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Cairo, Egypt | +20 102 422 0208 |



Oxford, United Kingdom GPA: 4/4, Highest Honors

B.ENG, Oxford Brookes University Major: Automotive Engineering (34.5 ECTS credits)


Cairo, Egypt

B.SC. Arab Academy for Science, Technology ,and Maritime Transport



Major: Mechanical Engineering (150 credit hours)


GPA: 3.2/4,very good

Cairo, Egypt

Thanawya EL Amma High School Certificate Discipline: scientific


Grade: 342.5/410



Cairo, Egypt

Bavarian Auto Group (BMW) Technical Intern

June August 2013

Full e posed to trai i gs that o ered all the ehi le’s te h i al aspe ts su h as: full e gi e a d tra s issio asse l and disassembly, powertrain and suspension system

Educated about latest BMW engine technology such as: double-Vanos, Valvetronic and advanced engine control

Introduced to the principles of supply chain management

Attended workshops on leadership and team management skills facilitated by BMW HR professionals


Faulty Screw Pump Project, 2014

Redesigned a faulty screw pump with several design inefficiencies

Worked professionally on 3D drawings using solid works, force calculation, and FEM stress analysis

Motivated and aided the team responsible for the screw rotor design, bearing selection and seal selection

Introduced the usage of magnetic coupling instead of mechanical coupling which reduced fluid drag by 25%

Succeeded in saving weight by 45% through proper material selection for each part such as the usage of polymer for the main body Front Suspension Design Project, 2014

Designed a full suspension and steering system for a hill-climb Formula student car

Worked on suspension geometry, damping calculations, part design and FEM analysis

Initiated the usage of shape memory alloys (SMA) smart material to alter the double wishbone suspension geometry Without using any mechanisms Green Car Drag Reduction Project, 2014

Performed mesh independent study and CFD analysis using ANSYS-FLUENT with the application of RANS approach

Reduced drag by 20% through the usage of guided vanes which shaped the wake and provided wake infill

Carried out the fi al re isio of all the proje t’s handouts including reports, 2D and 3D drawings Internal Combustion Engine Model Manufacturing Project, 2013

Produ ed the e gi e’s 2D dra i gs in solid works for crankshaft

super ised the ra kshaft’s a ufa turi g o lathe

choice of appropriate manufacturing tolerances


Cairo, Egypt

Global Cycling Initiative (GBI)

Cycling volunteer

2008- 2014

Participated in raising more than 1 million Euros of funds for underprivileged people through multiple cycling for charity


Promoted cycling as a way of reducing congestions and reducing emissions


Language: Native Arabic, fluent English (IELTS: 7.5/9 overall band score), basic French Technical Skills: Advanced knowledge of 2D AutoCAD, 3D Solidworks, ANSYS-Fluent and Microsoft Office Mathematical Skills: Very good physical understanding of Advanced Matrix Algebra, MATLAB, applications of Finite Differences and Laplace transform. Advanced ability in employing various mathematical theories in solving engineering problems.