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Mark Demanes, MFT, Ph.D 6. ‘Aug. 6, 2018 Contra Costa County Family Court, \am a Ucensed Marriage an faily Therap, and have been praccingincalforia since 190 | hove been providing counseling services to ince 3-2-8 In regardto her concern or her cere’, and particulary her son lil welfre, and his and her other tw children now back home) and removal trom ber home. 1am alse Director of Alpha Family Services Domestic Violence/Anger Management Program, Caren Contra costa County for nearly 20 years, and also specialize in treatment of anger management sues. sy celal Impression, rom my counseling wort we ent there sno evidence ofa pariclar problem with anger management on her pat nor ha there been any Indlcation that any problem with anger has conebvted tothe mental heath probiems exhibited by her son nor isthere ication hat anger on her pat was a factor the situations that have resulted in hs removal fom her home. PIII cf course unser tana orca shove ta lest at children’s removal from her care, and also about her son, Es, mental health. She seems to ave a gunn wliingness to lone about ary way sha Fare hey be bias undead the touble plaguing her son and ways she can improve har aporoac thing him dan more sucestaly wh his emieuies Her curent plan and hope, isto further the efficacy ofthe reunification proces by besinning family therapy with as soon as is practicably possible and approved by the cout