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City of Zamboanga ) SS.


I, Mary-Ann R. Deita, Filipino, of legal age, and a resident of Dona Felisa Subdivision, Mercedes,
Zamboanga City , after having been duly sworn in accordance with law, hereby depose and say:

1. That I am a holder of GLOBE Simcard with the number 0977-315-0424.

2. That the same has been used as my official contact / business number as printed in my calling
cards and in our company magazines.

3. That sometime on September 2,2018, when I arrived home from church, I discovered that my
cellphone was no longer in my pocket where I used to place it.

4. That, despite diligent search and efforts to locate said phone, I could not find it.

5. That said sim card was not confiscated by the authorities by reason of any violation of company
rules and regulations;

6. That I am executing this affidavit to attest to the truth of the foregoing facts and to request for the
placement of said Sim card number from Globe-KCC Branch.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto affixed my signature this 3rd day of September
2018 at Zamboanga City, Philippines.

Mary- Ann Romera Deita

(Signature of Affiant over Printed Name)

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO before me, a notary public in and for Mary-
Ann Romera Deita this 3rd day of September 2018. The affiant, whom I identified through the
following competent evidence of identity: PSMBFI ID No. 050013, personally signed the foregoing
instrument before me and avowed under penalty of law to the whole truth of the contents of said
The campaign on war against illegal drugs is probably the only thing I approved of
with the current administration.
It is no secret that the illegal drug trade is the root of almost all evils that our
country is facing today. From graft and corruption, to heightened rate of crimes like
rape, murder, robbery, kidnappings and even to petty theft, were all linked to illegal
drugs. The evils of drug addiction has also worsen the quality of our country’s
education and it even broke thousands of Filipino homes. Indeed, the issue on illegal
drugs has worsen the high poverty rate in our land.
For many years and many administrations had past, but none of them had
really addressed the issue on illegal drugs with force and fangs. Thus, it continues to
plague our country. Fortunately, the Duterte administration is really focused and
serious in putting the illegal drug trade in the Philippines to its final rest.
The war against illegal drugs is no doubt very messy and bloody but there is
no other way to stop this monstrosity except by laying down the law with iron hand.
Frankly, I disliked the president for so many reasons. However, I will stand by him on
his campaign for war against illegal drugs. As the old folks say; “ The end justifies the
means.” And so I pray that after 6 years, I could see a drug-free Philippines.

Mary-Ann R. Deita

Republic of the Philippines

Zamboanga Judicial Region
Branch 10
Zamboanga City

Plaintiff, CRIM. CASE No. 3815




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I, SONNY JOE AMPONIN, of legal age, single , residing at Mercedes,

Zamboanga City, after having been sworn to in accordance with the law
do hereby depose and state:

That Fiscal MARY-ANN R. DEITA is the counsel who conducted and

supervised my examination as a witness at her office at City Prosecutor’s
Office, Zamboanga City;

That I am answering the questions herein fully conscious that I do

so under oath and that I may be criminally liable for false testimony or

The following are the Questions propounded by Fiscal Mary-Ann

Deita and my answers in English language:
Q1: Do you swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth?
A1: Yes Ma’am.

Q2: Are you the same Sonny Joe Amponin, the private complainant in
this case for Oral Defamation now pending before the Regional Trial
Court, Branch 10 of Zamboanga City?
A2: Yes Ma’am

Q3: Do you personally know the accused in this case, Mrs. Steffy
A3: Yes Ma’am.

Q4: Can you tell us why you personally know Mrs. Cheon?
A4: She also lives in Mercedes, Zamboanga City. She is my neighbor
since we were kids. Their house is right next to our house. We are
even playmates as kids.

Q5: Where were you on January 10, 2017 at 9:00 o’clock in the
A5: I am outside of my house at Mercedes, Zamboanga City. I was
enjoying my cigarette.

Q6: What transpired during that very hour?

A6: While I was smoking, my neighbor, Steffy Cheon went out of her
house, point her fingers at me and shouted angrily for no apparent
reason which shocked me and the passers by.

Q7: What words did she utter at you?

A7: She shouted; You are a rice smuggler! And a son of a bitch! You
should be killed by now! Fuck you! Fuck you!

Q8: How far is her house from yours?

A8: Very near around 2 meters apart only. Thus, I could clearly hear

Q9: Why do you think Mrs. Cheon shouted to you those words?
A9: I have no idea. Maybe she just want to blemish my good name in
our barangay.

Q10: Are there other people who heard her shouts?

A10: Yes, there are 4 passers by who stopped and looked at her while
shouting angrily and pointing her fingers at me. They are only few
steps away from us.

Q11: What did you feel during that time or your reaction?
A11: I got embarrassed and shocked. I was nervous when I saw the 4
passers by looking and laughing at me. So I ran inside the house
and locked the door.

Q12: Can you identify the witnesses of said incident?

A12: Ye. They were Anna, Karen, Nina and Judy Ann Santos. They are
sisters who lives few blocks away from my house.

Q13: So what do you pray from the Court?

A13: I pray for justice from the embarrassment I suffered on that fateful
day of January 10,2017 from the malicious invectives of Steffy
Thus, I am filing an Oral Defamation against her.

Q14: What documents do you wish to submit to the Court?

A14: I hereby submit the joint Affidavit of my witnesses as Exhibit A.

Nothing Follows.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto affixed my signature this

15 day of January 2017 at Zamboanga City, Philippines.

Sonny Joe M. Amponin

Private Complainant

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this 15 th day of January

2017 at Zamboanga City, Philippines.


Asst. City Prosecutor
Detailed Zamboanga City
MCLE Compliance No. IV 000000


I, MARY ANN R. DEITA, Asst. City Prosecutor, Detailed

Zamboanga City, after having been sworn to in accordance with the law
do hereby depose and say:

1. That I have faithfully recorded or caused to be recorded the

questions I asked and the corresponding answers that witness
2. That I have not, nor any other person present or assisting
coached the witness regarding the witness’ answers; and
3. That I fully understand that any false attestation shall subject me
to disciplinary action, including disbarment.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto affixed my signature this

15 day of January 2017, Zamboanga City, Philippines.


Counsel for the State

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this 15 th day of Janaury

2017 at Zamboanga City, Philippines.


Public Attorney IV
Public Attorney’s Office
Zamboanga City
MCLE Compliance No. IV 000000