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Topic I – Construction of Modern

The Holocaust
Holocaust terms/Vocabulary
Term Definition
Adolf Hitler  Nazi Party leader (1919-45)
 German Chancellor (1933-45)
 Fuhrer (supreme leader) was his name by Nazis
Aryan  In Nazi terms – people of pure German “blood”
 “Non-Aryans” were Jews and others considered inferior to
Concentration camps  Nazi built camps for work – for Jews, but also a wide range
of other ethnic groups such as the disabled, Gypsies,
homosexuals, Poles
Extermination camp  Nazi built camps
 Purpose of working Jews to death
 Part of the Final Solution
Holocaust  Greek word – sacrifice by fire
 Systematic, deliberate, planned
 Extermination of Jews by Nazis in WWII
Final Solution  Nazi plan to eradicate all Jews in Europe
Anti-Semitism  Opposition to and discrimination against Jews
Propaganda  False information
 (Commonly presented through images in the Holocaust)
 Governments, political parties use it
 Sway/change opinions of population
Ghetto  Control, concentrate Jews
 Sealed area
 Leave Jews inside to fend for themselves
Genocide  Deliberate
 Systematic
 Destruction of a certain ethnic group
 Racial, political, religious, cultural group
Racism  Prejudice
 Belief one race superior to another
Einsatzgruppen  Mobile killing units
 Security Police, SS
 Travel to Jewish communities and execute them
Third Reich  Third regime/empire
 Nazi regime from 1933-45
 Intended to last endlessly
Holocaust overview

 German government sponsored

 Persecution, murder of approx. 6M Jews
 Committed by Nazi regime
 Nazis came to power in 1933
 Belief Germans were “racially superior”
 Belief Jews were inferior and a threat to the Germans
 Also targeted:
o Roma (Gypsies)
o Disabled
o Slavic peoples (Poles)
o Communists
o Homosexuals
 Germans killed 6 million Jews by 1945 as part of the Final Solution
o Jews deported to death camps
 Death marches  end of war to kill off as many Jews as possible

Anti-Semitism (also related to EVIDENCE)

Some important facts leading to how we know it happened

 Anti-Semitism had existed long before Hitler and Nazi Germany rule
o Existed since biblical times
 Not the ONLY genocide event in history
 Jews NOT the only victims
 Holocaust NOT first time in history that race hatred, hatred, fear, prejudice, led to race
violence and even genocide
 High level of planning and organisation by German authorities
 Heavily achieved through Hitler’s propoganda


 Survivors experiences and victim’s memories (P)

 German bureaucracy’s own meticulous records
o Zyklon B creator
o Purposely built crematoria
o Iron signage of Auschwitz camp gates
o Bill Gestapo for one-way transportation of people to death camps
 Historians accounts (S)

Germany 1933 and Hitler’s rise to power

Treaty of Versailles

 WWI ended in 1918

 Germans surrendered
 Signed armistice and peace treaty
 Treaty was so harsh German citizens believed they referred to it as a ‘stab in the back’.
Some harsh clauses for Germany:
o Had to accept total responsibility of starting WW1
o Pay extremely high taxes to Allies
o Hand over 70 000 sq. km of land to Allies
o Military reduced and controlled
 Diktat – dictated peace
 Economic deprivation, disease, hunger escalates
 Once Great Depression came, Germans desperate for a leader to overthrow weak

Nazi Rise to power

 HITLER and Nazi Party began rising to power

o Blamed Jews for all WW1’s loss and following troubles – SCAPEGOATISM
o Deep
o Nazi Party gained power – citizens desperate for a group to overthrow the gov’t and
regain their own country’s control
 Initially, Party was not popular
 Hitler was leader of Nazi Party
 Hitler had a speech in 1923 about overthrowing the Berlin government
o Much violence followed
 Arrested for violent acts, sent to prison
 Upon Wall Street Crash 1929, economic repercussions were felt everywhere, Germany’s
economy was devastated
o Poverty, starvation, unemployment rose
 Now, Nazis are a lot more popular – other leaders were not ‘liked’
 Most citizens didn’t fully support them – surprised many people upon elections in 1930
 Hindenburg died and appointed Hitler chancellor
o He thought he could be controlled, but was not

