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AFFIDAVIT OF L&Wie Jan Zalewsis AKA Louie Taq Sevil AKA STATE OF CALIFORNIA } Leiria Tag. Whaley COUNTY OF CONTRA CosTA } J |, the undersigned, dohereby swear, certify and affirm that: {am over the age of 18, a resident of California, have personal knowledge of the “ heen and ical ata witness, could competently testify testo Judge Jil Fannin presided over my ohitd Custhdy case. LCase Mile C1o-an7 81) during Wha. cars Bl aoa | She Sron ted yome encidy to my] eX- huclean a PD Mag Whaley of ont Awe miner C411 a*Morg anme. Briana! whe Coo GIRat) end Ny Tan Eothen whales CRS ¥-13-00), Tedd Whaley had numerous ocdests far TWW's and deug pelaied arrecds the mesh Tecant lena Pife Cease & MeSCE ONS edge! ety ena a ores cere and gioned Wad Whaley unre Hryered \sint| CUStedY O€ Awa miner chitdren thus jeopedi7in rere a CORT = » SORE TORTIE » AE STIS ite ‘THE COURT FINDS: 1. This eat hs justin over the minor citdren Because Cali i he eters home slate 2. Thehsbtua resdance of he chien ie the Unie Sats of Americ. '3 Gath pres have Deen ads ha ny valadon of herder ay res i coc xin penal, ofboth ‘THE COURT ORDERS: 1. The agement of he pats regarsing custocy and vision {Z) ae sat orth the aisched docrent ste specie eae apa en a aa Be nse Se Ba nnd Lier eee eee cee sta ess eet . ow 2/24 e- Oe Seg meat aE TEETER SE at LS ean Cis? c.020 FE at [Pes Wey v Laurie Smith (Whaley) 1000731 + | custody: 2 |The partes sto share ont legl and jon physical custody of hel minr ele. They share 3| physical custody on an alternate week basis with exchanges to occur Mondays after school (or at 3pm 4| when schoo is notin session. Respondent Laure Smith's week wl commence Mendey March 2012 5 | ond shat continue in aerating weks thereafter. Te parent revi te chien shal be response «| or providing tht ransporatin, 7 | Reunitcaton TherapyCounstng 61) The pats agree tat Debbie Katz, MF shal conduct reunion therapy counting for Respondent | andthe minor cide on sche detern by Me ats nd conning ater 10 | agreement ofthe partes or court oder. Respondent sol pay te cot fr the therapy. Bath pats +1 | wi ooprte wth Hs, Katz and ensire the cern ated as sched by Ms. Kt 12 | Aah Program 1a Father sat coninu to atend and parca in a 12 stp recovery program incutngdocunented | attendance at a minimum of ef hep recovery medings per week (AA; NAete.J, have weekly 18 | contact with a sponsor and at least on eervice ‘commitment at all times through August 2012. Neither Father or Mother may consume alcoholic beverages , narcotics or restricted drugs (except by prescription) 28 hours prior oor ring ie withthe chien, oi toto Bist nnn del ty ea 77 | [ri ape may be wes with any sual Councilor or ny oter pape lad wh he cost ieee "ADDITIONAL PAGE om RSET Atachto ude Counc Form or Other Court Paper scm ows