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RKFC (Rising Knights Football Club)

Date: ___________ Date:_____________

Member: _____________
Fine: _____________
For Management’s Use Only

Captain: Vice Captain:


1. Fee is not refundable.

2. Manager can use club funds only after the approval of the Management Committee.
3. In case of any dispute, the final decision will be that of Captain.
4. Manager is only accountable to the Management Committee.
5. Club Fee is only to be used for the betterment of the Club. Expenses for dinner after matches will
not be deducted from the Club funds.
6. Additional charges will be applied if a member does not pay the fee within first 10 days of every
month. If a member does not pay the fee/fine for 2 consecutive months, Management has the right
to kick that member out of the Club.
7. In absence of the Captain, Vice Captain will be the Captain.
8. Every new rule will be explained by the Manager only.
9. Management will get monthly financial report from the Manager.
10. In daily practice or matches with other teams, Captain decides the positions of the players. If any
player refuses, he/she will have to sit on the bench.
11. Player arriving late in the daily trainings or matches will be fined accordingly. Player arriving after 10
minutes of the match will play in the second half. Player arriving late for 2 consecutive days will have
to pay a fine of Rs. 50/- before playing. Players arriving in the second half will not be allowed to play
on that day.
12. 4 leaves per month are allowed. Players being absent on more than 4 days in a month will be
charged a fine of Rs. 50/- for each extra day. If any player wants leave of more than 4 days, due to
some important and solid reasons only, he will inform the management at least a week before.
13. It is mandatory for every player to train/practice. Anyone who does not participate in training will
not play the matches against other clubs.
14. In case of dispute between players, management reserves the right to take the final decision and
punish the player as deemed necessary.