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SAP Live Access - Setup Guide

S4F10 Collection 05
Before starting the lab work in your SAP Live Access training environment you will need to prepare based on
the SAP Live Access General User Guide and this course relevant Setup Guide. This document provides all
the additional training system setup information that you need to know in order to successfully use your SAP
Live Access training environment for the booked course.

User credentials for the course

System User ID Password
T41 Client: 400 S4F10-01 Welcome1
T4N / Fiori Launchpad Client 001 S4F10-01 Welcome1

Your designated group number for this course is 01. Every time you are asked to make an input containing
the ## or XX symbols, you need to replace them with 01 consistently throughout the course exercises.

Using SAP Logon

To begin using your training environment select
located in the Windows taskbar or the START Menu to
launch the SAP Logon application. Choose the required
SAP system as provided in your course exercise and
select Log On.

On the SAP GUI Logon screen you need to enter your

initial credentials as provided in the table above and
select enter or . The Logon language settings (EN is
English) and the Client number should be left unchanged
in case no other instruction is given in the course


Additional preparation in the system

No additional preparation is necessary to successfully conduct course relevant exercises.

Known system issues

 Exercise: Create a Dunning run
The dunning output in SP01 cannot be displayed due to a technical error.

 Exercise: Post accrual for an Insurance Expense:

Simulation and check of accrual setup currently leads to an error.

 Exercise Create a Sales Order:

Use material T-F100, not T-F1## which is in the solution table.

Additional hints and tips for exercises of this

IMPORTANT: Please complete each course exercise per unit fully as described in the training handbook
(flipbook) before suspending your SAP Live Access system. If you suspend your system before you
complete a unit exercise, then this can lead to system failure and inconsistency.


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