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Website’s Name Website’s URL Description of the Interactive

Learning Activity
Starfall Through Starfall, students can
content/load.htm?n=robot&d=demo&y=1&filter=second learn how to measure place
value through virtual block row.
They go along with a voice
recorder to figure out how to
add and subtract numbers.
After they successfully do the
problems, they are given the
opportunity to create a robot
quickly and play games with it.
Interactivate Interactivate is used mainly for
older students. With this link
students will be able to play a
connect four-like game by
solving algebraic expression.
Ictgames Literacy Games Help a hedgehog allows the
teacher to enter in words that
the students have recently
learned. Students will race to
read all of the words on the
screen to beat the 1 minute
Roy the Zebra Students will be able to play an
order-1.html interactive game with Roy the
Zebra to evaluate their ability to
put words into alphabetical
Brain Pop Jr. Teacher will have the ability to
choose from a variety of topics
and subjects. This will be over
Social studies, with a focus on
Halloween as a holiday.
Students can participate in a
quiz and games afterward to get
them more engaged.
GoNoodle GoNoodle is a great brain break
for students. Their interactive
dance videos really help
students to get their sillies out
and have a bit of fun. By using
this link, you can scroll down
and see a number of videos that
are interactive dances meant
for students.
Free Rice This a website that allows
students to answer multiple
different types of questions
from different subjects. They
also donate 10 grains of rice for
each question a student gets
correctly. This is a great
motivator for the students.
When clicking this link, it will
take you to a page of topics that
you can choose from. Once you
choose and click one, it will take
you directly to the questions.
Storyline Online This website gives students the
president/ opportunity to listen and watch
books being read by their
favorite actors. The linked book
is read by the child cast of ‘This
Is Us.’ These can be viewed on
Schooltube or Youtube
Math Playground With this link, students will play
a game that test their ability to
understand and solve math
problems using PEMDAS. This
website has a number of other
math problems and activities
Reader’s Theatre Editions This website gives free access to
plays written by Aaron Shepard.
He gives the background, time
period, length, and ages of each
play on this site. These help
students get in touch with their
creative minds as well as concur
some nerves that come with
public speaking. This is a link to
“The Legend of Lightning Larry,”
for an example of his work.