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Read the explanation of how the plural of nouns is created and complete the examples.

(a) To make the plural form of most nouns, add –s

One pen two pen___
One apple three apple___
One cup four cup___
One elephant Five elephant___

(b) End of noun: Consonant + -y Plural form: change y to i, add –es

Baby bab_____
City cit_____

(c) End of noun: vowel + -y Plural form: add –s

Boy boy___
Key key___

(d) End of noun: -fe or -f Plural form: change f to v, add –es.

Wife wi________
Thief thie_______

(e) End of noun: -sh, -ch, -ss, -x Plural form: add –es
Dish dish______
Match match______
Class class______
Box box______

(f) End of noun: Consonant + -o Plural form: add –es

End of noun: vowel + -o Plural form: add –s
Tomato tomato___
Potato potato___
Zoo zoo___
Radio radio___

SENTENCE PRACTICE. Complete the sentences. Use the plural form of the words in the list. Use each word only one.

Baby cowboy lady

Boy dictionary party
City key tray

1. Mr. and Mrs. Parker have one daughter and two sons. They have one girl and two ___boys___.
2. The students in my class come from many ___________________________________.
3. Women give birth to ____________________________________.
4. My money and my ___________________________________ are in my pocket.
5. I know the names of many __________________________________ in the United States and Canada.
6. I like to go to _________________________________ because I like to meet and talk to people.
7. People carry their food on _________________________________ in a cafeteria.
8. We always use our ______________________________ when we write compositions.
9. Good evening, _________________________________ and gentlemen.
10. _________________________________ ride horses.
PRONUNCIATION PRACTICE. Listen to the pronunciation of final –s / -es. Practice saying the words. (Track 28)

Group A. Final –s is pronounced /z/ after voiced sounds. IRREGULAR NOUNS

1. taxicabs 7. Years
2. beds 8. Lives One man Two men
3. dogs 9. Trees One woman Two women
4. balls 10. Cities One child Two children
5. rooms 11. Boys One ox Two oxen
6. coins 12. days One foot Two feet
One goose Two Geese
One tooth Two teeth
Group B. Final –s is pronounced /s/ after voiceless sounds. One mouse Two mice
13. books 16. Groups One louse Two lice
14. desks 17. Cats One person Two people
15. cups 18. students
Use an online dictionary to look up the
Group C. Final –s / –es is pronounced / z / after voiced sounds. plural of these nouns.
After “s” sounds: 19. Classes.
20. Glasses One deer / ____________________ (E R E D)
21. Horses One fish /______________________ ( S H I F)
22. Places One means / __________________ (S M N E A)
23. Sentences One offspring / ___________ (O G F S F N P R I)
After “z” sounds: 24. Sizes One series / ___________________ (E I R S E S)
25. Exercises One sheep / ___________________ (H E P E S)
26. Noises One shrimp / __________________ (H S P R I M)
After “sh” sounds: 27. Dishes One species / ________________ (S P S E C I E )
28. Bushes
After “ch” sounds: 29. Matches One bacterium Two ___________________
30. Sandwiches One cactus Two ___________________
After “ge / dge” sounds: 31. Pages One crisis Two __________________
32. Oranges One phenomenon Two ___________________
33. Bridges

LISTENING PRACTICE. Listen to each word. Circle LISTENING PRACTICE. Listen to each sentence. Circle
the noun you hear. (Track 29) the noun you hear. (Track 30)

1. Toy toys 1. Desk desks

2. Table tables 2. Place places
3. Face faces 3. Sandwich sandwiches
4. Hat hats 4. Sentence sentences
5. Office offices 5. Apple apples
6. Box boxes 6. Exercise exercises
7. Package packages 7. Piece pieces
8. Chair Chairs 8. Rose Roses
9. Edge edges 9. Bush bushes
10. Top tops 10. College colleges