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10 May 2018


Dean – College of Law
St. Mary’s College of Tagum Inc.


Greetings of Peace!

I wrote this letter to express my intent to apply for a teaching position in your
established institution. I was told by Atty. John Paul Cubero that you are
looking for instructors for the opening of school year 2018-2019.

I am currently employed as a Legal Consultant of the Provincial Government of

Davao del Norte. I am also teaching in Davao del Norte State Institute, though
my teaching experience is still new, I am ready to take the responsibilities of a
teacher as I have already equipped myself with skills and learnings which I
have gained through the series of lectures I conducted with the different local
government units and educational institutions in Davao del Norte.

I am hoping that you will give me an opportunity to have my first teaching

experience in your reputed school. I am willing to undergo an interview in your
most convenient time. You can contact me in this number
09222925630/09161320416. With this application letter, I attached herewith
my resume for your perusal.

Thank you very much.

Respectfully yours,