want! Or it will!
In the training of the will; the changes of the ego begin the effects. Only fools deny the tremendous
power. It is precisely because the world-human denies it that he is touched by her so many times in
life, and that some mysterious experience could make him a knower. ----- It has not fallen master of
heaven, even the master of this art Cagliostro, she had to learn before he could act. It involves years of
practice combined with tough stamina and daily regular sequel. Rock firm conviction: I want! - It will! ---
and it has to happen. --- 11 Chapter The Man and His Secrets Everything is spirit and consists of spirit
- spirits. It is not a thing in the world that does not contain spirit. Even though these substances are so
manifold and millions of different, it is nevertheless a primordial substance, a basic substance,
namely spirit. But what does that have to do with humans? Man carries with himself the image of the
creation of the world. It consists of the pure spirit, its fluid, the bound and the settled spirits. Last of
the erstarten ghosts. What? --- But that's a strange humanity. ----- The pure spirit is the noblest part of
man, part - part, from the primal part, which has taken its beginning from the primordial spirit, primal
divinity. Then there are on earth a large number of so-called animal soul people. These are those
whose mind is not a part-part but a composite of bound spirits (animal souls). Emerged according to
the eternal law of becoming and evolving. For all beings, worlds and creations must develop further.
Creation of the spirits. The primordial spirit, the deity, created out of itself a number of primordial
spirits, here called primordial parts. Through this, the ore spirits or parts, who exiled the ghosts or
part-pieces, emerged. The progression or division went up to a thousand times. Down to the touch or
electron, aether dust. Through these and with these emerged the worlds, earths, moons, suns, etc. The
greatest of these primal parts: Lucifer saw in himself the origin of all being and was the creator of this
material worldly man, the material world. His rejection of the deity founded the primordial law of the
eternal cycle, the law of leisure. Free will was taken from the smallest parts and particles, and pressed
into and formed into forms, from which they can gradually develop in millennia, gradually, higher,
upward. We see these forms as Earth, Moon, Stars and all creatures and things that are from and in it.
The gap between the source and the particles in the forms was so great that the Deity decided to cre‐
ate a middle-form, with conditional free will. That was, that is - the human. Created as a world in itself
and at the same time the image of the deity. But most Earth people do not know themselves, their own
world. The great world-creation, the world-man, shows itself to the carnivorous eye as sun, moon and
stars, which are nothing more than the skin and meat-cells of the world-man. The terrestrial man also
has many, many thousands of skin and meat cells, so varied and diverse. Which probably operate in‐
dependently to a limited extent, but together form the body of the flesh. Who are these cells? The cells
are the established spirits, a milder form of the dormant spirits that form the bones and teeth in the
body, and the earths and world bodies in the cosmic man. A rock or a mountain are frozen spirits
whose solidification seems so great that they present themselves to the carnivorous eye as if they
were without life. The blood in man is the bound spirits, who already have less will-freedom, including
the nervous spirits. - In the worldly man, they are in fire, water, air (winds). These bound spirits are
stimulated to their conditioned activity by the radiance of their governing spirit, by its fluidity. Although
they are somewhat rebellious and do not want to comply with the pressure. This then causes
discomfort, pain, illnesses to the whole body. The death of the body causes the transformation of all
the minds forming the body. The return to the free spiritual life of the (ruling) mind, chases apart all
the minds forming the body. But in a certain time they must join with others of a similar kind, into an‐
other form. For this they are stopped by the world fluid. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Two
generations of people, male and female, inhabit Earth The man is the donor, the wife the carrier of the
same. What is the process? The man tempts the desire to the woman. Wanting to be is only intended
to make use of woman's. His mind draws the fluid together and produces strong rays that affect
organs. The radiation becomes so intense and strong that quite a few rays separate from the mind
and independently take on a form. This form connects with bound and steadied spirits within the sex
glands of the man and is ejected by the stimulus, the pressure of the fluid on the other spirits with full
force from the body. Where? Intended in the receptacle in the woman. There, the detached spirits con‐
nect with others of the woman, and through the will of the partial fluid, they form the beginning of a
new human being. The woman must add more and more particles from her body-forming spirits dur‐
ing the wearing time - and so the child grows, until it is ejected again. But what about its fluid? From
the father it brought along a fluid part. The divine destiny leads now shortly before the birth of the
child to a certain spirit with appropriate fluid to the new body, which must then spend the Eden life in
it. If this does not happen, the child dies after days, months or years. Depending on the strength of the
detached from the father Teilfluidums. What about if the man wastes his sperm by masturbation?
