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Lets reflect…
As I look back over our summer and reflect on our theme and all God did, I can’t help but be truly speechless. The
theme for our 2018 summer was “A Summer To Remember” and that is exactly what it was! This summer over 55 youth
and elementary aged students had a chance to go to summer camps. If you haven't heard by now all 31 junior high and
high school students accepted Christ into their lives at Teen Camp! That was a week that we will never forget! We saw
lives transform in front of our eyes. He spoke in ways I have never seen!

There were over 100 kids who got to participate in VBS and be impacted by God’s love through those who made VBS
possible. We had over a dozen Student Leaders helping to lead students during VBS which was amazing to see; they
took this opportunity to learn from others as they stepped into various roles.

These types of events and programs don’t happen over night, they can’t even be thrown together in a weeks time; our
leaders and team members put countless hours into preparing places and spaces for young people to encounter God’s
amazing love. On top of our awesome team we had over 100 volunteers help to make this a “summer to remember”, not
to mention the countless individuals and churches who gave towards our summer events and programs. These 100
plus volunteers represented 14 different churches. It is the body of Christ at work to build His Kingdom and we truly
saw God working. He continues to work in and through us as we reach young people in the Phx area. This is what it
takes, you can look all through scripture and no movement of God was lead by one individual, even Jesus had His
disciples to help accomplish His mission. When we unite as followers of Jesus through prayer, service, worship, and
more we advance His Kingdom; the kingdom of God grows and we see moments in time just like we did this summer.
“A Summer To Remember” will echo into eternity and we won’t see the full effects until that day we meet Jesus in
Heaven. Thank you to all who made this summer possible, we pray God will richly bless you for your sacrifice to
serve Him. - Caleb Reed, Director

Award from Garfield

On May 24th, 2018 Aim Right received a plaque from Garfield Elementary School
as a thank you for being a valued community partner. For the last year and a half
Aim Right has been providing breakfast once a month for Garfield Staff as well as
helping with a variety of events like Spirit Week, end of the year class
parties, and much more. We consider it a huge honor to partner with a
school that is passionate about seeing their students be successful
and make their dreams become a reality. Thank you Garfield staff for
allowing us to be a part of your family. ROMANS 11:36

Summer Intern Experience “For from Him and through Him and for Him
are all things. To Him be the glory forever! “
If you know Aim Right pretty well you know we offer internships based off a full year
but did you know we also offer seasonal internship experiences? You have permission to jump for
joy!! Please meet Aleisha. You might recognize her from previous posts on our social media page,
blog, or newsletters, she might be famous by now. She served a years internship with us back in
2016-2017. She really couldn't keep away. She was back this summer as our Summer Intern and boy
were we ever glad! We love Aleisha and our kiddos do as well. Aleisha noticed that she had no big
plans for the summer so she took an interest in giving back. Yay!!! With one phone
call we had her whole summer booked (sorry but not sorry). We like to keep our Summer Interns busy.
She was able to participate as a Camp Counselor (you HAVE to read our blog “Most Successful Camp
Yet”) at Teen Camp, helped out with VBS set up and organization, along with community service
projects. On her time off she did run to a few coffee and ice cream shops with our teen girls. Yup, It
was a summer to remember! Thanks, Aleisha, for your time as our Summer Intern.
We appreciate all you did!
Summer Camp Mission Trips to Phoenix
For we are his masterpiece. He
Three groups from different
has created us anew in Christ
parts of the country spent
Jesus, so we can do the good
their time helping out right
things he planned for us long ago.
here in Phoenix! We feel very
When 100% of the teens you take to camp
decide to dedicate their lives to Christ you know it’s a Foothills Fellowship youth
chance to jump and praise God! AMEN! group from South Carolina
Foothills Fellowship came out and assisted with
You cannot imagine how excited we were. Pouring our our first week of VBS, Ocean
hearts to the message we put together for the week of Commotion. We had a full
camp. It makes everything worth it!! The theme CREATED house! Kalona Mennonite
from Ephesians 2:10 helped us really place in perspective from Iowa also came out for
how God wants us to live our lives. We are His great our second VBS the
masterpieces. Having teens understand the aspect of following week. And Fairview
being who they are in God’s eyes makes all the Mennonite Church from Iowa
difference. With all the fun camp week brought our teens Kalona Mennonite came to help out with
had a full schedule with Chapel twice a day, small projects around Aim Right’s
groups, games, crafts, hiking the mountains all around facilities, Garfield
camp, and also taking a trip to Telluride to ride the Elementary and assisted in
gondolas. Everything is such a shift in environment for throwing a water day for our
all of our teens when comparing the gorgeous green Kingdom Kids on
mountains and cool weather to the hot Phoenix desert. Wednesday night. We truly
In all we are very Thankful and ever so grateful for every-
one who participated in making this years camp such a
Fairview Mennonite like
success!! Teens, volunteers, staff, donors, and all who
prayed for this week to be a success!

