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the following text is for questions 1-4

The Tyrant Who Became a Just Ruler

In the olden times there was a king who was so cruel and unjust toward his subjects that he was
always called The Tyrant. So heartless was he that people used to pray night and day that might have
a new king.
One day, he called his people together and said to them, “My dear subjects, the day of my tyranny are
over. Henceforth, you shall live in peace and happiness, for I have decided to try my rule henceforth
justly and well.”
The king kept his words so well that soon he was known throughout the land as The Just King. By and
by of his favorites came to him said, “Your Majesty I beg you to tell me how it was that you had this
change of heart towards our people.”
And the King replied “As I was galloping through my forest one afternoon, I Caught sight of a hound
chasing o fox. The fox escaped into his hole, but not until he had been bitten by the dog so badly that
he would be lame for life. The hound, returning home, met a man who threw a stone at him, which
broke his leg. And the horse, starting to run, fell into a hole and broke his leg, Here I came to my
senses, and resolved to change my rule. ‘for surly,’ I said to myself; he who does evil will sooner or
later be overtaken by evil.”

1. The above text is in the form of……….

a. Spoof
b. Report
c. Recount
d. Procedure
e. Narration
2. To show the real words of the speakers, the writer uses………….
a. Passive Voice
b. Direct Speech
c. Reported speech
d. Simple past tense
e. Simple present tense
3. The Communicative purpose of the text is……………….
a. To criticize a work of art
b. To describe particular person
c. To describe how something is accomplished
d. To entertain and deal with actual or vicarious experience
e. To share an account of unusual or amusing incident with others

4. The organization of the text above is…………….

a. Goal, material, step
b. Identification, description
c. News event, Background event, sources
d. Orientation, Crisis, Reaction, Coda, Reorientation
e. Orientation, Evaluation, Complication, Resolution, Reorientation

The following text is for questions 5-9

The popular markets are held every Thursday from 5 p.m to 10 p.m., April to October, and also on
Sundays from 4 p.m., to 9 p. m., June to September. There are lots of stalls selling multicultural mix of
great cuisine, crafts, produce and other items. There are also dance performances and musical
entertainment. The parking area is choked with cars and it is amazing to see people flooding into the
market area. The place is certainly a gathering point for both Darwinians and visitor. Some families
even bring chairs and they enjoy food while watching the sunset. There is also a kind of small farm
where children can play with farm where children can play with farm animals like chickens, rabbits,
sheep, dogs and duck. It is a really wonderful place to spend the evening.

5. What does the text mainly about?

a. A multicultural mix in Darwin

b. Beach sunset markets in Darwin
c. A gathering point for Darwinians
d. Popular markets in Darwin
e. A wonderful place to spend the evening
6. The main idea of the paragraph is that……………
a. The popular markets are visited by people with different purposes
b. The popular markets are only visited by Darwinians
c. People visit the popular markets just for watching the sunset
d. The popular markets are open form morning to evening
e. The Darwinians go to the popular markets for gathering

7. Which statement is NOT TRUE according to the text?

a. Musical entertainment is also held in the popular markets.
b. The Darwinians go to the markets to sell their products
c. Their farm animals to play with
d. A lot of stalls are selling many kids of products
e. We can see dance performance

8. It is a really wonderful place to spend the evening.

The underlined word means ……..
a. Attractive d. Frightening
b. Boring e. Dull
c. Pleasant

9. The following are things you can find in the popular markets, EXCEPT ………..
a. Playground d. Farm animals
b. Restaurant e. Lot of stallss
c. Entertainment

The following text is for questions 10-13

Vitamin B6 15 one of our hardest working nutrients, being involved in over 100 chemicals reactions
which take place in our bodies. However, it has been found that bodies need. This is because it is very
easily broken down during food processing, storage, and cooking, and it cannot be stored in our
bodies. Among its many functions are : manufacturing amino acids, the building blocks which make
proteins ; producing neurotransmitters, the chemicals which send nerve messages around our bodies,
helping to release energy from the food we eat ; keeping our hormones in balance and helping to
maintain our immune systems.

10. The above text is in the form of…………………..

a. Hortatory exposition
b. Analytical exposition
c. Descriptive
d. Report
e. Explanation
11. The topic of the text is ………….
a. The usefulness of vitamin B 6
b. The effects of a lack of vita B 6
c. The manufacture of vita B 6
d. The nutrients needed by our body
e. The chemical reaction on our body
12. Which of the following is not the function of Vita B6?
a. To help maintain the immune systems
b. To help produce protein in the body
c. To break down foods stored in our body
d. To keep the hormones in our body in balance
e. To help release energy from the food

The following text is for questions 13-17

few mammals actually live in the sea. Whales seal, and sea otter are the only important mammalians
members of the marine community. Life all mammals, they ………….. (14) Body hair that is used for
insulation. Oil pollution causes the hair to become matted, which reduces it’s……………… (15) As
thermal insulator. The animals will therefore, either freeze or drop to diseases because of lowered
………….. (16). Mammals are also affected by oil through the food chain. This is important in
whales…………….. (17) They are plankton feeders. Reduction in the plankton ………….. (18) May cause
whales to starve.