Through every act of procreation, be it natural or unnatural, the parts of the radiation separate from
the fluid. The man weakens himself and thereby shortens his life. The Urmansch should not exercise
the animal mating, but only by his ejected fluid in the female body produce a fruit, without carnal
touch. But he fell victim to sensual stimuli and lost thereby also the knowledge and domination of the
natural forces. The eternal cycle requires eternal division, multiplication and again transformation and
transformation of all beings, things and forms. Urquell, Ur-part from the Ur-part are immutable in and
of themselves. They just multiply the whole, directing and directing everything. All of their parts and
particles down to the thousandth limb are subject to transformation. That is, they must more or less
unite with others to attain the highest level, part of the primal part. Elixir degree does the spirit in hu‐
mans have? A number on earth are meat-breaking primal parts, which voluntarily go through the earth
school, but on the other hand should also be the teachers and leaders of other people. Bigger is al‐
ready the number of parts from the original part, which have the same destination. Then there is a
tremendous number of parts of particles that go through life on earth for their spiritual perfection. The
rest, many millions of humans, are the so-called animal-people-people, who still have the longest way
to completion, as part of Ur-part. They have to go through life on earth several more times, putting
them into different kinds and situations before they reach the goal. Fluidum The fluid consists of
electrons, which are formless Geiteshauche. A kind of side, which surrounds all spirits more or less.
Of which the entire universe is fulfilled. The last and smallest form of the particles. Their purpose is
and remains none other than that to which they are present. There are now different types and shapes
of these fluids. Resting, moving and flowing. Resting fluidum is light, mind and life. Agile is heat and
magnetism Fluent is electricity, heat, killing ray. These electrons, which various researchers named
with a variety of names, is Prana the Indian, the Od. It is that substance called by us magical stream,
described in the New Testament as "Holy Spirit"! The last kind of man is the one who leads a double
life. Her mind wanders in the body on earth, but also in spiritual areas and brings the latter to full ex‐
pression as a human being. Who are these? Clairvoyants, prophets, somnambulists and for the most
part also the born magicians. They recognize and penetrate everything and train themselves for their
survival. With this we leave the human being and his secrets.
Dear student Who puts his hand to the plow and looks back, who is not skilled for the kingdom of God,
for the world of the magical! Overcome your fear, as well as failures, failures with the same intent, but
still reach the goal! No matter if today or tomorrow! - I want! It is not words and writing alone that pro‐
duce the deeds; no complete mastery of all feelings and perseverance produce success. There must
be no fear for you! - Whatever comes or will come, no matter: I want! And what I want, that happens
because I want it! - May you later seek to repent or not. That does not bother or disturb you before.
Nothing is out of me! - Everything is in me = me! - For a denur (magician), there is no back, no repent‐
ing of former actions. I did it and because I did it, that's right! ---- Nothing happens on earth, which is
not determined by the law! ----- We are all just primitive tools! ----- What has happened can not be un‐
done again. ---- The eternal cycle continues incessantly! ----- So your fear is completely unfounded.
Know only me and again I! ---- Then no obstacle can inhibit or disturb you! What you want that
happens! Do what you want, because what you do - is right! Second Book 1 Chapter First Exercise for
Will Training Anyone who wants to learn the magic art must have his body, his thoughts and his ac‐
tions entirely in his will! The basic requirement is to completely and completely learn and master the
basic exercises. Who does not learn the basic exercises, can not perform the actions. He does not
learn the other one either! It is utterly pointless to start learning right away, as without basic practice
nothing is achieved! My present success messages my students and friends confirm this without
exception. The training period is a bit long, but who wants to rule must serve! - This book is not a book
for entertainment only, but for learning practical knowledge. So many pay me today thanks, I have
touched him hard and have undeterred demanded the attainment of the minimum time measure.
Since this book is now going out in the public domain, disseminating the secret knowledge and leav‐
ing each learner to some degree in self-reliance when learning, unless he prefers the membership of
the O.M.B. To emphasize, I emphasize again: First, thorough mastery of the basic exercises, then go to
the other exercises! The purpose of this exercise is to bring peace to the brain and control the nerves.
Men Lay down or settle down comfortably in a quiet, quiet place. Relax all muscles. Close your eyes
and try not to think about anything! ---- Start with 10 seconds duration and gradually increase the dura‐
tion of the exercise daily until the 5 minute time limit. But it must absolutely absolute peace in the
brain have occurred, but on the other hand you must not fall asleep. The exercise is easy to read, but it
is not easy, but rather difficult. If it does not want to go, then we have a tool for it. 2 Chapter The will -
the power Before you, dear student, mastered the first exercise, months will have passed. We now
take the actual power as the object of our teaching. The will, the outpouring and radiance of the mind,
is the greatest most effective power in man. He can do nothing without wanting. The will, the outflow
and the radiance of the mind is the greatest effective power in man. He can do nothing without
wanting. The will, the power, can be brought to perfection through regular exercises. He makes man
master over all things and beings. These are not phrases. Every century people have lived who under‐
stood and used this art. Enigmatic people who have never understood and understood the world
around them and who today are usually not yet understood. Today, magical art is divided into white
and black magic and wants to make others believe that its two different teachings. The basic theory is
one, but the action and effects characterize the execution. Train your mind, your will, and do not stand
still when you have achieved something! But continue to restlessly! What is the will? The will is the ra‐
diance of the mind, contracted fluid, spiritual flow. Through practice, the mind can be trained so that
the effects can be expressed outside the body, on or in other beings, bridging thousands of miles, and
acting there. By the will we can unite to a will and be also seas in between. Through him we read and
understand the secrets that they carry in us and in sight. Recognize all faults weaknesses, gifts and
abilities of others. Through him we can achieve and effect everything. Nothing is on earth, which can
afford us lasting resistance. 7 Chapter About knowledge of man Whoever wants to learn magic must
study human beings. He must be able to think about everything in all things. To understand and under‐
stand your character, gift, abilities. He needs to know about tubs and where the spirit of each individ‐
ual comes from. Whether he has skills and gifts that enable him to higher levels. Or he is only a person
sinking into deep material things. How do you learn this?
