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Mathematics 6

Third Quarter

Identification. Identify which is missing, the base, rate or percentage in the given problems.

1. The class submitted 80 pictures to the art exhibit but only 48 of them were displayed.
What percent of the pictures were displayed?

2. Ten of the pupils in the class are attending a math contest. This is 20% of the class. How
many pupils are in the class?

3. Andy is saving money to buy a new camera. He has saved 230.00, which is 2% of the
cost of the camera. Find the cost of the camera.

4. Mrs. Perez bought a house for 1.8 million. House repairs cost her extra 21% of the
value. How much did she pay for the repairs.

5. James answered 40 classwork exercises in math. If 36 of them are correct, what percent
are correct?

6. Angie earns 46,500 a month. She saves 15% of it. How much does she save for a

7. A basketball team won 16 out of 20 games played. What percent of the games did the
team win?

8. Tanya mounted 4 pictures in her album. This is 8% of her pictures. How many pictures
does she have?

9. A salesperson received 12% of his total sales. If the total sales reached 19,650, how
much did the salesperson receive?

10. Charlie missed 10.5 days of school during the entire year. If this was 55 of all the school
days for that year. How many school days were there?
II. Multiple choice. Write the CAPITAL letter of the correct answer.

11. If your got 85% correct answers out of 140 math examinations, how many items did you
answer correctly?
a. 109 b. 119 c. 120 d. 129

12. The world has an approximate population of 7 billion. If China is about 19.19% of the
population, how many percent of the population is not living in China?
a. 19.19% b. 81.81% c. 80.19% d. 80.81%

13. To get plus points in their science examinations, a grade 6 pupil’s improvised rocket
should cover at least 76% of the 115 meter-distance set by their teacher. What is he
least distance the rocket should reach to get the plus points?
a. 87.4 m b. 87.5 m c. 84.7 m d. 85.7 m

Maya bought 3 skirts at MOA. Each skirt had a tag price of 520. Since she bought 3
skirts, she was given 6% discount per skirt.

14. How much is the cost of each skirt?

a. 388.80 b. 488.80 c. 388.90 d. 488.90

15. What is being asked in # 4?

a. Marked price b. Net Price c. Discount rate d. Discount

16. How much was the total discount for 3 skirts?

a. 31.20 b. 33.20 c. 91.60 d. 93.60

The graph below shows the favourite sports of Ms. Carol’s class. How many percent
loves baseball?

6 5


baseball basketball football soccer hockey

17. Which of the following will help you solve the problem?
a. What percent of 25 is 5?
b. 25% of what is 5?
c. What is 5% of 25?
d. What percent of 5 is 25?

18. What is the answer to the problem?

a. 5% b. 20% c. 2% d. 50%
The Santos’ family shows their monthly budget below.

19. How many percent is allotted for the transportation?

a. 10% b. 15% c. 20% d. 25%

20. How many percent goes to food and shelter?

a. 30% b. 35% c. 40% d. 45%

21. If the family has a total monthly budget of 15,000, how much is allotted for education?
a. 3, 750 b. 2,250 c. 3,000 d. 4,500

22. A shirt is on sale for 8.5% discount, how much will I pay for it if the marked price is 225?
a. 205.875 b. 2,058.75 c. 205.88 d. 191.25

23. A big class of one hundred fifty students went camping, 78% are girls. How many boys
attended the camping?
a. 192 boys b. 117 boys c. 52 boys d. 33 boys

24. How many girls attended the camping? (refer to the given in # 13)
a. 33 b. 52 c. 117 d. 192

Problem solving: E-S-A Format


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