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ESPdesign-US Field Units.

Description: This spreadsheet calculates parameters for ESP selection.
Instruction: 1) Update parameter values in the Input Data and Solution sections; and 2) view result in the
Solution section.
Input Data:
Reservoir depth (D): 10,000 ft
Reservoir pressure (pbar): 4,350 psia
AOF in Vogel equation for IPR (qmax): 15,000 stb/day
Production fluid gravity (gL): 0.865 1 for H2O
Formation volume factor of production liquid (B L): 1.25 rb/stb
Tubing inner diameter (dti): 2.992 in.
Well head pressure (pwh): 100 psia
Required pump suction pressure (psuction): 200 psia
Desired production rate (qLd): 8,000 stb/day

Desired bottom hole pressure from IPR (pwfd) = 2,823 psia
Desired production rate at pump (qLd) = 10,000 bbl/day
Input here the minimum capacity of selected pump (q Lp): 10,000 bbl/day
Minimum pump setting depth (Dpump) = 2,997 ft
Input pump setting depth (Dpump): 9,800 ft
Pump suction pressure (psuction) = 2,748 psia
Input pump discharge pressure (pdischarge): 3,728 psia
Required pump pressure differential (Dp) = 980 psia
Required pumping head (h) = 2,263 ft H2O
Input pumping head per stage of the selected pump (h s): 60.00 ft/stage
Input horse power per stage of the selected pump (hp s): 6.00 hp
Input efficiency of the selected pump (Ep): 0.72
Required number of stages (Ns) = 38
Total motor power requirement (hpmotor) = 226.35 hp
pvf =0 . 125 { p̄ [ √81−80 ( q / q max) −1 ]
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