By moving quietly among other people and allowing all the impressions to affect themselves, and then
transposing themselves into the essence of the individual. The face and facial features are the mirrors
of the mind. In this one recognizes each exactly. Lean, he is still so great actor and performer. In
conversation, in actions, the face takes on its true expression. Silent and observing, I write. A disciple
of magic is always a great silence! Silence and action! A babbler will never reach the goal. 4 Chapter
Again the self as the law of magic We distinguish three me. The primal ego or primal spirit, deity. The
great ego, the spirit and its will in the human being and the small ego, the human in general itself. I do
not want to write anything about the primal ego, but about the great ego. I = the spirit, the will. I = can
do everything and even if it were for ordinary common sense the impossible. There is nothing in the
world that could not overwhelm the ego. Unfortunately, we were all taught at school in religious educa‐
tion I - Weak. We have been taught to endure everything patiently and quietly and to hope for a better
afterlife. But and not shown the ways indicated by the words: "Watch and pray that you will not fall into
disputes!" Wake up means practice your mind, that it will overcome all unreasonably! Praying means:
practice always, always in any free time! But school and religion make people into sleepyheads, and
weak-willed animals are powerless and despondent. Nobody learns anything about the spirit of the I in
man. Who wants to learn magic properly, must leave aside everything that distracts or counteracts the
I! Man must have complete control over himself and all his passions and have them in his power! I
want! First and foremost, it is his own body. All worldviews are to be transformed into this form. Thus,
dear students, let aside for the moment all humanity, hesitation and indecision. Now see only one
goal: to become a perfect spirit-human! What others do and ask, that's none of your business now!
Whether need, misery or disease, inflation prevail, that does not interest you! You only live for you and
your exercises! Let yourself be distracted and distracted by nothing, even deny! - Path! - I, only I -
should rule! Never talk about your exercises, do not talk about your goals! Deep silence against third
parties is a basic condition. You must not know fear. Learn to despise them! To overcome them is to
free the threshold to power!
5 Chapter main evil, main resistance the fear. While writing this (Ur-manuscript) work, I had already ini‐
tiated some friends into the operation and practical use. The success of these friends ----. With fiery
zeal, they plunged into the affirmation of my teaching, without adhering to the basic exercises and - at
the decisive moment they failed. Why? Because they were afraid! - Partly in front of the unknown!
Third, because of the consequences, and third, because they had not trained against the main
resistance, the fear. Out of fear, they sank down with power and discouragement. I'm too old, I can not
do it anymore and so on, the cheap excuses more! --- 6 Chapter The power of the Denur forces The
power of these invisible, almost unknown forces nobody can escape. Anyone who gets into or gets
pulled into the circuit is subject to the effects. Whether he wants it or not. He must! Inexplicable ac‐
tions are dictated to him; He must do things and things that he would have called absurd in the past,
before, or later. He digs his grave, so to speak, figuratively. Create conditions that mean his ascent or
ruin. Everyone is under the influence! Even the most learned and initiated must confess that he was
already inferior, subject had to. However, these influences are different strong, persistent lasting. If the
watchman is a human, they are only temporary. If there are several people, these are certain days and
hours. If they are planetary influences, they can last weeks, months, years. If they are aroused by flesh-
bodied creatures, they can persist for the life of those affected. It is not the planet as the cosmic body
that produces the effect, but the prince who governs it, the spirit, the bearer of the forces that pro‐
duces it. It is always mental influences that hit, injure, harm or strengthen and increase the mind and
spirit body and element, the fluid. I refer to the following: Denu var Budam. (Magic of the Bible). What
is explained in more detail on the basis of this source work, the becoming and working of individual
people, cults and peoples by the dominance or submission of these spiritual powers and streams. Call
it Karma or Destiny, by chance or otherwise. Find excuses for evasions of the most sophisticated kind.
You can never prevent or destroy the lawful control of the spiritual currents. They exist, must exist and
will exist. Only the knower can recognize and control their existence and effects in his interest. Magic
is a double-edged sword that often hurts the one who is awkward and untrained with it.