Camp is…
What I’ve learned…
“To forgive”
“I don’t need be like
anyone else”

How my life has

“I have to keep
pursuing God!”

I survived with out a phone by...

“all I needed was chapel (worship)”
“by letting the Spirit of God talk to me &
hear my prayers.”
Farewell Mast Family
c c
Zion Mennonite Church Manhood Camp
We are ever so grateful for the help On August 3rd We want to say
of our friends in Pryor, OK Zion 8 young men a huge THANK
Mennonite Church. The children and 2 leaders YOU to a very
rallied together during their VBS and packed into a special family,
raised money for the Garfield van and headed Enric and Tory
Elementary Back to School Event. west for Los Angeles. We had Mast for
With their efforts we were able to sleeping bags, tents, and tons of devoting 5.5
bless them with over $2,000 for energy ready to be a part of years to Aim
uniforms and school supplies. Manhood Camp and see the ocean! Right. In the past two years
This is a HUGE impact!!! Manhood camp (hosted by UYWI) Enric served as the Director at
is a 24 hour guys conference the Aim Right North location.
Garfield allowed us to set up an area where over 500 young men and
where families can find out more youth workers gather. While there, As we look back we can’t think
about our programs. We were able we had an opportunity to gain to feel anything but
to talk to over 100 families giving wisdom, inspiration, and practical appreciation for you all and for
them ways students can plug into tools for becoming the men God taking the time and investing
Kingdom Kids and City Youth along created us to be. The schedule was in our ministry. Know that you
with inviting them to our Fall packed full of skill shops like have a family with Aim Right
Festivities and Mobile Pantry. In all Dapper Gentlemen, a fitness and we wish you nothing but
over 200 backpacks were handed challenge, and Auto 101 just to the best as you make new
out, 300 uniforms, tons of school name a few. There were multiple memories in Montana.
supplies, and so much more!!! workshops that gave practical tips
on how to deal with anger, how to
Thank you Zion Mennonite for your
be good financial stewards, and
generous contribution to our
how to treat women respectfully.
The weekend was full of laughter,
worship, and memories that will
last a lifetime. A trip to Cali is not
complete unless you visit the
beach; on our last day we spent a
few hours jumping in the waves
before heading back to PHX.


A huge THANKS to Colby and Kari

Yoder and Gospel Haven Mennonite
Church for making this life changing
weekend possible.

You all
will be
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Ministry Intern: Ben Reitz
of our community.
Office Manager: Stephanie Reed
Public Relations Representative: Delia Cabrillas


 Minivan Donated

 Reach Team due to come November 2018

 Ministry Intern, Ben Reitz

Meet Ben Reitz. He will be serving as a
PRAY: Ministry Intern and has now settled
 Ministry Interns into his new role here in Phoenix. He
first came to Aim Right with Dayspring
UPCOMING DATES: Mennonite youth group helping during
 Fall Festival, October 24th
 Christmas in Garfield, December 8th
VBS summer of 2017. Welcome, Ben!
 Benefit Auction, March 2, 2019 We are glad to have you as part of our
. Aim Right Family.