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Spreadsheet , Database Management, Word Processing, Problem Solving & Program Design

GreatBodies Gym is a prominent gym in the island of SunLand and offers its services to young people, senior
citizens, and workers in the island. Presently all the operations of the gym are done manually which sometimes
lead to give wrong information to the members of the gym and it is quite time consuming to locate certain
information. So the manager, Jeffery Edwards decided to computerise its operations.

Assume that you are Jeffery’s Assistant and you have been assigned the task of:
1. produce a brochure to advertise the gym
2. monitor the gym’s income and expenses details
3. prepare a report to send to owner of the gym.
4. store and keep track of member details
5. preparing a small program that will calculate its members Fees due, Fees outstanding, etc.

GreatBodies employs four(4) trainers who are in charge of a minimum of six(6) members and a maximum of 10
members each, in various exercises classes. Jeffrey wants to use a spreadsheet to track member’s attendance,
fees paid to date and the staff’s commission.

Each member can only have one trainer. A special member gets limited access(less than 10 sessions for the
month) to the gym’s facilities only between 11 am – 2 pm, while a regular member has unlimited access during the
entire day. For the guided workout training classes, each member can attend one session per day. The
membership fee is $150 per month for regular members and special member is $75 per month. Use a sample of 26
members for your test run.

Each trainer’s data should contain the following:

1. Each gym member’s status. A member’s status is either special or regular.
2. The special member has a daily attendance fee of $20.00, while the regular member has a daily
attendance fee of $10.00. This is separate from the membership fees.

3. A worksheet for trainer Rohan Singh is given below:

Trainer Rohan Singh

Month February

First Last Name Wk1 Wk2 Wk3 Wk4 Wk 5 Total Status Attendance
Name sessions Fee Due
Tony King 5 0 3 1 0 9 Special
Mary Hall 4 1 4 2 0 11 Regular
Thomas Boston 4 3 4 3 0 14 Regular
Joyce Arthurton 3 1 2 2 1 9 Special
Michelle Pascal 5 3 3 3 2 16 Regular
Monique James 1 3 2 2 0 8 Special
Sonia Greene 0 0 3 0 0 3 Special

You are required to:

a. The fees rates must be kept in a separate spreadsheet.
b. Add additional columns such as Fees Paid, Fees Outstanding and Payment Status(Outstanding or
Paid). Use appropriate formulae/functions to calculate values for each cell.

c. Monetary values must be displayed in appropriate formats with $ and with two decimal places. The
gridlines must be present and try to use all the formatting features you are familiar with to make the
spreadsheet attractive.

d. create a summary sheet as follows:

Trainer fname Trainer lname Total Sessions Total Fees Due Commission % Total Sessions
Rohan Singh

e. Commission is calculated as 15% of the total attendance fees due.

f. Rows to calculate the sum, maximum, minimum and average for the Total sessions, total fees due and

g. To the bottom of the summary sheet include an overall summary section as follows:

Page 1
Overall Total fess due
Highest Commission
Average Total sessions
No of persons with
outstanding fees
Lowest % total sessions

h. Save the spreadsheet as Task (a). Print all pages.


i. Open TASK A and make the following changes to the spreadsheet:

(i) Sort the summary sheet in the ascending of trainers last name as the primary sort key and first
name as the secondary sort key.

(ii) Change the commission rate to 20%.

(iii) Delete Sonia Greene from the spreadsheet.

(iv) After the above operations, save the spreadsheet as TASK B.


Open TASK B and perform the following:

j. Create a complex criterion to extract all information on the trainers from the summary area whose total
session attendance is less than 80 sessions and the commission greater than $150.00.

k. Create a pie chart to compare the commissions made by each trainer. It must have an appropriate title
with identification of each section of the pie(legends) and the % it represents.

l. Create a bar chart showing the total attendance fees made by each trainer. It must have an appropriate
title with correct axis labels and the identification of each bar.

m. Save your spreadsheet as TASK C.



Using relevant member details that are present in spreadsheet, create a database with three (3) or more tables to
store the full details of the gym members. Your database should have the 25 members that are used in
spreadsheet. The tables should gather information such as Fname, Lname, gender, date of birth, address, phone
number, date joined, renewal date(due date for membership fees), member status, membership fee, trainer
assigned, trainer names, trainer salary. It should also contain attendance fees paid to date, fees paid, fees
outstanding, number of sessions attended to date by each member and commission received by each trainer to

Each member is identified by a unique id, which is a combination of six characters- the initials of the member
followed by four numerical values. Each trainer is also assigned a unique id, which is a combination of four
characters – the initials followed by two numerical values.