7 chapter Breaking, dragging, wandering We thus enter into the practical part of the work. Follow me
and get to know the individual actions. I will briefly explain her break. - Strange word for the ignorant,
but terrible for the knower. Breaking means to break through the power of your own ego, alien will or
alien life! To draw means to draw other persons or beings by willpower. Walking means, by means of
the conscious will, in the astral body, to move to other places and to appear there! One action comple‐
ments the other. Therefore, all must be learned to be perfect in it. ---- Through these actions, we can
reshape and dominate our further Earth life. By influencing alien life .---- Through these actions, we can
become the Savior, benefactor of the people. Or we also train ourselves to be the tyrant and the most
dreaded enemy. Our own thinking forms the balance of good or evil. At this point I can not force
anyone. It decides his own decision! After learning the actions, the student stops being a student, and
he determines himself over all his actions. If you prefer to read students here, then arm yourself with
energy and the toughest stamina. There is nothing in the world that can break your trained will! Never
talk about your exercises and never let a day pass by! The basic daily exercise is: Sit down at a table,
prop your arms up so that your head rests on your fists. Both fists on the forehead and think only
these words: "My magic power is stronger every day!" Start with five minutes duration and give one
minute a day, as long as you can stay in this condition for at least one hour. But do not think about
anything else! - (Remember, if you want to become a master of this art, you must be able to persist in
it for at least three hours). After only a few sessions, you will feel the magical flow through your body
as if a weak electric current were touching you. Always continue! The current must become so strong
that the whole body literally "flies". Every uninvolved person feels a light electric shock when touched.
Only then, only when you have reached this state, go on and learn! --- Who does not learn the basic
exercises, can not perform the further actions. We the O.M.B, own further auxiliary basic exercises, as
well as aids. But I am not authorized to explain these publicly. Therefore, I can explain myself here
quite clearly, because any abuse of this work is excluded. This is only an explanation for anxious
readers! Quintscher made the following note to the reader at this point. Note from the author: When I
wrote these chapters years ago, I did not yet suspect in what an unpleasant way I should learn more
things and actions to do so.
Originally I had only the intention to give short theoretical hints and only the aspirant to lift the veil. It
should be different. In 1924, through my philanthropy and helpfulness, I became involved in the enmity
of a Lodge of F.O.G.C. (Association of the Golden Age). (The richest lodge - Grand Lodge - the world).
My own strength was not enough to thwart all actions of this covenant. In addition, I had to reckon
with unknown tactics and practices of remaining in the dark enemy. They managed to ruin me and my
family economically and financially and to bring them into bitter misery under tremendous effort. They
also succeeded in throwing clubs between my legs, denouncing me, attaching processes, and so on.
But they failed to reach their final destination. As soon as I saw through their practices, I gave myself a
tempest. In the work of Baalskult in the past and present, I will explain myself in more detail. The un‐
precedented test of strength meant that I came to know new knowledge and new fields that I had pre‐
viously considered useless, and so I am grateful to my early adversaries for their service, apart from
the economic. End of Note 8 Lesson Doctrine of Breaking The performer needs a lot of energy to do
this. That is to say, he must have trained his will through exercises in such a way that he overcomes
even the greatest obstacle. How does that happen? Sit or lie comfortably. Pull the eyebrows together.
Look up. Steadfast, immobile and think of the sentence, only the sentence: I want! The hands are
clenched into a fist and pressed together. You start this exercise with one minute and give one minute
a day. Minimum duration is one hour. But do not try to force an hour's duration right now - it's just your
damage! Slowly but surely you reach the goal! Do not start several exercises at the same time or in
confusion, you are confused by it and the purpose of the thing is never reached! Emerging doubts are
strictly down. "I want" and no other thought has room or to assert its influence. The above exercise
can also be done while standing or walking. If you have reached the minimum duration and your will
thus firmly in the force so you start from new with a minute exercise duration. Although you imagine
this in front of a mirror. Bunch your hands into a fist, pull your eyebrows together, press your teeth and
lips together tightly - and look your reflection firmly in the eyes. Never turn your eyes away. No disturb‐
ing or distracting noise. Just a thought: I want! Think and always repeat. May light mist coat the mirror
image, spark sparks or make a black larva appear. Firm and unrelenting: "I want!" (Again, the minimum
time is one hour) After quitting you feel like you are filled with fire. A creative spirit, a spirit of enter‐
prise has awakened. The whole environment has apparently become newer, more beautiful. The suc‐
cess of each action can be seen and controlled by each student. However, every exercise, even the
smallest, should be done accurately and conscientiously. If the pupil asks, she has no use for you.
Nothing is useless! --- Ancient art, but never understood art! --- I want! Breaking is one of the main
magical actions, the effects of which most deeply intervene in the life and existence of the persons af‐
fected by them, insofar as they are not self-knowing ones and through countermeasures can weaken
the effect or even reverse it. Never, in all denuristic actions, let the left hand know what the right does -
Basic Law. Protection rule. - That means do not talk to any people about it, be it your wife's best friend
and so on, keep it for you, what you are planning or executing! In general, you should not tell anyone
that you are engaging in denuclear training and practicing denatural actions! This is not part of the
knowledge of others! --- Breaking is only used when it comes to removing a pest and rendering harm‐
less to the further existence. It does not need to end immediately with death, but may be caused by
mental disorder, paralysis, severe infirmity. The earthly life of others is also yours, as denier, as
magician, holy and only in extreme cases does the hard word of the separation of the spirit from the
body speak! Always remember that earthly life should also be a training and reforming institution for
this man. Dear, throw him on sickbed, which gives him time to think and perhaps to repent and he
knows you as a tool of a higher being and learn to fear. Even the worst people are the most fearful. Al‐
though they boast to acquaintances that they fear nothing, God, or the devil, their evasions are but the
marks of fear, of the punishment of their action. ---- What's the breaking? The weakening of the mental
life force, the generation of certain states at a certain time and in a special way. The resistance of the
person concerned is broken by the constant influencing. His mind becomes dull and sluggish. He be‐
gins to neglect the life function of his earthly body. The spiritual environment created or imposed
around him exerts a disastrous influence on the subtle minds of the body. For some, this lasts for
years, for most of them it lasts only a short time, depending on the magical power sent out. For pro‐
tection purposes, the O.M.B. been created. The handling can only be communicated to members. The
more now the O.M.B. the stronger and bigger becomes his power. 9 Chapter Effects To perform an act,
it is necessary to know the date of birth of the person concerned. By means of this date one looks for
the turning points of his life and the entrance gates. Likewise the weakest days of the year ,. Here
comes the number three again in their rights. Three turning points has the life of every human being.
