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CCNN Faculty Observation Form

Instructor: Julio Gutierrez Time: 11:30

Observer: Adolfo Aburto Number of Students: 9
Level: 11 Program: Communicative
Length of Observation: 30 minutes Date: October 21st , 2017
Teacher's Behavior P S NI NA Comments
Creates a positive atmosphere 
Actively monitors student learning/circulates room 
Has control of class/ 
creates opportunities for equal participation
Respects ss and exhibits professional boundaries 
Is patient/ Displays wait time 
Demonstrates flexibility and adjusts to situation 
Is motivated/committed 
Takes ownership of class/ 
Displays strong teacher presence
Students' Behavior
Ss respect teacher 
Ss respect each other 
Ss speak in English 
Ss show interest in topic 
Ss are engaged in learning 100% of the time 
Starts and ends on time 
Teacher has a written lesson plan 
Delivery of class follows lesson plan 
Clear Objective(s) 
Objectives are clearly achieved 
Assessments are aligned to objective 
Provides an engaging hook to lesson 
Presentation of content was clear 
Explicit and effective instructions 
Teach models activity 
Provides guided practice opportunity 
Provides ample independent practice time 
Clear closure to lesson 
Materials: mixture of book and supplementary 
activities presented
Appropriate pace for lesson, age, and level 
Smooth transitions between activities 
Teacher effectively clarifies questions 
Student-centered class 
Includes use of visual aids 
Differentiation: activities are accessible for ss of all 
learning styles, ages, and level
Expectations of homework are clear with set 

P: Proficient S: Satisfactory NI: Needs Improvement NA: Not Applicable

Additional Comments:

Next Steps: What are two concrete things that you will implement in your next Lesson(s)