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Micaela Muzio

Professor Gowdy-Burke
English 402
16 September 2018
Lesson 1.7 Digital Portfolio Expansion & Peer Review

Job Information
Top 10 Job Skills

Providing Customers with Service:

I recently worked at my local Marshall’s where I was a retail sales associate and a cashier. This
job helped me develop customer service skills as I had to assist customers on a daily basis. My
duties included answering questions over the phone about store hours, product details, etc.; an-
swering questions in person about our merchandise and when we would restock; and handling
returns and exchanges at the cash register. I was also responsible for making the customers expe-
rience in our store as pleasant as possible by greeting them with a smile and continuing to ask
them if they needed any help while they were shopping.

Negotiating/Arbitrating Conflicts:
All through high school I was on a cheerleading team and my senior year I was team captain.
This position taught me patience as well as tactful negotiating skills. I was responsible for nego-
tiating any conflicts between my team members when they arose and finding a compromise that
both parties agreed to. I also had to deliver any messages or tasks from our coach to my team
members which weren’t always received well, so in those situations I had to either come up with
a comprise or explain why the task was necessary.

Prioritizing Work:
As a college student it is very important to master the skill of time management. I struggled with
this adjustment as a freshman, but as I have progressed through my college career I realized how
important it is to prioritize certain work over other things in life. I prioritize work by creating a
list of all of the tasks I need to do in a time period. I go through and evaluate each task by ur-
gency and category, for example if I had a paper due the next day and I had to go to the grocery
store to pick up dinner I would prioritize working on the paper before I went grocery shopping.

Raising Funds:
My sorority also holds annual fundraisers to support our philanthropy, arthritis. We hold an event
with food, games, music, etc., and we are responsible for selling tickets to our peers. The money
we raise from selling tickets is what donate to the Arthritis Foundation. I reached out to people in
person as well as over social media in order to sell tickets.

Displaying Artistic Ideas:

I think of myself as an artistic person, so when the opportunity arises I like to display my skills.
This summer I used my abilities to help a family member design a website and logo for a beauty
company she is starting. This allowed me to express my creativity but it also allowed me to ex-
periment with different computer design programs such as Adobe. This was an interesting expe-
rience because I had to incorporate both of our ideas into one in order to meet her expectations
for her company image.

Organizing Files:
As I mentioned I was a receptionist at a gym so as a receptionist I was responsible of filing all of
the client information on the computer as well as in person. Each client had their own file with
any billing information and emergency contacts, their file could also contain any other members
who were attached to the account such as relatives and friends. I also had to keep track of the
company bills and information and make copies of any company transactions. Doing this also
helped me gain organization skills that I use in my everyday life for school and important paper-

Promoting Events:
Again as I mentioned I helped a family member design a webpage and logo for her company, and
along with that I also helped her promote her company at different events such as local farmers
markets and fairs. This consisted of putting up a booth that we sat at with the company banner,
pictures of her work, and her business cards. During the events we answered questions from
prospective customers and gave them discount vouchers to use to encourage them to visit the

Handling Detail Work:

When I was designing the logo, I had to use extreme attention to detail and was very precise. I
enjoy perfecting projects so this wasn’t a difficult task for me. When handling detail work I per-
fected the color scheme, the website layout, the font of the logo, the placement of art on the logo,

Selling Products:
My first job was a receptionist at a local gym in California. Each employee at the gym had dif-
ferent tasks, but one task we had in common was selling gym memberships. For every member-
ship we sold we earned commission, so many workers including myself tried to sell as many as
possible. Since I worked at the front desk I was able to catch any prospective customers and try
to sell them memberships. This worked out well since many people who entered without a mem-
berships were aiming at buying one. To sell a membership I first gave the client a tour of our
gym and explained some of our equipment and facilities. I then brought them back to the front
desk and showed them different options of payment plans and other services we offered. After
that if the client agreed to the terms and decided on a payment plan, I would process their infor-
mation and get them set up with a key card to enter the premise.

Encouraging Others:
At every job or group situation I have been in, I always like to motivate and encourage my peers.
This not only makes the working environment more pleasant but also can change attitudes which
in return improves work ethic. Whenever I notice one of my peers with a negative attitude I like
to try and use humor to lighten the mood and then encourage them to keep persisting with their
Micaela Muzio
300 Maiden Lane
Pullman, WA 99163
September 2, 2018

Mr. Partick Hinchy

The Powerline Group
1201 Route 112
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776

Dear Mr. Hinchy,

I am writing this in response to your advertisement for a digital marketing specialist posted on-
line. I believe that once I graduate I would be an excellent addition to your company. I think that
my academic training in marketing and communications from Washington State University,
along with my experience qualifies me for this position.

So far, my education at Washington State University has provided me with knowledge and skill
in the field of marketing, along with my understanding of public relations that I have gained
from my minor in communications. I primarily concentrate in digital marketing but I do have
background in quantitative marketing research as well. I also specialize in social media market-
ing and have managed different organization’s social media pages. I hope to intern with a mar-
keting firm before I graduate to broaden my work experience.

The enclosed resume provides a glimpse at my education and work-experience along with some
qualities I believe make me stand out among my peers. I hope you consider my application to
this position and feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns as 123-4567 or email me

Yours truly,

Micaela Muzio
Micaela Muzio
300 Maiden Lane
Pullman, WA 99163

Qualified entry level worker with over 4 years of work experience. Possesses excellent customer
relations, cooperation, rebranding, marketing and communications skills.

LifeLight Fitness, Pleasanton, CA — 2015-2016

• Answered and forwarded phone calls

• Sorting and distributing files

• Customer service

• Booking meetings and appointments

Alpha Omicron Pi, Pullman, WA - 2017-2018

Communications Chair

• Manage communications between Alpha Omicron Pi and other sororities

• Manage and edit all of Alpha Omicron Pi’s social media pages such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Marshalls, Moscow, ID — 2017-2018

Sales Associate & Cashier

• Organized inventory

• Preformed cashier duties

• Customer service

• Bulk tranfers

Washington State University, Pullman, WA — BA in Marketing, 2020

Proficient in customer relations, bookkeeping and organization, website maintenance,
rebranding, multitasking, collaboration, and public relations