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Fourth Grade Test Correction Policy

After conferring as a fourth grade teaching team, and with the WIS
teaching team, we have made some changes to our test correction policy.
We believe that the adjusted expectations will provide a realistic view of
what students know and can do at a specific point in time.
Regardless of the test grade, students will correct any errors.
This helps students clarify misunderstanding and learn from their mistakes.
If the original grade is 80% or above, the grade will remain the same. If the
original grade is below 80%, the grade can be raised up to 80%.
This will apply to tests and quizzes in all subject areas: math, reading,
science, social studies, word study.

• Raising grades applies only to tests and quizzes, not daily work.
• When doing daily work, students have the resources, correct models,
or information available to be completely accurate, the first time.

District #145 Grade Scale

A 100-94%
B 93-86%

C 85-78%
D 77-70%
N Below 70%