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Introduction of DOCE FOODS:

Doce believes on the fact We are what We eat. Our vision is to make Doce a global
brand, a brand recognizable for its uniqueness and quality in ethnic food market all around
the world. Doce is always demonstrating respect for its customers. In this perspective, we
consider our self a Food Company which is continuously offering unique products and
interesting service concepts. Our mission is to offer wholesome organic food products,
promote healthy and sustainable alternative lifestyle choices that others haven’t even
dream of.

It’s our commitment to deliver you premium, baked desserts, Special Pakistani Mithai with
several Variations, live Fresh Pizza from our Professional Chefs and breakfast pastries.
Expect the finest from Doce Foods. We offer an impressive portfolio of Food Stuff closely
to deliver innovative products that meet your needs and please your Taste buds.

Our success lies in using the finest quality ingredients, employing high product safety
standards in our bakery operations, and our ability to customize and build strong
relationships with our customers while delighting consumers.

First branch is opened on 3rd July 2011 in Iqbal Town, Lahore.

Organizational behavior OF DOCE FOODS :

“Individuals are the bricks of an organization and Individuals create groups and groups
create organization”

DOCE FOODS organizational behavior focuses primarily on two major areas.

Organization behavior looks at individual behavior based mainly on contributions from
psychologist; this area includes such topics as personality, perception, learning and
motivations. DOCE FOODS knows the importance of individuals (MAN) who are the main
bricks for organization behavior. DOCE FOODS has been placing greater focus on
employee empowerment and participation, which are essential for long-term growth and
success of the company, and therefore employees have been encouraged to put forward
their issues, concerns and suggestions. DOCE FOODS trust its employee’s focus on
integrity, competence, consistency, loyalty and openness. Manager stops at people desks
during the day to chat with them about their work, keeping up to date also earns the trust
of employees.
Secondly their organizational behavior is concerned with group behaviors, which
influence roles, team building and conflict. The organization group behavior is good. Once
the individuals are skillful, energetic, responsible, agreeable etc, then it is easy to make
form successful groups.
All these things make the organization behavior successful.
In order to make all business affairs transparent, smooth and effective, following
committees and teams have been formed which work cohesively and independently:

Organization culture is a system of shared meaning with in an organization that
determines in large degree how employees act.

After DOCE FOODS inception, the corporate culture underwent a comprehensive

renewal program which was fully implemented in 2004. This program over the years
included the revamping of the organizational architecture, rationalization of staff,
employee empowerment and transparency in decision making through cross functional
teams. This new corporate renewal program has divided the company’s major operations
into independent activities supported by legal, financial, informative and other services.
In order to reinforce and monitor this structural change, related check and balances have
been established by incorporating monitoring and control systems.
According to the opinion of the DOCE FOODS ’s sales officer DOCE FOODS is a sales
oriented company. Strong culture is a symbol of more profit more earning and sense of
responsibility. It is also a monument of well-disciplined enterprises in which every organ
of that organization is well concerned with the ultimate objective of the organization. As
it’s a fundamental truth that every individual from worker to Top manager is aware of his
rights privileges responsibilities and outcome of efforts being invested.

Special efforts for continuously enriching our business systems and implementing relative
strategies have always been fruitful which are aimed at augmenting a work culture that
enhances employee motivation as well as gaining a better understanding of forces that
shapes motivation, attitude, behavior patterns and expectations.


1. Innovation and risk taking:

According to our survey what we have found is that employees are not much
encouraged to be innovative and take risks.

2. Attention to detail:
According to our survey employees has given importance.
3. Outcome Orientation:
The manager’s focuses on both results or outcomes and the techniques needed to
achieve those outcomes.
4. People Orientation:
Management decisions do not take into consideration the effect of outcomes on people
within the organization. They have made their employees a central part of their culture.
5. Team orientation:
They emphasize on team orientation i.e. work activities are organized around them.
Stability DOCE FOODS is maintaining the status in contrast to growth.
6. Zero Tolerance:
DOCE FOODS have high ethical standards and a ‘Business Principles and Ethics
Policy’ in place. They value, encourage and inculcate corporate reforms, good
governance, best business practices and an environment of continued adherence to
‘Zero Tolerance’, resulting in the development of our human capital and meeting all
business challenges.

Leadership is the manner and approach of providing direction, implementing plans, and
motivating employees in the organization. A Manager’s leadership style contributes, to
the subordinates’ incentive, work fulfillment, and the work growth in the organization.
Leadership plays a vital role for the success of organization. Lack of leadership leads to
increased employee turnover, absenteeism, dissatisfied customers from poor customer

In DOCE FOODS 53% of the employees feel that their managers are employee oriented
leaders and remaining 47% feels that their managers are task orientated leaders. So this
shows that the DOCE FOODS has got the combination of leaders that are task oriented
and leadership oriented. This shows that DOCE FOODS have the leaders that perform
better in all situations and can manage their teams more effective.

