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Future Packaging Trends 2017

Adam Page, Global Director, Reports and Consultancy

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How is the packaging

market changing?

Packaging Growth Since 2000

Source: Smithers Pira

Packaging Market Overview

• Asia is the largest market at 38.4%
followed by North America 22.3%
and West Europe 20.8%

• Asia’s share of the market has

increased from 33.6% to 38.4%
since 2010

• By way of contrast shares of

North America and Western Europe
have dropped from 23.0% and
24.0% since 2010

Source: Smithers Pira

Packaging Split by Substrate

Foil European Packaging
Glass 1% CAGR (%) 2015-20
Flexible Paper





0.0 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0

Source: Smithers Pira

Packaging Split by End-use

Source: Smithers Pira

• Industrial / Bulk packaging is the largest overall end-use (39%)

• Food and Beverage dominate consumer packaging – two thirds of total
• Strongest growth is in the Healthcare and Cosmetics sectors
• But food, beverage and other FMCG also show growth

What are the main

drivers for change?

Brand Owner Demands

• Comparative low cost

• Potential for innovation/replacement

• Lighter weight pack format

• Simple, recyclable designs

• Need for barrier

• Increased shelf life

• Shelf appeal

• Meets sustainability goals

Packaging Trends
Easy-to-open Experience packaging
• Tabs, films and adhesives that allow Focus is on design innovation and more
easy of open, and resealability embellishment options

Sustainability Convenience packaging

• Mass commercialisation of bioplastics Positive trend - more packaging needed

• Development of better flexible formats Options to add value to the product itself
for lightweighting can command premium price

• Improved sorting and recycling Multi-channel interactivity

technologies for MRFs Allows packaging to retain a key place in
marketing campaigns
Versioned print
• Falling price for packaging printed on NFC, covert QR and Big Data stores give
digital presses will push expansion the option to extend and expand in future

• New range of inks and substrates allow

a broader market penetration

How can we make

better decisions, faster?

Custom Market Consultancy

Our highly knowledgeable industry experts provide tailored consultancy services for your
individual business needs when you need it. We can help in the following areas:

• Quantitative Market Data • Impact of Technologies

• Granular Market Segmentation • Understanding the Value Chain and

Competitive Landscape
• Market Forecasts based on Primary
Research • Robust, Proven Methodologies

• Voice of the Customer • Market Experts with Technical

• Analysis of key drivers and trends

• A major supplier of paper-based packaging

commissioned us to undertake a study on
the European market for food service
Case Studies packaging market. The study required
extensive detail on the cup stock market,
which was achieved through primary
• A global brand owner commissioned us to research with suppliers, converters and
size and forecast the market for packaging end-users. The final report contained
substrates and products. We conducted a full actionable recommendations for growth in
primary research program, and delivered this sector.
quantitative data and a report with
actionable recommendations. Our client • A major raw material company asked us to
used this data as justification for switching examine the industrial inkjet space with a
from metal cans to plastic bottles and view to identifying market opportunities
pouches, and has seen sales grow as a result. and potential acquisition companies. We
conducted the research, including extensive
• A North American specialty mill was looking telephone and face-to-face interviews, and
to develop and expand product offerings to made recommendations in a custom study.
exploit niche opportunities. Following an The study contained quantitative market
in-house workshop, a number of areas were sizes and forecasts, and a target list of
prioritised and formed the focus of detailed companies based on the agreed criteria.
market assessment of market size and Our client is in the process of making an
growth and potential new customers. acquisition.

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