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How to buy a computer in modern times - RUBRIC

Category Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

50-59% 60-69% 70-79% 80-100%
Knowledge and Understanding of content demonstrates demonstrates some demonstrates demonstrates thorough
(all important aspects of the computer are considered and limited knowledge knowledge of considerable knowledge knowledge of content
understood when selecting the computer – e.g. processor, of content content of content
desktop/laptop/netbook, weight/side, etc. Correct use of uses conventions, vocabulary,
conventions, vocabulary, and terminology) uses conventions, uses conventions, uses conventions, and terminology of the
vocabulary, and vocabulary, and vocabulary, and discipline with a high degree of
terminology of the terminology of the terminology of the effectiveness
discipline with limited discipline with some discipline with
effectiveness effectiveness considerable
Communication, expression and organization of ideas and expresses and expresses and expresses and organizes expresses and organizes
information organizes ideas and organizes ideas and ideas and information ideas and information with a
(e.g., clear expression, logical organization) in oral, information with information with with considerable high degree of effectiveness
visual, and written forms, including electronic forms. limited some effectiveness effectiveness
Presentation is organized, well planned and cohesive due to effectiveness uses presentation and
strong teamwork. All members of group are thoroughly uses presentation teamwork skills with a high
involved) uses presentation and and teamwork skills uses presentation and degree of effectiveness
teamwork skills with with some teamwork skills with
limited effectiveness effectiveness considerable effectiveness
Application - Selecting an appropriate computer for each few scenarios are most scenarios are all scenarios are matched all scenarios are matched with
scenario; budgets included matched with a matched with a with a computer that the best computing option for
computer that meets computer that meets the user’s needs each user. The computers
the user’s needs meets the user’s selected actually exist and the
needs a budget is provided for store where they can be found
some scenarios each scenario showing is provided.
provide a basic a basic budget is how the computer
budget provided for each selected along with a detailed budget is provided for
scenario software and taxes fits the each scenario showing how the
given budget. computer selected along with
software and taxes fits the given
budget. Nothing is forgotten.
Thinking - Justifying the decisions few decisions are some decisions are all decisions are justified in all decisions are thoroughly
justified in selecting a justified in selecting selecting a computer for justified in selecting a computer
computer for each a computer for each each scenario for each scenario and all aspects
scenario scenario of the decision have been