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Openbravo ERP Technical Foundation Exam v3 - Attempt 1
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Question 11
Marks: 1
What is the multitenancy principle?
Choose one answer.
a. Several modules can be installed inside the same instance of the application

b. A single instance of the application can host multiple client organizations (customers)

c. Data is spread over multiple databases

d. The ability to host the application on a virtual server

Question 12
Marks: 1
CERTTECH1.17 Why is it important to clean data before importing it?
Choose one answer.
a. Clean data is just marketing terminology used for presentations but has no place in application
b. Is is easier to clean data before you export it from the legacy system as if you make the change earlier in
the process it will save you time.
c. It is always better to import the legacy data without changing it because then it is real and more
d. Migrating data from a legacy system to an Openbravo ERP offers a rare opportunity to fix errors and
implement a naming convention.
e. It is better to clean data AFTER it has been imported into Openbravo because then it is safe and can not
be lost.
Question 13
Marks: 1
CERTTECH2.01 Which methodology does Openbravo ERP development use?
Choose one answer.
a. Rapid Application Method.

b. Model Driven Development.

c. Just In Time.

d. Business Process Reengineering.

e. Classic Waterfall.
Question 14
Marks: 1
CERTTECH1.16 Which of the following is not data you can import into Openbravo ERP?
Choose one answer.
a. Process

b. Budgets

c. Taxes

d. Products

e. Accounts
Question 15
Marks: 1
CERTTECH1.09 What role must you be to create a business partner?
Choose one answer.
a. Any role as long as it has been granted privileges to 'Production Management.'

b. Only System Administrator.

c. There is no element called business partner in Openbravo ERP.

d. Client Admin but not Client User.

e. Any role except system administrator.

Question 16
Marks: 1
Which of the settings below CANNOT be set using the General Setup || Application || Preferences screen:
Choose one answer.
a. Warehouse specific settings

b. System-wide settings

c. Client specific settings

d. User specific settings

Question 17
Marks: 1
Which two columns of each table denote the ownership of records due to the multitenancy concept?
Choose one answer.
a. Primary key, foreign key

b. Ad_Client_Id, Ad_Org_Id

c. CreatedBy, UpdatedBy
d. C_BPartner_Id, AD_User_Id
Question 18
Marks: 1
CERTTECH5.15 What part of the MVC design pattern do the HttpBaseServlet and HttpSecureAppServlet
classes represent?
Choose one answer.
a. Model

b. Controller

c. Delegate

d. View

e. Module
Question 19
Marks: 1
Which is not a default output format of reports that Openbravo ERP supports out-of-the-box?
Choose one answer.
a. PDF

b. CSV

c. Excel

d. Open Office

Question 20
Marks: 1
CERTTECH1.29 What command can you use to generate and compile your application?
Choose one answer.
a. ant compile application

b. make makefile.txt (where the makefile is a blueprint of your application design)

c. ant compile -Dtab

d. ant compile.complete

e. make compile.application

f. 'Complete'
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