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Bid Document for Design & Engineering Consultancy Services

1. Background:
The optimized design discharge arrived at by the power potential study is 89curnecs of
Kholongchhu H.E. Project (600 MW), which include 4 (four) curnecs discharge from
Chaplargchhu Nala. This 4 (four) cumecs of discharge will be bed into the Headrace Tunnel
(HRT) by means of Trench weir and a drop shaft.

HRT passes Chaplangchhu at about 4 km from intake. Chaplangchhu has a steep river bed slope of
about 1 in 10 from EL. 1600 m to EL. 1560 m. The Trench weir of about 10 m length has been
proposed with FSL of EL. 1576 m (Which is about 4 m above the FRL of the reservoir).The Trench
weir will be designed for a discharge of 5 cumecs including 1 (one) cumecs for Silt Flushing
requirement. D-shaped Tunnel of size 2 m X 2_5 m with full supply depth of 1_7 m will take off
from the Trench weir with FSL at EL.1576m. Underground Desilting Chamber of size 110 m (L) X 5
m (W) X 7 m (H) has been proposed to eliminate the silt particles of size 0.2 mm and above. Steel
pipe with valve arrangement will be provided to flush out the sediments back into the
Chaplangchhu. The clear water from Desilting Chamber at exit will be led to drop shaft of
diameter 2,5m with its uls FL_ at 1573_87 m and bottom level at 1507.00 m through Inlet tunnel
of diameter 2.1 with approximate length of 120 m. The Drop shaft will be open to sky at EL.1600
m. The height of the shaft will be 73 m (From EL. 1580 m to EL .1507. m). The interconnecting
tunnel of length of about 485 m and size 1,8 m X 2.1 m will be provided between drop shaft and
main HIRT to draw 4 (four) cumecs of discharge which will be utilized for additional power
generation during monsoon also.

2. Scope of work

Broad scope of work consists of planning of Diversion works & Water Conductor systems,
Design drawings of civil works, Preparation of tender drawings & vetting of construction
drawings of Hydro-mechanical works. The details of drawings/documents which will be
submitted for review/approval or for information are as below:

1. Planning, Detailed Design Engineering of various project components

2. Hydraulic & Structural Design of various project components

3. Modifications/review of design during construction

4. Technical assistance during construction of the project

5. Follow-up of the Civil Works in order to verify the suitability of the design during construction
and to make or initiate such modifications as may be required during execution period of the

The following documents/drawings will be submitted for review/approval:

(1) Design criteria/ Design memo of various project components

(2) General arrangement and layout drawings of each component and its related structures
The drawings/memos in the following category will be submitted:

(1) Detailed Design Calculations

(2) Excavation Drawings

(3) Concrete outline drawings

(4) Reinforcement drawings