At this Turning points the individual is closest to the spiritual life and is extremely receptive to the
effects. It starts with the impact on the first cut-off date and runs daily until the other cut-off date.
Furthermore, one uses the aids and if one is a member of O.M.B. is, this too. That is, one must first in‐
form the leading master of the cause by means of maras and serpents, and he wishes the help of the
denish for the time in question. Such letters are sent only by registered mail! What is governed by the
management of the rest. Characteristic of a magical effect. The person concerned becomes restless.
His otherwise great self-confidence leaves him. Feel something that is unbearable to him. He commits
actions that would not have occurred to him before. The skin color becomes pale, the eyes are fever‐
ish and the entire organism suffers from these conditions. Until the intended, intentional effect has
occurred. --- Now it may happen that someone else wants to harm a knower by this action. How does
this protect against it? First, by the same action and counter-orders. Second, by invoking the help of
O.M.B., which is granted to him immediately. Because of that, I have to conceal! - - - What do we mean
by effects? Effects are the consequences of a wanted action. We distinguish between intentional and
unwanted effects. When I wrote this book (original), I wanted to achieve only intentional effects
through exercises and actions. But after only a few weeks, after partial Bekan of the original,
unfavorable, unwanted effects. Why? Because the students in question did not follow the given in‐
structions and wanted to use violence to force them to take decisive action. The result was partly
physical and emotional collapse, some part the greatest discouragement, increasing to disbelief,
doubtfulness, even hatred for me-if, in the former case, I had not intervened with my own volition, the
person in question would be useless for other earthly lives been. Who was to blame? He himself! - He
even lost what he caused. - - - - With a blow no tree falls! If you, my dear disciple, approach the
exercises, but you are not convinced by your willpower, I advise you to send your latest photograph,
date of birth, hour, year and place to my address and await my answer and return To attach letters. Be‐
cause the number of my friends is great and my earnings for living small. Second, if you are not sure
of the effect of an exercise, or if other obstacles than described have got in your way, do not neglect to
inform me. Practice only then if you are in possession of my answer. The publisher will gladly pass on
letters to me. This only for clarification so that no one can say that I have written a book, given instruc‐
tions and then let everyone down! For these reasons, I advise anyone who practically wants to use the
book, the O.M.B. join. How do you use the "breaking"? The exercises performed are the purpose
training, the breaking of a foreign will or a foreign passion. How does that happen? Either one acts on
the person in person or one takes the picture of the person concerned and directs his willpower to the
person through a fixed view. It starts with 5 minutes duration and extends the action daily by one
minute. This is repeated on a daily basis until success is achieved. ---- "Habu cadis" comes from the
following instructions: Take the picture of the person and connect it with two copper wires with an
electric battery by concentrating firmly on the person. The person will then be in your spell as long as
you are the circuit again. --- The person in question becomes restless. She has the indefinite feeling
that she is always viewed. She feels cramped in her previous course of action and can no longer rebel
against the ever-increasing violence. Ultimately, she performs the actions required, almost
unconsciously, inexplicably. (These are self-experienced facts) effect on breaking the life force. The
person becomes physically weak and weak. The energy and joy of life subsides. She feels surrounded
by something sinister that she can not escape. Persecutory delusion, melancholia, suicide or stroke,
heartbeat, as well as accidents with fatal outcome are the end. (--- And yet there is still a way out.) ---
The reader will now open his eyes and he will find the darkness of so many mysterious deaths sud‐
denly explained .---- But the opponents of this book triumph. Cause they seem to have. - "Look at the
black magician!" ---- But I laugh at the fools who go blindfolded through life and do not want to see
anything! ---- Where there is light there is shadow! ---- Quintscher made at this point for the reader the
following note. Note from the author: The designated "Habu Cadis" comes from the information of a
former member of the FOGC according to whose verbal communications I have written it in me (only
me) understandable way. The imprudence of a friend was a punch in the hands of unauthorized
persons, who do great stuff with it without the intended success to educate. The real rules are
guarded lodge secrets that can never be communicated to the public in true undisguised form. Before
obtaining certain conditions are met. End of Note 10 Chapter Doctrine of Drawing This action requires
a strong and steady, trained will that is enhanced by constant practice. This includes being convinced
of his ability to be rock solid, not just willing.
