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TITLE: Utilization of Rubrics in Formative Assessment

1. Define formative assessment;

Session Objectives: 2. Employ rubrics in formative assessment;
3. Value the significance of Rubrics in assessing learning.
Formative assessment including diagnostic testing is a range of formal and informal assessment procedures conducted
by teachers during the learning process in order to modify teaching and learning activities to improve student attainment.

A rubric for assessment, usually in the form of matrix or grid, is a tool used to interpret in grade student’s work against
criteria and standards. (

Contribution to Workshop Outcomes Educators strive to evaluate student performance by efficiently and effectively summarizing complex tasks, such as
writing research papers, demonstrating leadership, or applying scientific method. This summary may take the form of a
rubric-aking to a scoring protocol that involves articulation and description of the performance criteria, levels of
achievement that can be observed within those criteria, and description of what distinguishes one level of achievement
from another.(Andrade 205)

The conduct of this SLAC will benefit the learners.

Key Understanding

Time Key Messages Method

Slide Session Outputs Materials
Allotment SAY DO
5 minutes The LAC Utilization of Rubrics in the Introduction/Priming: Formed group Audio-visual
Formative Assessment aims to enhance the presentation of a
teachers skills in employing rubrics on Prayer prayer(The Prayer)
formative assessment in evaluating the Greeting the participants of the SLAC
learning outcomes of the students Setting the mood of the participants by Picture of an
showing system view (elephant) picture elephant

10 This activity aims to improve the teachers’ Activity 14 slides Ideas about Manila paper
minutes competence on using rubrics in formative rubrics Cartolina
assessment to be utilized before, during Instruction Tape
and after assessment. Paste
1. Show a series of rebus puzzle
related to rubrics
2. Discuss with the group the
ideas you gained from solving
the puzzle
3. Reflect on the strategies used
in solving the puzzle
4. Write the reflection derive in
activity in the meta cards
5. Post and present the output
10 Given the different understanding about Analysis 2 slides Processed groups’ Laptop
minutes the ideas presented and process the ideas outputs Slide deck
in order to arrive with the main After the group have presented the
concept/abstraction output, process output using the
 What challenges did you
encounter in solving the
puzzle? Why?
 How did you arrive with your
 How will you relate the rebus
puzzle in formative
30 Formative assessment including Abstraction 12 slides lecture DLP Projector
minutes diagnostic testing is a range of formal and Discuss: laptop
informal assessment procedures
conducted by teachers during the learning 1. Definition of rubrics and
process in order to modify teaching and formative assessment
learning activities to improve student 2. Importance of formative
attainment. assessment in the delivery of
the instruction
3. Tools used in formative
4. Rubrics in formative
5. Sample rubrics in formative

30 Application Outputs Manila paper

minutes 1. Each team will be given a task submitted Pentel pen
in crafting rubrics focusing
different learning areas
2. Presentation of team output
5 minutes Quotation
Closure 1 slide DLP projector
“Assessment is the engine which drives laptop
students learning.”

- John Cowa

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