You are required to do the following:

a. Create three or more tables with appropriate field names, field types and sizes to store personal
details, trainer details and payment details.

b. In the member’s personal details table include a new field called age and update it using update query.

d Sort the Personal Details table using last name as the primary sort key and first name as the secondary
sort key.

d. Using the updated tables, perform the following queries:

i) List the members who joined the gym after October 1, 2017. Use member names, address,
date joined and name of the trainer assigned. Sort the query in descending order of date
joined. Save the query as AFTOCTQRY.

ii) List the regular members of Rohan Singh. Show name, addresse and phone number, date of
joining, TrainerID and number of sessions attended to date. Save as ROSQRY.

iii) Display the MemberID, name, status, fees due, fees paid and fees outstanding of all members
who have outstanding fees and are in regular status. Save as OUTQRY.

iv) Using summary features to calculate: a) Overall fees collected Save as OVRQRY.
b) No of regular members. Save as COUNTQRY.

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v) It has been decided that the Trainer Salary to be increased by 15%. Create calculated fields
called New Salary and New salary with commission, and display the Trainer name, Total
Sessions conducted, Salary, New Salary, Commission and New Salary with commission. Save

e) Prepare the following reports:

i. To show the MemberID, Title, Fname, Lname, Address, Date of Birth, Phone number, Status
and Trainer names . The report should be grouped by Trainer Name and sorted by member
lname and should have the following Title:
GreatBodies Gym
Member Personal Details - 2018

ii. To show the MemberID, Title, Fname, Lname, Status, Fees Due, Fees Paid, Fees
outstanding, Trainer ID. The report should be grouped by Status and sorted by Trainer
ID. It should also include summary information showing the Total Fees Paid and
average fees outstanding and include the following title:

GreatBodies Gym
Member Payment Details - 2018


Greatbodies Gym wishes to make the public aware of the services offered by the gym and would like to use a
brochure for it. The brochure will have two sides - the outside and the inside. Each side should be a separate page
in your word processor. The two sides can then be printed onto a single piece of paper, back to back.

You MUST use column/text box features to create the booklet. The outside section should contain the primary
details of the Gym including name, address, phone, fax etc. along with the gym’s logo the closing comments of the
brochure. The inside section should be the details of services that are offered by the gym for its members. There
should be a table that shows the rates for various services. The contents should be fully justified and should have
1½” line spacing. Use a margin of 0.5” all around.

You are required to:

(a) Create a word processing document, which adheres to the agreed brochure layout. Sufficient space
should be allowed to facilitate correct folding of the brochure when it is completed.

(b) Create a membership form using Table features. Use gym logo as a watermark and motto as footer.
(c) Prepare a report in preparation for mail merge, which should:
(i) contain a covering letter on Gym’s letter head with an appropriate graphic(should be creative)
informing the completion of the task assigned to you and that you are enclosing the report on
various features that your application could do. The letter head should be created as a header.
A footer showing the motto of the gym must be present.
(ii) be ready to send to the Director, Assistant Director and Chief Executive Officer of Greatbodies
Gym. (Create a table with their names and designation in your database to perform the mail
(iii) Contain a database report.
(iv) overall summary section from spreadsheet.
(v) a chart from spreadsheet.

Each section of the report should contain appropriate comments.

(d) Ensure that documents have been spell checked and are ready to send formally.

SECTION D – Problem Solving , Program Design & Program Implementation

You are required to:

1. Develop an algorithm in pseudocode that will accept the names, number of sessions attended, Fees paid
and category of gym members February 2017 and store it into four single dimensional arrays. The
algorithm needs to retrieve relevant values stored and calculate the Fees Due, Fees outstanding. The
algorithm should then display the name, category, number of sessions attended, Fees Paid and Fees
outstanding for all members. It should also display the highest fees due and average fees paid . In
addition, the algorithm should search for a particular gym member stored in the array and display the
message whether the member was found or not. If the name was found, display its index position in the
array otherwise display an appropriate message. Use Trainer Rohan Singh’s members as a sample for
your algorithm. MUST use THREE looping structures you learnt.

2. Design and execute a trace table with appropriate column headings and appropriate test data(use values
from spreadsheet) to see if the pseudocode could display the name, category, number of sessions
attended, Fees Paid , Fees outstanding, highest fees due and average fees paid.

3. Write a program in Pascal to implement the algorithm created in question 1 of problem solving. Test with
relevant values and show the output.


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1. You must have FOUR files (which are saved using SAVE AS option.)

2. MUST use formulas rather than actual values in every possible calculations.

3. Sheets should be formatted with borders, merge and center, currency with two decimals,
percentages , etc where required.

4. Graphs must be created with appropriate data (both numeric /text data) with appropriate headings,
legends and axis labels.

Database Management

1. Tables must be created using spreadsheet data and make sure to remove the extra
2. All tables must be have appropriate field names, data types and field sizes.
3. All queries MUST be saved with appropriate names.
4. All queries must only have the fields required and must be in the same order given.
5. Reports must have two titles as given.

Word Processing

1. Make sure you spell check and format the documents as specified with correct margins, line
spacing, justification etc.

2. For mail merge, make sure you have primary document, data source and merged documents
saved separately.

3. Brochure must be very creative.


1. Make sure you have the following in the same order in your programming word document.

a. problem statement
b. list of variables/constants and its purposes
c. pseudocode or flowchart
d. trace table
e. coding (program)
f. screenshot of program entered
g. screenshot of program compilation successful
h. screenshot of program input screen
i. screenshot of program output screen

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