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Universal Laser Micro-machining Center.

Laser Source Options- Applications -

QCW Fiber Micro Cutting
Micro Hole Drilling
Nano Second
Micro Milling
Pico Second Dicing
Femto Second Abalation
UV, IR or Green Etching
Universal Laser Micro-machining Center.
3 Wavelengths Choice

Laser Source

Close Loop Scanner

Turn Table
Granite Base

Linear XY Axis

Air Bearing Isolation

Inside view of the Micro-machining Center

Flexible design for all your micro machining requirements. The system can be congured as per your

Features you can select -

a) 2 D plannar cutting with precision focus adjustment for dicing, stealth dicing or ceramic cutting
accuracies up-to 1micron for 100mm travel. Special air bearing slides for higher accuracies

b) Add rotary axis for micro tube machining

c) Add short focus plannar Lens

d) Close loop scanner for submicron machining of precision parts

e) Add Trepanning for micro hole drilling from 0.25mm or lower & up-to 1mm.
Process your samples with galvo or a Plannar lens switch with click of a computer

Trepanning option

Computer Controlled Collimation Adustement

Customisable optical path that expands your machine capabilities in future


Silicon Wafer Dicing Silicon Wafer Cutting

Technical Specifica ons

Laser power upto 150 wa QCW/ upto 100 wa Femto or picosecond laser (Depends on selec on) UV, IR or Green

Laser model Amplitude/ Coherent/Ekspla/OEM

600 x 300 mm max
Work size
300 x 300 mm with air bearing (Max) Custom size available on request..
0 backlash up to 50 mm 0 backlash Custom size available on request..
Rotary axis

Z axis 300 mm (5 micron accuracy) focus finder op on available.

precision Z axis available with posi oning accuracies of 1 micron.
Processing capablity Metals, Silicon, Galium arsenide, ceramics, glass, polymers and more (Depends on laser selec on)

Controller Close loop cnc controller with 2 interpolated axis exandable to 6 axis interpola on. Customised so ware as
per your applica on. Sycnchronised with XY galvanometer.
Max Idle speed 5m/sec (Depends on selec on of your project)

Linear accelera on 2.5 G

Resolu on ≤±0.0001mm


Weight 7000KG apporx

**Kindly contact for exact specications for your application**


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