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Detailed Plot Outline

The first few series of SYNC focuses on a group of British teens who are
trying to grow, up and find love and happiness despite questionable
parenting and teaching supervision- who are more interested in being
friends (and lovers).

SYNC a teen television drama set in Brighton, following the lives of a

group of teenagers and their peers, through their two years of sixth
form college. Some may describe the storylines as controversial as they
discuss a variety of topics as such as: dysfunctional families, mental
illness, teenage sexuality, gender, race, substance abuse, death, and

Each episode will focus on an individual character, and the struggles

they are facing at that time in their life. Each of these episodes will be
named after the character they are following. The series will be filmed
in Brighton and in the college that the characters attend. It will be a
following of their daily lives- at college, home, and social events.