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Hillside High School

Mrs. Baptist
Foundations of Math 1 and Math 1
Room 211
Phone: (919) 560-3925
Tutoring Time: Tues-Wednesday 8 - 8:50am 2nd Period Lunch by appointment only
Email: or
Website: & Remind Communication

In this class you are expected to always do your BEST!! In order to do your best in this class you will need to
manage your time wisely. You will complete weekly assessment to demonstrate mastery of the content learned
within that week. Expect homework nightly, as it is a great way to reinforce what is done in the classroom on a
daily basis. Phone calls, emails, and parent-teacher conferences will be arranged with students who do not comply
with classroom expectations.

Classroom Expectations The following is a list of supplies that you will need
for the duration of the course and throughout your
 Prompt mathematical journey. Students should have these
 Prepared supplies no later than the Tuesday, August 28:
 Polite  2in Binder
 Productive  Loose-leaf paper
 Pencils (we don’t do math in pen!)
 Patient
 Highlighters
 TI-83 Calculator (or better) *Strongly
encourage to purchase*
Class Supplies
Course Description
This course integrates the development of fundamental concepts and skills in algebra and functions,
geometry, statistics and probability using student-centered investigations in the context of realistic
problems and applications. The Foundations of Math 1 course is paired with Math 1 course. Students
will follow the Math 1 Curriculum with additional support and extension.

Course Overview
Unit 1: Equations Unit 2: Linear Unit 3: Coordinate Unit 4:
First and Introduction to Functions Geometry Systems of
Semester Function Equations

22 days 26 days 8 days 20 days

Unit 5: Exponential Unit 6: Unit 7: EOC
Functions Introduction to Descriptive Statistics Review
Second Quadratic Functions
Semester and Equations

30 days 40 days 20 days 4 days

*All timing is approximate.

Grades will be divided into two different types, Process (50%) and Product (50%). Process assignments include:
warm-ups, classwork, and homework. Product assignments include: quizzes, tests, and projects.

A = 90 – 100 Excellent D = 60 – 69 Passing

B = 80 – 89 Above Average F = 59 or below Failing
C = 70 – 79 Average
Cellular Devices
Students are not permitted to have their cellular devices out during class. Consequences for not following the policy
are as such:
1st Offense: Warning
2nd Offense: Student will hand over cellular device to teacher and can retrieve at the end of the class period
and parent contact
3rd Offense: Student will hand over cellular device to teacher and can retrieve at the end of the instructional
day, 4pm.
*Any subsequent offense will receive a discipline referral*

Bathroom Policy
Students are not allowed to leave the classroom in the first and last 30 minutes of class. Students have 3
opportunities to leave the classroom to go to the bathroom, once they have used those opportunities they will not be
permitted to go to the restroom. I encourage students to take utilize the six minutes in between classes to use the

Tardy Policy
You are expected to in your seat and working on the warm-up when the bell rings.
First Tardy - Warning
Second Tardy - Lunch Detention
Third Tardy - Call home
Any subsequent tardies – Referral/ Saturday School

Absence Policy
It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make up any assignments or tests/quizzes in a timely manner when you return
from and absence. If you have an EXCUSED ABSENCE, you have 3 consecutive days to make up the work. If you
have and UNEXCUSED ABSENCE, the work is due that you return. All notes and homework assignments will be
posted daily on the Google Site.

Late or Missing Work

If you submit work late there will be a 10 point deduction per day that it’s late. After the third day the assignment is
considered to be missing and will automatically constitute a zero (0) in the grade book. You have until the end of
each unit to submit missing work from that unit alone. The highest grade that you will receive for a completely
correct missing assignment is a 50.

Academic Integrity
Cheating in all of its forms (copying homework, sharing test questions/answers, and “borrowing” information
without citation) is the worst kind of academic dishonesty. If I catch you cheating, and alternative assignment will
be provided.

Behavior/ Classroom Conduct

In association with the SWARM program, Hillside High School’s PBIS program sets the expectations that students
will behave in a positive manner that does not distract themselves and others from learning in the classroom
environment. Students unable to uphold positive behavior in class and in school will face the following

1st Offense: Classroom Consequence (may include a conversation, a warning, or lunch detention)
2nd Offense: Teacher will Contact Parent or Guardian
3rd Offense: Teacher will Initiate a Guidance Conference
4th Offense: Administrative Referral: In School Suspension (class period or whole day)
5th and Subsequent Offenses: Administrative Referral (may include but not limited to: work detail,
Saturday detention, out of school suspension)