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9/20/2018 Has anyone regretted giving up a language?

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9/20/2018 Has anyone regretted giving up a language? : languagelearning 2/8
9/20/2018 Has anyone regretted giving up a language? : languagelearning

Posted by u/spookythesquid Korean/German/Spanish/Norwegian 6 hours ago 3/8
9/20/2018 Has anyone regretted giving up a language? : languagelearning

Media A Fun Way To Learn Æ Ø Å (song) 

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Posted by u/j0hnnyr00k 3 hours ago

Discussion Odd Request: Arabic Resources Like ‘Talk to Me in Korean’?

Hey folks. I studied Arabic for about two and a half years in college, and I’m looking to get back into it after a
few years not using the language.

I studied Korean with the Talk to Me in Korean (TTMIK) podcast and books while I was living outside of Seoul
and I really loved having some easy to use materials along with a podcast I could use at my own pace. I
figured with all the polyglots around here maybe one of you might have ideas about Arabic materials /
podcasts or other resources in a TTMIK style?

I appreciate any help. Thanks! 감사합니다! ‫!ﺷﻛﺮا‬

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Posted by u/FrenchWithVincent 14 hours ago

Studying Learn French with Vincent... how did it start and where does it go?

I have been teaching French for more than 20 years now... and it made me aware about one major thing:
People are different and they learn in so many different ways. And it would be strange to expect them to learn
a new skill in the same way or at the same pace. This was the main reason why I started this channel in the
first place, to support my students and give them all the tools to learn at their pace and make sure that they
would succeed and could reach their goal.

My mother tongue is French but I am almost fluent in 3 languages and we are using on a daily basis 2
languages at home... French and English.

I started this YouTube channel ( in 2007 with the conviction that video was a
great tool to teach French as a foreign language and since then... I never stopped producing videos or
believing in the power of video to help people to master French. I never wanted to show my face in the
videos, because I thought it was distracting and not really efficient, especially when I wanted to make quite

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Posted by u/temptedbyknowledge 49 minutes ago

Studying German pronunciation 4/8
9/20/2018 Has anyone regretted giving up a language? : languagelearning

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but I figured it was worth a shot; I'm trying to learn a song in
German and I'm having trouble pronouncing some words was hoping someone can help me phonetically
learn the language.

If there's a website or something you can point me to I'd appreciate it

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Posted by u/IanMakanNasi 53 minutes ago

Talking like a child: Language learning for anthropology fieldwork 

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Posted by u/garrywarry 18 hours ago

Making a "curriculum"

Hi. I'm currently self studying Danish but feel like I'm having the spray and pray approach to what I'm looking
at each day. I was wondering if anyone knew how to create a sort of curriculum so I scaffold on what I already
know and then build from there? I really feel like I'm lacking any structure and goals like listen to x, write x
new words arnt enough for me to really learn. Does anyone have any experience in this area?

I'll also mention that I have a few textbooks but I'm sure how much energy should be going into these over
other things like writing, listening etc...

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Posted by u/rifaterdemsahin 5 hours ago

Discussion Feedback on a language game

I am looking to collect feedback on a language game.

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Posted by u/rukse 1 day ago

Discussion Does anyone else ONLY get messages from men on italki?

I’ve had the app for about 3 months, I’m an 18 year old female and I get around 10-15 messages per day and
95% of them are from people who don’t speak my target language and they’re ALL men, I’ve never gotten a
single message from a female.

If you’re a girl, is it like this for you too? Or do you ever get messages from other women? and what is using
italki like for men? Do you get messages mostly from men or women? How many messages do you get per

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Posted by u/okusufodo 7 hours ago

Discussion Has anyone regretted giving up a language?

I'm almost positive this post is allowed. If it's not by all means take it down!

I'm currently doing a joint degree, with half of it being Japanese. I was always interested in Japanese, but after
doing it for a year and not really feeling that passion to dive into it or even put in much effort to learn it. For
some reason I'm just not loving it so I have decided to drop Japanese. My biggest worry is that I'll regret it and
I know I can always pick it up again, it will be much harder to learn as opposed to to having to learn it as part
of my degree. 5/8
9/20/2018 Has anyone regretted giving up a language? : languagelearning

There are other languages I feel like I'm more interested in learning now so I'm hoping I'm not making a
d i i
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Posted by u/badbasil 3 hours ago

Studying Learn to Pronounce all sounds in the International Phonetic Alphabet

As a native English speaker, I feel like my mouth gets really stuck when I try to make sounds in other
languages. I would be interested in really learning how to make all the sounds in the IPA. I am currently an
"upper intermediate" student in Norwegian, and I feel like my pronunciation is setting me back.

I am looking for a tutor, but I'm not sure how to go about finding someone with a general pronunciation
specialty. Any ideas out there?

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Posted by u/orlpah3581 4 hours ago

Resources How far can Duolingo take you?

Hi everyone! I’ve been doing Duolingo (French) for about a month and a half and I seem to be learning quite a
bit. I’m well aware I won’t be fluent (or anywhere near it) with just Duolingo, but I’m wondering what CEFR (or
U.S.A DPLT) level somebody might be at once they’ve fully absorbed the tree.

For those of you who’ve maxed out a tree, how much do you feel you improved? How big was your vocabulary

Thanks in advance!

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Posted by u/tsarnickyii 6 hours ago

Discussion Scripts/Alphabets you've wanted to learn? Ones you don't want to touch?

I've wanted to learn so many, even though I don't have an interest (at this time) to study those languages. In
the past I've tried Hangul but I don't think my pronunciation was solid overall which hindered my reading.
Outside of the Latin alphabet, the only one I can read fluently is Russian and Ukrainian Cyrillic

On that as well, I've wanted to be able to read Burmese, Hiragana + Katakana, Arabic, Greek and Hebrew

What languages have scripts/alphabets that you've wanted to be able to understand? Ones that are too
complicated no matter how hard you try?

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Posted by u/pootsmcgoots23 En (N) | Fr (B1) | Eo (A2) 1 day ago

Discussion How do you feel about not aiming for fluency? (stopping at A2/B1)

Sorry if this topic has been posted before!

I'm the kind of person who mostly just learns languages for fun. I don't really ever expect to reach true
fluency in the languages I do study -- and that's okay with me.

Rather than achieving true fluency in a small set of languages, I'm much more interested in reaching the
A2/B1 (or B1/B2 if I'm being optimistic) level in a much larger set of languages. I would love to be able to
understand the basics of many languages, so that if I ever encounter them "in the wild" I might have some
idea of at least the general gist of what's being communicated. This also stems from the fact that there are so
many languages I'm interested in learning, and given that I don't have the time or resources to commit
enough effort into my studies, I know that becoming fluent in all of them would be a pipedream. 6/8
9/20/2018 Has anyone regretted giving up a language? : languagelearning

I was just wondering if anyone else out there has a similar goal in mind, or if any more experienced language
l thi k thi li d b d I th d l l i i tl j t h bb f
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Posted by u/harikulade 7 hours ago

Vocabulary Are example sentences essential when learning new words?

I'm preparing my word list on Memrise. I can add example sentences but it only shows them while learning
them, and not when reviewing. I can't use Anki because I don't have 25 dollars for the iOS app, which I need
to use when I'm at school. Do you know any other good websites/apps? Or should I stick to Memrise and
forget about the example sentences? I mean, when I see those words in real context, isn't that basically an

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Posted by u/I_am_Zie_Luffy EN (N) | JA (N3) | GE (B1) 1 day ago

Discussion What if English were Phonetically Consistent? 

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9/20/2018 Has anyone regretted giving up a language? : languagelearning 8/8