14. a. Raise
b. Produce
c. Process
d. Yield
e. Stimulate

15. a. effective
b. effect
c. effectively
d. effectiveness
e. effected

16. a. resistance
b. resistant
c. resisting
d. resistible
e. resist

17. a. However
b. Therefore
c. Nevertheless
d. Despite
e. Since

18. a. varieties
b. Population
c. Societies
d. Categories
e. inhabitants
19. ‘____ The assignment for Monday?
‘Sure, and now I have time to finish the novel I started reading yesterday!

a. will you do d. are you doing

b. were you doing e. do you going
c. have you done

20. ‘Several hotels in this region are closing down.

‘That’s because tourism itself ______ since last year.
a. is declining d. was declining
b. Declined e. had declining
c. has been declining
20. ‘So you have finished typing those letters! When did you do it? When you ____ the meeting?
a. were attending d. attended
b. Attend e. had attended
c. have attend

22. John didn’t return my books until he had done his exams.
The above sentence means: _____

a. it was even before the exams that John return my books.

b. John returned my book as soon as he did his exams.
c. John returned my books when he was doing his exams.
d. John is planning to return my books right after his exams.
e. John has not returned my books yet because he hasn’t done his exams.

23. ‘I forget to return this book to the library last week.

‘Well, I’m afraid you, I ____ a fine when you return it.

a. had to pay
b. having to pay
c. have had to pay
d. will have to pay
e. had had to pay

24. ‘When will the debate contest take place this year?
‘I’ll let you know later as it _____!
a. has not scheduled yet
b. has been scheduled
c. has to schedule
d. has been scheduling
e. Has not been scheduled yet.
25. As European artists began flocking to Bali in the 1930s, Western influences _____ into Balinese
a. were gradually introduced
b. gradually introduced
c. were gradually introducing
d. to be gradually introduced
e. They were gradually introduced.
26. There is a book on the table it’s…………………
a. Us d. Mine
b. Them e. Him
c. Your
27. She doesn’t want this comb, she wants ………………..
a. Another d. one after the others
b. one another e. each other
c. others
28. Nobody in town …………………was seeing him.
a. Are admitted d. admit
b. Admits e. Have admit
c. To admit

29. “ I was late because I caught the wrong bus”

Means : I caught the wrong bus ___ I was late.

a. Although d. so
b. But e. when
c. so that
30. Asih went to the meeting _____ he was ill
a. because d. Inspire of
b. although e. provided that
c. unless
31. My family and I are happier here with my new job, ____ my salary is smaller than before
a. Inspire of d. Because
b. Although e. When
c. Since
32. _____ The prices of gold rises sharply, people keep buying it.
a. However d. on the other hands
b. In spite of e. Nevertheless
c. even though
d. On the other hands
e. Nevertheless

33. ____ His good performance as a student, he is always nervous when doing exams
a. Unless d. even though
b. Although e. Despite
c. instead of

34. A: What are the workmen doing in your garden?

B: Oh, I …………………

a. am having a gazebo built

b. am building a gazebo
c. have built a gazebo
d. have to build a gazebo
e. have been building a gazebo
34. We are going on a long trip, so we must…………………..
a. Have checked the car
b. Have had the car checked
c. To have the car checked
d. Have the car checked
e. Had the car checked
35. I wish …………………….now to watch our play
a. He is here d. He will be here
b. He has been here e. He be here
c. He were here

37. Thank you for reminding me to send in my application forms, ____

a. I wouldn’t miss the deadline if you reminded me

b. I wouldn’t have missed the deadline if you had reminded me.
c. I will miss the deadline if you don’t remind me.
d. I would have missed the deadline if you hadn’t reminded me
e. Had you reminded me, I wouldn’t have missed the deadline.

38. X: Are you going to join the students exchange program?

Y: I don’t think so. I’m not interested
X: If I were you. I ____ for it.

a. Apply d. applied
b. Will apply e. had applied
c. would apply

39. If there had not been financial support from sponsors, the students of our department would be
unable to conduct this project.
The above sentence means _____
a. the project has been successful
b. There were no founds for the project.
c. The project is now being conducted.
d. There was no financial support from sponsors.
e. The students are now looking for sponsors.

40. I would have applied for the scholarship if I had seen the announcement earlier.
a. Perhaps you can try next year.
b. Let me help you complete the forms.
c. Which University did you apply to?
d. The earlier you apply the better chance you’ll have.
e. That’s a good idea. I’m sure you’ll get it.