Personality – appeal Ideals – attraction Offering – support

Own abilities Skills as a curator Electoral process
 Militarist image –  Conviction  ‘Legally’ elected
‘saviour’  Persuasion
 Fuhrer
Laws to control HITLER Propaganda
 Indoctrination
Oath of allegiance Use of violence Fear and indoctrination
 Control over armed  SA + SS + Gestapo

Nazi ideology:

 All Germans must be united under one leader

o Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Fuhrer  One gov’t, one people, one leader
 The Treaty of Versailles was unjust and must be torn up + destroyed
o Diktaat
o Germany crippled by it
o They were the main cause of Germany’s troubles  SCAPEGOATISM
 Germans are master race and can have what they want
o Aryans
o Others inferior
o Subdue them
o Take valuable resources for Germany us
 Strong military
 Overthrow weak German gov’t
 Increase economy

Nuremberg Laws 1935

 Nazi induced Laws to Jews
 Take away Jewish rights of citizenship
 Control, disable, execute
 Orders:
o Cannot be citizens of Germany
o Cannot marry non-Jews
o Cannot have sexual relations with non-Jews
o Cannot have many profession
 After this, violence increased
 Controlled – Shop windows – “Jews not admitted,” etc.
 Boycotting, social ridicule, segregation

Kristallnacht 1938
 Nov 1938
 Jewish student killed a Nazi diplomat in France
 Resulted in a systematic attack on Jews of Germany (but crime was committed in foreign
 Kristallnacht was the most violent outburst against Jews in Germany before the start of the
 SA + SS systematically smashed and burnt Jewish property across the country
o 90+ killed
o 1000 shops and businesses looted
o 190 synagogues burnt
 20 000 Jews taken to concentration camps
 Jews forced to pay 30M RM for destruction + 1B RM fine
 By 1939 Jews were:
o Deprived of citizenship, rights, livelihood
o This was the aim  SYNAGOGUES burnt to say, “get out of this country we’re
better than you and want you all dead”
 But the greatest horror was yet to come.

Concentration camps
 Prisons used without regard to accepted norms of arrest and detention
 System of oppression
 Initially to detain communists and other opponents
 Later to detain all ‘Undesirables’
o Last years of war: prisoners worked in weaponry industry
 Labour camps
 Inmates worked until they starved/died of disease
o Crowded
o Torture
o Harsh + poor conditions
o Give up property + valuables
 Not intended for mass murder YET  Final Solution  death camps

Life in the ghettos

 Designated areas in which Jews were forced to live in
o Device of concentration and control
 Preliminary step in annihilation of Jews
o Rather than isolation
 Transition areas later in the war
o Collection points for deports to C and D camps
 Established in poor sections of city
 Sealed
 East Europe
 Overcrowding, malnutrition, forced labour were common conditions
 Eventually dissolved and murdered
 Example: WARSAW Ghetto
o Nov 1940 built
o Surrounded by wall
o 500 000 Jews
o 45 000 killed
o Overcrowding, hard labour, poor sanitation, little food, disease
o In 1942, most residents deported to Treblinka
o Revolt took place when Germans attempted to raze the ghetto and deport the
remaining inhabitants to Treblinka
o 28 days of fighting, ultimately defeated
o Ghetto destroyed
 More than 350 ghettos across Europe
 No uniformity
 Dwellers resisted dehumanisation
o Educated children
o Religious services and holidays held
o Food smuggled in
o Flowers, gardens, cafes, schools constructed to demonstrate false information of a
‘typical’ ghetto