Purpose of the action? To draw, attracting beings, shapes and people. It is the resource for searching
for missing persons or persons. What is this exercise or action? The exercise is at the same time the
action. Again, one uses the photograph or, if lacking the same, a correspondingly processed wax plate,
or magic mirror, in 16 or 24 cm in diameter. Start with 5 minutes of exercise and increase it by 1
minute per day until success is achieved. --- Many a reader will wonder why photographs are always
needed as a guide for the practitioner. But it is also sufficient a hair, a cut off fingernail or fingernail,
handkerchief, a piece of a worn shirt, stocking, headgear, etc. In any case, any piece which is impreg‐
nated by the fluid of the person concerned. This fluid or spiritual substance is for our purposes the
link, the means by which we hold the person in our hands. - The knower uses the image or image or
other aids by appropriate processing to make the original serve his will. On the other hand protects
only the own trained will, regular practice, daily practice of the basic exercises, nothing more. Through
certain auto-suggestion, one wraps one's own self into a protective cloak which one can rarely pene‐
trate another unless he is a master of Denu. --- The pulling, removing the life force, term "jumping" is
the act of execution of a sentence, the punishment for the traitors in lodges of rigorous operation. A
kind of Feme, the unerbittehrlich and, this is the worst, invisible works. Without pity or grace. - The
usual Masonic lodges are not meant, they have nothing to do with it. -----------------------------------------------------
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Each
thought formula and every thought command is clear, short and determined However, he had to ab‐
stain from everything that one wants or wants to achieve from himself or another person. The shorter,
the better! The easier it is to remember. The less it looks confusing. - Think in advance exactly what
you want to achieve and how you want to act! - Which formula or command you need! Think it through
carefully! Leave nothing out! Secure yourself against possible setbacks! - Be silent before, during and
after action! Always use the same formula or command to the success achieved! If you follow this
closely, you can be sure of your success! ---
12 Chapter Doctrine of Transformation Ordinary man regards this doctrine as an impossibility.
However, you can not turn an elephant into a mosquito or a mosquito into an elephant. This is also not
understandable. But this action serves the conversion of the characters of men, the abatement of
vices, etc. The exercise, however, requires exact knowledge and knowledge of the nature and compo‐
sition of the spirit in question. It is necessary to be sure of this quality before the action by thinking
and putting it into action. Also consider starting from possession or possession. Also one must know
the life picture and destiny of humans at its star constellations! If fermentation is present, beware of
wanting to oppose the law of urgency and reject every action quite definitely and clearly. If there is
possession, then distribute the "subtenants" of this body, by appropriate action, in which you lead the
body spirit fluid or deprives the inmates the fluid. The latter is dangerous that eventually man also
suffers. Every fluid deprivation causes the death of man! The repercussion of his fate necessarily falls
on you. Therefore, consider beforehand whether it can bear it and also be responsible! The teaching of
walking is the last consequence of self-education, self-training of the mind. It requires shifting and re‐
leasing the mind with or without herbal remedies. Not violent measures but the natural, conscious on
and going out of the mind, by means of astral bodies of hours. The body becomes a garment, which
can be changed at will. Is this necessary for the student of magic? Yes, because often he is physically
miles away from his field of work or from where he is needed. - For this it is necessary to control the
actions of "wandering". The mind knows no distance, no spatial separation, no material obstacle, no
earthly measure of time. - Seconds are already hours for him or even hours are moments, depending
on the nature of the causes. How can the ego go out of the body and come? By euthanizing the body,
the solid earthen garment, at any time and hour. - How do I learn this? Sit down or lie down
comfortably. Close your eyes and just think the words of the thought formula: I want my mental self to
consciously leave the body! ---- Begin with 5 minutes of exercise, increasing by 1 minute daily, until
successful. From the day you start the exercise, keep a journal in which you write down exactly what
you have experienced during the day. Get used to recording your experiences immediately after wak‐
ing up! Effect. In front of your eyes fog, lightning asterisks form. In the ears a buzzing and roaring
thrills. The body goes through a twitch and pull. Your body gets into a certain rigidity. Solving the astral
body is initially a bit painful and creates unpleasant feelings. Nothing, but nothing, may obstruct or dis‐
tract you or inhibit you.
Only the steel-hard-trained, unwavering will achieves success. Once you have reached the separation
of the astral body from the body of the flesh, keep practicing until you succeed in every position, in
every place, in the shortest possible time. You must treat your astral body as a stranger who does not
have independent thinking and you direct everything beforehand through thoughtful thought
commands. No matter is hindering for you! But your astral body must accept the habits of the earth
body, go instead of fly, open doors instead of going through walls, etc .. As an additional exercise in
the "wandering" you take with you in this state to carry on or carry away. Practice until you get it right!
Then you have a power in your hands that is almost insurmountable. By "hiking" you can cure or give
illnesses. Can you take the opportunity materially? 14 Chapter 1 First Examination The essence of the
world, of the universe, progresses restlessly, eternally, the same way. It transforms and transforms all
times and always returns to the starting point. May also thousands of times pass before the first cycle
is completed. The smaller the type and shape, the larger the orbit, the further the way to perfection.