 Task-Oriented:
A manager with a task-oriented style will have work results as his major concerns and
therefore, he will enlarge rigid policy that would lead the subordinates to reach the
preferred results.

 Employee-oriented:
A manager with an employee-oriented behavior objective is to improve the employee’s
confidence and influence them to work jointly and to resolve the problems.

 Participative:
In DOCE FOODS the leadership style is participative in which the leader involves one or
more employees in the decision making process (determining what to do and how to do
it). The leader allows the employees to make the decisions. However, the leader is still
responsible for the decisions that are made. This is used when employees are able to
analyze the situation and determine what needs to be done and how to do it. Positive
leaders use rewards, such as education, independence, etc. to motivate employees.
While negative employers emphasize penalties such as loss of job, days off without pay.


Power is a potential ability and influence for a people which direct other people in desired
direction to do something. In an organization managers use normally two types of power
interpersonal and formal. Formal power is based on an individual position in the
organization and personal power comes from an individual unique characteristics.

 Legitimate Power:
Legitimate power is used in DOCE FOODS as it is based on the power a person receives
as a result of his or her position in the formal hierarchy of an organization. The employee
has the authority to control and use the organizational resources.
 Expert Power:
Expert power is the influence based on special skills, knowledge or expertise. Expertise
has become on of the most powerful sources. As jobs have become more specialized the
organizations have become increasingly dependent on experts to achieve goals.

In DOCE FOODS learning is done to make the employees skilled at creating, acquiring,
transferring knowledge, and to enhance their skills. In an Organization learning is a long-
term activity that builds competitive advantage over time and requires sustained
management attention, commitment, and effort. In DOCE FOODS collaboration with
team members give the employees opportunity for learning social, technical and creative
skills. When learning is effective the organization is highly aware of how to motivate its
employees in the best ways. Rewards, such as education, bonuses are given to motivate

After studying various issues related to the organizational behavior within the organization
we analyzed that

 DOCE FOODS is working in Pakistan. The organization behavior regarding goal

setting for employees I have analyzed that the management of DOCE FOODS is
effective in setting goals according to the competition in the private sector of Pakistan.

 The management style in DOCE FOODS is kind of participative management in which

employees are given chance to share their ideas for decision making.

There are different kinds of rewards DOCE FOODS gives to their employees which are
as follows:
 Cash bonuses

 Promotions Make team leader

 Increments in salaries

 Allowances like ( fuel allowance, mobile allowance)

We found very different kind of reward in DOCE FOODS that they motivate their
employees whose performance is not up to the mark by giving them the salaries
equivalent to the market value of the any other employee of same rank so as to motivate
their employees. Many of the employees are being rewarded after accomplishment of
their sales target in such a way that their management take them to the picnic or invite
them for dinner frequently. And another very interesting fact which I found in DOCE
FOODS is that their management does not fire their employees even their performance
level is not up to the mark.

Overall employees are satisfied with their company and jobs.

 To some extent they are given empowerment to do their work. Most of them agree that
their jobs are not creating any physical or mental problems for them.

 But according to my opinion employees are facing job stress. It is a fact that cannot be
denied. Because we know that stress is inevitable. It can only end up with the end of
life But the company deals with this problem and provides them proper counseling.

 Most of the employees have positive attitude toward their jobs.

If we see an overall picture, then it is clear that they are somewhat satisfied with their jobs
and they don’t have a lot of stress on them. But still there is a need of improvement in
strategies of DOCE FOODS to make workforce more productive.

Introduction of MALMO:
Pakistan is a land of traditions, hospitality & love. Lahore is the loving center of Pakistan; a center of
delicious food, sweets and bakery. “Sheereen Mahal” was a name of Sweetness for years & years in
the country. It was from the founders in bakery & sweets in subcontinent region. Continuous
hardworking accompanied with innovation remains vital for baking companies to address the need of
consumers for variety, which can be more pronounced in packaged food. So, the new generation has
given “Sheereen Mahal” a new name of “Malmo Bakers & Sweets”. Malmo is a spreading brand of
Lahore. We are creating something healthier or something better tasting. We are not limited to the
traditional pastries, cakes or bread loaves but quality is being reinvented.

Nutrition & hygiene is the hallmark of every Malmo Product. Our chefs know the changing desires of
our customers. We know the freshness & quality standards of Baking products. The development of
new bakery products is now available throughout Malmo’s bakery chain.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide health and taste according to customer’s desire. Lead in quality, service and
innovation, fulfilling the needs & desires of our customers and consumers through strong brands.

Mission Statement

We produce quality bakery products cost effectively; in an environment that is safe and clean. We will
regularly improve all factors of our business in order to keep the long-term success of our customers
and ourselves.