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Benefits of this Knowledge

Circulatory-The benefit of
knowing about how yoga can
lessen Atrial Fibrillation is
important. It helps us to have a
second option to further prevent
this disease. Meaning - cases of
this might be reduced. Since the
Philippines is a hot country, we
usually have the chances of
rising blood pressure and
increased chances of stroke.
Yoga helps lower our blood
pressure which helps us stay
alive in the heat.

Respiratory- learning Tai chi in

Health is the
the community is important. This
is because it helps us to be able
to receive air in a more efficient
new wealth
manner via controlled breathing.
Through this, one is able to
breath more properly and
attaining a more relaxed blood
flow. This results to clearer
thoughts. It would give people
the productivity and focus in work
Live to breath
that our country needs. Tai chi
could be used as a form of
and maintain
exercise for the elderly here. In
other words, this would not only
help reduce cases of Chronic
Obstructive Pulmonary disease, Our humble greetings.
49 Venancio P. Inting Avenue
but also any other disease like
arthritis and trauma of falling. 6300 Tagbilaran City
+63 38 4111223
+63 38 411 1223
It is health that
is the real
wealth, not
silver and gold
My Thoughts
Circulatory-I think that people
should try yoga. It would help
Let’s Learn The
the person further prevent Atrial
Fibrillation. It could lower blood
Definitions~ ↓ pressure too. I think that we
must also choose the mild yoga
so that we won’t be hurt by the
heavy ones. I think that it would
❤ CIRCULATORY SYSTEM ❤ help in that it is a form of
The circulatory system involves exercise that is slow and would
the movement of blood in our relax the heart making one not
body. Part of its organs are the be to tense. Besides one can’t
heart, veins, arteries and others. always be bed ridden taking
Although, sometimes we come medications, they also have to
across orders like heart attacks, move and exercise their organs
strokes and many more. The the right way.
specific issue the would be
discussed in this brochure would Respiratory-I think that people
be Atrial Fibrillation. must try Tai chi because it is
proven that it helped people to
The Respiratory system have better endurance by
controlled breathing. This helps
The Respiratory system also entails us solve COPD. It would also
breathing and the sending of air help reduce arthritis and benefit
through out the body. It involves many other parts. It helps our
using our lungs to build air or body to be stronger.
oxygen and then releasing it. The
air goes through the lungs and then
distributes to the blood cells to be
transported to the different cells.
However there are also diseases
like lung cancer etc. This brochure
would focus on Chronic Obstructive
Pulmonary disease.