What does the incessant appraisal, the tremendous power of the will, the firm conviction that it will be‐
come so must? - the belief that it is and can not be different! ---- So I give you the first exam. Are you
convinced of the truth of all these words? Is there a firm decision in you, whether or not there is some‐
thing to come from, to use the denuristic actions? To treat or influence people, beings and forms of
their nature? Or do you want to acquire science only for selfish purposes in order to use the blood of
your fellow human beings to coin the earth's gold. Reckless without any deduction of your actions! -
Give me an answer where and who you are, in writing! But know by reading this book you have come
into our circle and are bound to us by spiritual ties, and if you want to deceive me about your true
attitude, your will will be in vain. - I know you, though I have never seen you, and through my will,
strengthened by the will of the brothers, your beginning is thwarted and only harmful to you! You do
not yet know the tremendous effects of the magical current and its direct or indirect consequences.
What the world calls curious coincidences is such an effect. - Even if years pass and you already be‐
lieve you have escaped the danger, it is closest to you and has directed you the fastest. All guilt
avenges on earth! Atone for yourself without much to others! You stand in the ring, as a link in the
chain, as a middleman and as a tool, as a practicing hand of omnipotence, for the benefit or woe of
other people. No thing happens without the will of God, and no man is able to clear many a shadow
that is above a deed or action. - Why? - Because most people do not know the reason and the cause
and understand how that is possible.
15 Chapter Good or Evil All magical actions can be used for good as well as evil purposes. The evil
purpose is usually most quickly achieved. I can not order anything further. However, all effects pro‐
duced ultimately have a repercussion on the author. Reflexively, the past deeds are lightning-fast, with
the utmost accuracy. - But what happened is that happened! There is no going back or undoing! Also
there it says: Never look back! Think of every action and its effects, in every direction, first carefully! Do
not rush, do not rush, do not act carelessly! Never let your actions be determined by compassion. Mer‐
ciless love! 16 Chapter Using the aids For the exercise as well as the effect of all actions, various aids
are used. The magic mirror serves to attract the desired person, to concentration, to walking exercises,
to the connection with the astral plane. However, one should not put any "so-called" magic mirror. In
action, there are often very worthless stuff. Crystal Ball serves for equal purposes, as well as for the
achievement of clairvoyance. Tepha is a special box that contains everything that influences people.
Concentrator is a headband, to bring about peace of mind and concentration. Incense to enhance the
action and exercises. Sidereal pendulum for research purposes. Magic robes of silk for action. Magic
gems used for talismans and amulets, as well as for summoning purposes. Reflections of the planets,
the signs of the zodiac, the places, etc., which serve for various purposes. Tinctures, anointing and
potions, extracts for various purposes. Another tool is astrology. Anyone who is familiar with our art
will not get along without it. Suitable, really good textbooks like the publisher. He will also like to get
the mentioned tools, which are really useful and cheap. Also, I refer to the special fonts, which are also
available through the publisher. 17 Chapter Making the Mumia These Mumia, which are ranked in the
adjunct of the aids, are also used for influencing purposes. First: wax plates. These are poured in the
new moon hour, that is in the time when exactly after astrological time, the moon is new to the person
in question. The thoughts are always there to focus on the person. After cooling, draw a pentagram on
one side with a pull. Which you fill with black ink. - In use lay the pentagram down. - Wax doll. These
are produced in increasing moons, on a Wednesday, at the Mercury lesson, with the greatest concen‐
tration on the person to be influenced. The basis for the production and the use of the Mumia is: al‐
ways with strongest thought attitude on the person to be influenced the Mumia or the image to make.
Under observation of the moon rule. For favorable purposes take: aluminum, lead, parchment, copper,
leather, iron, crystal. For unfavorable purposes one uses: gypsum, coal, wood, bone, slate, stone,
brass. For both purposes: herbal powder, roots, hair, nails, blood, mouth bones, teeth. With the mum‐
mies you do what you want the person to do, using an appropriate formula and burning the day planet
- and the prevailing zodiac sign powder. (Exact instructions can only be obtained by our members!) 18
Chapter Curses and Wishes Very few people can form a clear picture or idea about the consequences
of the curses and desires. For myself, however, various strange incidents have been described over
the years. Therefore, I reviewed the facts on the basis of ancient writings and hereby put my results at
the free disposal. What is that a curse or a curse? Both are the discharges of stored volitional forces.
Mental electric power waves that can be cruel and devastating if constantly focused on one point.
This includes the greatest energy, anger and hatred. As well as previous silence, without ranting or
ranting. Like a thunderstorm, its clouds gathering darkly and suddenly discharging, lightning and thun‐
derclap at the same time. The same is true of cursing as of cursing. The energy, the will must be previ‐
ously stored, without talking or talking out. Deepest rest before, only the facial muscles twitch, with re‐
strained excitement. Everything I've been told so far has emerged for these reasons. I did not find an‐
other explanation. What protects me now, as a student of Denu, before the consequences of the
actions? The same, rather the same action. Accumulating the willpower without talking, chatting or
otherwise venting. To send hostile powers to the hostile will. Healing the damage? Curses and curses
destroy most of the people with only will-power who can be healed again with the antidote, the very
will-power. One moves in the spirit (by walking) in the person concerned and destroys the enemy dam‐
age formation.    
