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Getting started with Adobe Forms

By Sunitha, Ascent Services

Before starting this tutorial, please ensure that Adobe life cycle designer is installed on your system and
Adobe designer is configured on your server.

In this tutorial, we would pass a parameter (CARRID) to the form and print the same with a page

Go to transaction SFP.

For every form, an interface is mandatory. Enter the name of the interface and click on Create.

Click on Save. Enter the package and the workbench request no as per the requirements.

Following screen appears:

Double-click on Import.

Following screen, with a default parameter name, appears:

Click on Create.

Enter the parameter values as shown above.

Save and activate the interface.

Now go back to the main screen of the transaction SFP.

As shown above, select the radio-button Form and enter the name of the form. Click on ‘Create’.

Enter the description for the Form and also enter the name of the interface created earlier.

Click on Save.

Now enter the package name and the workbench request.

Following screen appears:

Now drag and drop the import parameter ‘Carrid’ from interface to Context on the right-hand side as
shown below:

Now click on the tab ”Layout”

Now let us include a heading and display the value of the carrier id passed to this form.

Now click on Palettes Layout (see the screenshot below):

A small pop-up box appears.

Now in the tab “Standard”, drag and drop the element “Text” onto the page.

Now double-click on the object and enter the text required (Page heading here).