‘The Final Solution’ and Death Camps

 Aka: Final Solution of the Jewish Question
 Systematic, deliberate, physical annihilation of the European Jews
 Process leading to the implementation of the Final Solution include:
o State sponsored racism to Jews
o Anti-Jewish legislations – NUREMBERG LAWS
o Boycotting
o Ghettos in Poland
o Kristallnacht  aimed to remove Jews from society (remove citizenship)
 Planned at Wannsee Conference
o Meeting between 15 high ranking SS and German government agencies
o Hitler authorised this scheme for mass murder
o Heydrich (SS General) chosen to implement this Solution
 1) To inform and secure support from these people to the Solution
 2) Disclose to the participants that Hitler had tasked Heydrich with the
implementation of this Solution
o Many officials already aware of the plan to massacre Jews and others, but did NOT
act to stop it
 Death camps were for the sole purpose of killing large amounts of people
o Efficient
 No bullets needed
 Forced labour can help Germans for war, Jews don’t even have to be alive
 Gas chambers  cheaper than bullets
o Hundreds die on route to the camp  some camps were far away from the city
o Or otherwise, killing them straight off
 SIX D. CAMPS: Auschwitz, Treblinka, Majdanek, Chelmno (first), Belzec,
 Einsatzgruppen were also a common method, esp. after 1941 when Nazi rule was higher
than ever
o Mobile killing units
o Aim: To go around to Jewish communities and execute them
o First, shootings, later; gas van
 Other methods: ghettos, shootings, social fear from attacks, c. camps

Also worth knowing:

Escalation of Violence to Jews

 Definition
o Jews defined as ‘other’
o Different, inferior
 Labelled patches, names
o Legalised discrimination
 Isolation
o Once Jews labelled, gradually separated from mainstream society
 Social ignorance, boycotting
 Emigration
o Jews ‘encouraged’ to leave Germany
o Later, leaving was restricted as now the aim was to kill instead of ignore
 Ghettoization
o Jews forcibly removed to segregated sections of Eastern European cities
 Under the guise of relocation
 Deportation
o Jews transported from ghettos to concentration camps and death camps
 No one to turn to for help
 Mass murder
o 11M people killed as ‘enemies of the state’
 NOT in combat, but BELONGING to an ‘undesirable’ group
o 7M Jews killed
 Shootings, suffocations in gas chambers, imprisonment in camps led to the
deaths of two thirds of the entire European Jewish Population. Dayum.

Role of important Nazi officials (Hitler, Himmler, Mengele, Eichmann)


 Chancellor of Germany (most powerful position in German government)

o 1933-45
 Dictator of Germany
o Enacted fascist ideas and influenced MANY of Germany
 Determined and fierce
o Really wanted all Jews dead
o Wanted obedience and respect, AND SUPPORT from public
o Have people believe he was a powerful and great leader
 ‘General good before individual good’
 Mastermind of the Holocaust and starting the genocide against Jews
 Enabling Act 1933 gave him dictatorial powers
 Blamed Jews for loss of WW1

Refer to table above for knowledge about HITLER


 Heinrich Himmler
 Highest ranking SS official of Germany
 Leading member of the Nazi Party
 One of the most powerful men of Nazi Germany
 One of the people most directly responsible for the Holocaust  Final Solution
 Assigned Heydrich (who implemented the Final Solution) to be Hitler’s personal bodyguard
 Protect him at all costs


 Josef Mengele
 SS officer and physician in Auschwitz concentration camp
 Selected victims to be killed in the gas chamber
 Performed deadly human experiments on victims
o Twin experiments
 Many other physicians, NOT only one


 Adolf Eichmann
 SS official in charge of deportations of European Jews to death and concentration camps
 One of the most pivotal actors of these deportations
 Organised the first actual attempt at mass deportation of Jews in a part of German
occupied Poland
 Played his central role in the deportation of over 1.5 million Jews from all over Europe to
death camps in occupied Poland and in parts of the occupied Soviet Union
 Heavily participated in the implementation of the Final Solution
o Suggested methods of deportations to death camps
Card Roles:

 Hog Rider: He will be your main damage healer to the tower. Support him so he can easily
reach the tower and wreak havoc.

 Elite Barbarians: They are good in both offense and defense. Although, they are best used
as a counter-push with the Hog Rider.

 Electro Wizard: A great support unit that can target 2 things at once. His attacks are
like Zap as he can stun his targets. He is best used against Elite Barbarians and Sparky

 Ice Spirit: This unit can freeze anything that it hits for 2 seconds. It is best used as a support
for Hog Rider push. Although, it a good defensive unit especially when your opponent is
having a good push towards your tower.