However, too long a time must not be passed otherwise a damage remains, a disadvantage. 19 Chap‐
ter Actions by Ghost Assistance I have been asked to announce corresponding vocation formulas. Or
explain actions, way in more detail. But I have always stuck to the negative point of view, because the
temporary benefits are completely destroyed by severe physical and mental damage. This is the real
purpose of practical magic not to entangle oneself in shackles and gangs and to sink down to the ser‐
vants of dark forces. Because the actions do not lead to godliness. Who looks for this formula and vo‐
cations in this, will vainly browse in it! 20 Chapter Traffic with the spirits. Intentionally, I omit in-depth
explanations of the individual acts except for a few that appear in the following chapters to encourage
the reader to self-ponder and self-exploration. The higher the ego of the individual is trained, the richer
its knowledge becomes. ---- Is the traffic with spirits possible? Yes, it is possible with tools, media, in‐
cense or vocations. But do not play with fire if you do not need it. Seek to explore them when you are
trained and ready! ---- Otherwise, but keep your hands off it! --- You are otherwise dependent and the
end of it is destruction of your personality! - I warn you! 21 Chapter I'm talking to you! We are ap‐
proaching the last pages of this work and I can not help but to speak some serious words with Di. No
matter if you are my friend or my enemy! For me you are a person who is looking for education, for
help in any form. - If it was just curiosity, then you have not read this book to these pages but angrily
put out of hand! - It challenges your contradiction, suddenly breaks down the old, the daily
occurrences. The chapters whirl confusedly, often returning twice, three times, in other sections. This
gives the impression of being half-finished undeformed. But it happened on purpose!
There are stages of development that gradually lead you deeper into the unknown area. It is still un‐
known to you - and even if there are a thousand similar writings on this subject. Maybe even better in
more detail. But do you know if it is practically tested? Was not it just a "prolific writer"? Who lacked
the practice, the practice? By fire the iron becomes glowing! Not otherwise! - Through suffering to
knowledge, through knowledge to maturity! What I write, I wrote from my own experience, tried and
tested by friends, on the basis of collected documents. I had to go through all the perils of life before I
became a knowledgeable, for I had no one to guide me with precise instructions. You have the advan‐
tage that, if you have got stuck or you are inexplicable in places, to know where to look for
enlightenment, advice and help. --- Personal consultation is possible only after prior written
agreement. This applies to everyone, because I do not know exceptions! Then I want to save you from
a disappointment. I'm not an old man with a big beard and a stooping stance. No old man, the burden
of the years pushes. - I'm not a millionaire who can afford the noblest passions. I am a human and act,
amount, always clothe me so that I do not stand apart from the world or especially catch! - Do not
wish compliments or praise and excessive evocations. The latter is hated by my heart, because I can
not tolerate the hypocrites! Hiding something from me or trying to deceive me is hard. If somebody re‐
ally succeeds, he can beware of me! I can understand everything and forgive everything! Only the one
thing not when I was deceived into a trust. Who comes to me openly and honestly, will find in me the
most faithful friend and helper, in every situation! - He who immediately acts as my enemy and
opponent, I will honor and respect him as an opponent, if he has firm principles and serves with
counter-evidence. Or, my instinct strives again to make his own. - Why not say the vernacular: who be‐
lieves it will be blessed, who does not believe is also there? These times of wonder are long gone! If
the church scriptures say: there are no more prophets! - So I say: there are no more miracles! - Every
intensely spoken prayer is a magical sinking, which, if one has achieved the necessary maximum,
which produces necessary strength of force, achieves a favorable release of the forces. As long as
man, with his mind and will, is not tuned to the appropriate wavelength of the mind that governs the
field, all praying, babbling, trembling, smoking, etc. are completely worthless!
Love I know an honorable law, already created before times; swinging away through times, terribly
avenging itself to the knower - we call it love! But love not, where meat and meat are found; the volup‐
tuous delusion blinds the senses, the bloodlust rises in the veins. That is not love. If I understand
rightly, it is love that swings mercilessly through space, who trains under volition, hard and zealously
keeps our senses in gangs. An eternal law and eternal understanding This is called love! That's the
brotherhood of the Sublime Sense. Only merciless love practice under will. Then you will become
eternal, imperishable To fulfill the cosmic law Love practice! (Rah Omir) 1 Chapter Call The events of
the sixth day of creation (period) weigh on all minds. The battle of darkness with the light for dominion
rages with full force. Unbelief and godlessness have taken the upper hand. Their laws are greed, envy,
vindictiveness, avarice, distress and misery. The great spiritual sciences are despised and dragged
into the dust and dirt. Unscrupulous speculators seek to exploit the crowd of seekers to their advan‐
tage and benefit. We, who hitherto worked in secret according to the old rule, have decided to put an
end to these unworthy states by our public appearance.