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à Ú communion is the intimate level of relationship between God

and His children. (the word commune was found in the bible 8times but I got
Ô   of communion from the 8 through the Holy Spirit so you can also do
more research probably you can get more).

Just as some parent has favourite among their children so also do God love to
fellowship with those who know how to com mune with Him (the story of a man
that God came looking for in the place of fellowship because of the lo ng
standing relationship).

Though God is not a respecter of any man but he love to have intimacy with
those who are:

ë meek (Mary)
ë obedient (Abraham)
ë full of faith (woman with issue of blood)
ë prayerful (Elijah)

º p 
   what is your song when things are fine?
When people say sister oju yin dan o, ha! Bro iyawo yin n toju yin o! What
do you say? Often we respond negatively, he! Ki la ri je! Vaseline ni mo fi
p¶oju. What is your son when all is fine?
On the other hand what is your song when things go wrong, what is your
song in time like this in Nigeria especially when you don't know if there is
bomb where you're sitting? My own song will be- he that dwelleth in the secret
place of the most high. When men are frowning out of the interview
hall/examination hall my song will be when men are cas t down there is lifting
for me.

* p       this kind of communion brings about

direction for the children of God in every situation. Note the words from the
verse; AWE (worship, wonder, reverence, respect etc.), SIN NOT (a righteous
living) and BE STILL (calm down, quieten)-when do we need to be still? D 
 , when it seems as if the whole world is falling
on you, when you think you are the only on that lonely road of poverty,
sickness, failure, disappointment at the edge of breakthrough, pains sorrow,
joblessness, barrenness... Just stay pure, always worship God in awe and be still
so that you can have direction because a word from Him can change your
situation forever.

Ô    p *  ** this level of communion is

what God desire of every Leader. Leaders that will take the follower to greater
height needs a communion from the mercy seat, it was there that God release
commandment to Moses for the children of Israel. µµWhat prayer cannot do
mercy can do it but mercy can come through prayer so we still need to pray''