 Skeleton Army: This army is either a waste or a gem depending on your enemy. If your
opponent uses all his spells and he has not splash damage unit, this can stop any units you
throw at it. It is also a good support for Hog Rider.

 Zap: One of the best spells in the game. Use it if you are going with a Hog Rider push since
it can kill low HP units easily. You can also use it to make opposing units to recalibrate their

 Inferno Tower: This defensive building is best used against tanks like Royal Giant, Giant,
and Golem. Protect it as it takes time before it reaches its max damage.

 Musketeer: This unit can deal a good amount of damage towards a tower. It is best used with
a Hog Rider and as a counter push with Elite Barbarians.

‘History’ Notes:
At the start of the match, wait until your elixir reaches the maximum elixirs. If you have
the Musketeer in your hand, you can deploy it at the back of your king's tower. Hopefully, the
opponent does not use Fireball since it would end up in a stalemate. However, if they do hit your
Musketeer with a Fireball, you can actually use Elite Barbarians to create a huge push with her.
On the other hand, if your Musketeer is unscathed until she is near the bridge, you can actually
deploy the Hog Rider and Ice Spirit instead. This is more practical so you can have a quick push
towards his tower, especially if the Ice Spirit has successfully frozen the tower or the counter

Opponents usually create a counter push once you create an initial push with the Hog Rider or
Elite Barbarians. Ready your Inferno Tower if he deploys a tank like Golem or Giant. The Elite
Barbarians are good defensive units too, so you can also deploy them to defeat the supporting
units while the Inferno Tower deals with the tank. Electro Wizard is a good support defensively
since he can stun two enemies at once and those units will have to recalibrate their targets. If
your enemy does not have any splash damage or Arrows, the Skeleton Army is the best counter
for tanks and huge push that lacks splash damage units.

Once the 60 second mark starts, it is a lot easier to push with the Hog Rider as long as you
support with Zap and Ice Spirit. You may also start a good counter push with Electro Wizard,
Elite Barbarians and Ice Spirit since they can really do some heavy damage if they manage to
stop all the counter units that the opponent deploys.
This deck requires patience since the whole push strategy with Elite Barbarians and Electro
Wizard costs 10 elixirs. This is why it is better to use it as a counter push, but a well-
placed Fireball and low hp units can easily stop this combo. This deck does not have a lot of
cards that do splash damage so spawn building and low HP unit spammers can overwhelm you if
you are not careful. A well-placed Skeleton Army, however, can actually counter low HP units
very well.

9/4/18. Worst day of my life

Ode to the 9th of April, 2018. The Worst day of 2018.

Because of my Greed I’ve changed my life forever

Because of my greed, I did it so much. Everywhere.

It led to, a slower approach to everything.

Because of my greed, I do it in class. Ignore the teacher.

Get shit marks.

Uncontrollably, I can’t put it away

Can’t push it out of my mind

I’m addicted.

Because of my greed, I did it in every class

I lost so much.

Because of my greed, I spent it after school

And ended up shit

Because of my greed I didn’t charge up and defend myself,

Because of my greed I didn’t try and prevent this event from happening

Because of my greed. Just ten minutes of it, less. I had five seconds to act

I didn’t, because of my greed

Because of my greed, it led to all my troubles. That’s when desperation set in.

Betrayal. Cruelty. A notorious crime.

Because of my greed, a lecture started. A speech. Emotional underpinnings of tears and sadness

Because of my greed, it got taken

It was removed

Possibly forever
My phone. And just ten games

I didn’t take any action

Because of my greed.

And that has made all the difference.

Deck I:

 P.E.K.K.A
 Electro Wizard
 Guards
 Knight
 Miner
 Bats
 Poison
 Zap

Deck II:

 Hog Rider
 Electro Wizard
 Elite Barbs
 Ice Golem
 Mega Minion
 Ice Spirit
 Zap
 Fireball

Deck 3:

 Musketeer
 Electro Wizard
 Hog Rider
 Elite Barbs
 Zap
 Inferno Tower
 Ice Spirit
 Inferno Tower