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Detailed Lesson Plan in MAPEH GRADE 9

I. Objectives:
At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:
a. identify the different kind of techniques in drawing;
b. construct an artwork by applying the elements of arts;
c. apply the method in drawing;

II. Subject Matter:

Topic: The Elements of Arts.
Materials: visual aids, colors, and illustration board.

III. Procedure:
A. Routinary Activity

1. Prayer
“Someone lead the prayer”
(one student will read the prayer)
2. Greetings
“Good morning class”
“Good morning Ma’am Ignacio”
3. Checking of attendance.
“I am glad you are presence today”

B. Motivation

(teacher will post a four different pictures)

“Class, based on the first picture. What

have you observe?

“Very good” The first picture is a drawing using only


“The second one?”

The second picture is an art consisting of
shapes and colors

“That’s right. for the third picture” “Ma’am, it looks realistic”

“That’s good! And for the last?” “I think ma’am it had drawn by popular

“Very good! That’s right. ”

“Have you still remembered when you
were still a child? You used to draw on the
wall or anything on the paper. These
drawing as you notice have lines, shapes,
colors and we are all started with the
scratch. The last picture you can see is
drawn by Michael Angelo which an
epitome of drawing, you never know
maybe you are the next Michael Angelo so
let’s get to know the things you should
know especially if you are interested in

C. Discussion
(Teacher will post visual aids)

“Kindly read the definition of drawing and

explain?” (One student read and explain her/his

“Thank you, very well! Drawing

encompasses all the arts you see. Yeah
you heard that right. Everywhere has a
drawing in it even your uniform which
measured by sewer and now the product
of uniform. That is drawing. The most well
known artist old days even now started
with simple drawing that outlines their
work. So how this artist make a beautiful (One student will read purpose of drawing
one. Continue reading and kindly explain” and explain)

“Simplest explanation, the purpose of

drawing is to produce art and to make a
plan of producing art. Kindly read the next
one” (One student will read the definition of
technical translation)

“The technical illustration is a term for

generalizing the whole method in drawing
which are freehand and mechanical; let’s
remember that in freehand is like informal
which doesn’t require a measurement, just
draw whatever you like to draw with the
use of any tools you like which the
opposite of mechanical drawing which
measurement is special consideration,
every shapes or objects you draw have a
specific measurement”

“so did you understand, can someone (one student will repeat what the teacher
please repeat what I have said?” said)

“kindly read”

(One student will read the definition of

three basic types which are orthographic,
pictorial, and schematic and share some

“In mechanical, there are three basic types

which are orthographic, pictorial, and

(Teacher post a picture)

(One student will read the definition of

orthographic drawing and explain)
“kindly read”

“Orthographic drawing shows the clarity of

an object. What do I mean? It shows
different dimension.

(Teacher post a picture)

“Pictorial Drawing is similar in some way

for photograph

(Teacher post a picture) (One student will read the definition of

schematic drawing and explain)

“Kindly read”
(One student will read the definition of
perspective drawing and explain)

“schematic drawing, the word itself

schematic which is to simplifies the object
in the most easiest form which shows the
whole concept of the each parts like the
parts of electric circuit”

(Teacher post a picture)


“kindly read” (One student will read the definition of

station, horizontal and vanishing point and

“Perspective drawing which shows the 3d-

ness of an object or simply realistic which
is set to be it draws the detail well and its
like more illusion”
“ Station point focuses only remain a same
place just like this”
“Horizontal line you can see it everywhere
the north, south, west and east”

“vanishing point- an edge of the line”

“kindly read” (One student will read the definition of

sketch and explain)

“Sketch is like a draft of an artist before

he draw the final drawing”

“kindly read” (One student will read the definition of

study and explain)

“Study is like reading critically if the sketch

you made is passable”

“kindly read” (One student will read the definition of

cartoon and explain)

“Cartoon full sized drawing which you

knew it already, could be tapestry, glass or
(Teacher post picture of line drawing,
wash drawing, modeling)

“Kindly read”
(One student will read the definition of line
drawing and explain)

“This is basically the line drawing which

you could used a pointed pencil”

“Kindly read”

(One student will read the definition of

wash drawing and explain)
“Wash drawing which specifically wet with
the color of dark black, brown or ink”
“Kindly read”
(One student will read the definition of
modeling and explain)

“modeling is a drawing which emphasizes

the important part”

(teacher post the step by step how to draw


“as you can see on the picture it stared

with the shape, and begins to start
completing the whole body features”

“Who likes here shading their drawing?”

“let us now see the method of shading,

there are three such as hatching,
crosshatching and smooch”

(teacher post the pictures)

“See the differences, the hatching drawn

in a form of parallel lines, crosshatching
obviously cross cross and lastly, rub lines
with a finger which smooch”

(The teacher demo an example of smooch

in whiteboard)

D. Generalization/valuing
“What do you think is the importance of
arts in life?” “Art is everywhere, influencing us on a
daily basis, whether we realize it or not.
And this is the mere reason why art is
important in our daily lives. With the art
that we are surrounded by, whether it's a
painting, music or even videos can have a
huge impact on our mood and emotions”

F. Application

In one whole long bond paper. Draw

anything you like with the touch of the
techniques and styles we have discussed.
It depends on you. For example, (teacher
post a picture with the touch of shade and

“The one who create the most artistic way

will be receiving a prize”

“Start now”

IV. Evaluation

SHORT QUIZ; IDENTIFICATION: write the correct answer.

________1. An art of technique an object or outlining a figure plan or sketch by means

of line.
________2. Basic concepts which looks realistic or 3D
________3. A skill requires artistic skill which can also prepared by variety of tools
________4. This technique has a special consideration of measurement
________5. Type of shade which parallel line drawn close together

V. Assignment