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Date: 11/ 28/14 Instructor: ENGR. L.A. CARRILLO
Instruction: Give the step by step solution to problem
solving questions
1. Plastic deformation means __________ deformation
a. elastic b. temporary
c. permanent d. reversible
2. The formula for lateral strain is ε 12. A water tank, 22 ft in diameter, is made from steel plates
that are 1/2 in. thick. Find the maximum height to which the
a. b. c. d. notg tank may be filled if the circumferential stress is limited to 6000
3. The yield strength is the stress at which noticeable plastic psi. The specific weight of water is 62.4 lb/ft3.
deformation has occurred that is when ε is equivalent to ____ a. 38.7 ft b. 42.6 ft. c. 52.5 ft. d. 68.9 ft
a. 0.2 b. 0.02 c. 0.002 d. 0.0002
13. Determine the maximum shearing stress and elongation in
a helical steel spring composed of 20 turns of 20-mm-diameter
wire on a mean radius of 90 mm when the spring is supporting
a load of 1.5 kN. Use G = 83 Answer: 105.4 mm

14. A flanged bolt coupling consists of ten 20-mm-diameter

bolts spaced evenly around a bolt circle 400 mm in diameter.
Determine the torque capacity of the coupling if the allowable
shearing stress in the bolts is 40 MPa. Answer: 25.13 kN.m

From the tensile stress–strain behavior for the brass specimen

shown in Figure 6.12, determine the following:(15) The
maximum load that can be sustained by a cylindrical specimen
having an original diameter of 12.8 mm.
4. From the figure above, the yield point is approximately at a. 45500 N b. 50300N c. 57900N d. notg
a. 300 MPa b. 236 MPa c. 180 MPa d. 117 MPa (16) The change in length of a specimen originally 250 mm
5. The elastic range is _________________. long that is subjected to a tensile stress of 345 MPa
a. from 0 to yield point b. from yield point to rupture pt. a. 10mm b. 12 mm c. 15 mm d. 17mm
c. from 0 to rupture pt. D. from 0 to ultimate strength

6. A simply supported beam of length L carries a uniformly

distributed load of 6000 N/m and has the cross section shown
in Fig. P-585. Find L to cause a maximum flexural stress of 16
MPa. What maximum shearing stress is then developed?
a. 1.21 MPa b.1.36 MPa c. 1.48 MPa d. 1.67 MPa

7. Copper wire which has an area of 2.9 x 10-4 m2 is pulled in

tension with 44,500 N force, producing only elastic
deformation. Calculate the resulting strain if the modulus of
elasticity is 110 x 103 MPa.
a. 0.01390 b. 0.00139 c. 0.03190 d. 0.00319 17-18. As shown in Fig. P-269,
there is a gap between the
8. A tensile stress is to be applied along the long axis of a aluminum bar and the rigid slab
cylindrical brass rod that has a diameter of 10 mm (0.4 in.). that is supported by two copper
Determine the magnitude of the load required to produce a 2.5 bars. At 10°C, Δ = 0.18 mm.
X 10-3mm change in diameter if the deformation is entirely Neglecting the mass of the slab,
elastic. the modulus of elasticity, given in Table 6.1 as 97 GPa calculate the stress in each rod
a. 2500N b. 5600N c. 6800N d. 7200N when the temperature in the
assembly is increased to 95°C.
A cylindrical steel pressure vessel 400 mm in diameter with a For each Cu bar, A = 500 mm2,
wall thickness of 20 mm, is subjected to an internal pressure of E = 120 GPa, and α = 16.8 µm/(m·°C). For the Al bar, A = 400
4.5 MN/m2. (9) Calculate the tangential stress in the steel. (10) mm2, E = 70 GPa, and α = 23.1 µm/(m·°C). ANSWER: 17) Cu
To what value may the internal pressure be increased if the = 12.14 MPa 18) Al = 30.35 MPa
stress in the steel is limited to 120 MN/m2?
9. a. 45 MPa b. 22.5 MPa c. 12 MPa d. 8 MPa 19. A cable has a length of 10 meters and is hung between two
10. a. 45 MPa b. 22.5 MPa c. 12 MPa d. 8 MPa poles set 7 meters apart. How much does the cable sag?
a. 2.8 m b. 3.2 m c. 3.8 m d. 4.1 m
11. The lap joint shown in Fig. P-126 is fastened by four ¾-in.-
diameter rivets. Calculate the maximum safe load P that can 20. A welded steel cylindrical drum made of a 10-mm plate has
be applied if the shearing stress in the rivets is limited to 14 ksi an internal diameter of 1.20 m. Compute the change in
and the bearing stress in the plates is limited to 18 ksi. Assume diameter that would be caused by an internal pressure of 1.5
the applied load is uniformly distributed among the four rivets. MPa. Assume that Poisson's ratio is 0.30 and E = 200 GPa.
a. 24.74 kips b. 28.7 kips c. 35.9 kips d. 42.7 kips Answer: 0.459 mm