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” BABY, COME BACK CARLOS WASTAVINO M. CROWLEY a ae PETER BECKETT ) Moderately Slow #=76 (8b bas) N a =~ my nights all my mon - ey go-in' out on the town, AML day long wear-in' a mask. of, false bra-va - do, 203 CARLOS WASTAVINO M. 057 . ak Sa HE = Po-in' an-y-thing just to yet you off try!n fo keepup a smile__thathides But when the ‘a tear, But asthe tan, GRR cub hae) morn-in' comes and I'm back—— where I start-ed a- gain, sun goes down get that emp - ty feel - in! a~ gain, Hija i = FS try'nto for-get you is just Howl wish to God a waste—of time. that you—werehere. 204 Almas? “ AF some-thin' any kind of thing a-bout — a ‘Abas? Ba-by come back you can blame it To Coda em © abtnany mba and 1 just_. can't live with-out___ you. i Ie Now that I'vepulled it all to geth.,