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o f E d u c a ti o n a n d H u m a n D e ve lo p m e n t
Department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism

August 18, 2018

To Whom It May Concern: P.O. Box 6963

Radford, VA 24142

I am writing this letter in support of Ms. Seana Wilson. She is applying for an internship to (540) 831-7720
(540) 831-7719 FAX
complete her undergraduate work. I have known Ms. Wilson for nearly four years as her former
department chair, as her advisor, and through numerous formal and informal discussion outside the

classroom. Through this interaction I believe that I can offer some insights into Ms. Wilson’s

First, Ms. Wilson was an outstanding student. Truly in all ways. Ms. Wilson is a leader,
inquisitive, intelligent, and gets along easily with everyone no matter the skills, or lack thereof, that
they bring to a project. Ms. Wilson brings out the best in all of them in an easy-going and amiable

Second, Ms. Wilson is a well-rounded individual who has sought ought opportunities to show her
leadership, to develop her talents and skill to a higher level, and in seeking out advice on her career
path often and has taken the advice that she has processed and made her own. Ms. Wilson is
confident enough to filter out advice that does not fit her specific needs and that is a very admirable
skill. But I do know that Ms. Wilson responds well to quality advice and direction. And Ms.
Wilson is in no way combative or stubborn. Just intelligent and thoughtful. Please note that Ms.
Wilson has used her time inside and outside to greatly enhance her professional skills, talents and
abilities through her work. This is particularly true in Ms. Wilson’s work for our department. Ms.
Wilson was trusted by all faculty with much more complicated assignments than for what she takes
credit. Ms. Wilson has been similarly dedicated in her work outside the department as well.

Lastly, Ms. Wilson has an outstanding personality that will allow her to easily relate to future
supervisors, future colleagues, and future clients in a positive and helpful manner. Ms. Wilson,
while initially a bit guarded, is a person of great depth with a personality which is a delight to those
who work with her. Ms. Wilson maintains herself at the highest professional level in all
professional settings.

We have been fortunate to have quite a few exceptional students graduating over the years in our
department. That said, Ms. Wilson is exceptional in that group of exceptional students. I believe
that Ms. Wilson is an outstanding candidate for any internship that requires a talented, intelligent
new professional. I put Ms. Wilson amongst the very best of the best and I don’t think I can
recommend Ms. Wilson highly enough. She is truly an outstanding young future professional who
I believe will excel in any internship, will be a future leader in the field, and that she will represent
your program in the absolute best positive professional manner now and always. She will shine as
a future professional

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any future need to discuss Ms. Wilson’s