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The Importance of Education

First of all, I would like to say good afternoon to everyone. In this nice occasion, I would like to deliver my
speech entitled “Importance of Education”

Ladies and Gentleman

My dear friends

Each of us must have something that we’re good at (everyone has talent). Each of us must have something to
offer. And we must discover what that is. This is what an education can do to help us. Maybe one day, we could
be a great writer, a doctor, a teacher, a dentist and etc..
No matter what we want to do with our life/ what carrier we want to be, I believe that we need a good education
for every single one of those careers.

Ladies and Gentlemen

My dear friends

I know it’s not always easy to do well in school. I know what it’s like.
Maybe you get inappropriate behavior at school,
Maybe you don’t like subjects that you study,
Maybe you don’t click with teachers that teach you,

It doesn’t matter. Where you are right now doesn’t always determine where you will be later.
You are the one who make your own future

My dear friends

If you get a bad grade, that doesn’t mean you’re stupid, It just means you need to spend more time to study.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions or help when you need it, asking for help doesn’t mean you are weak, but it
shows you are strong enough to admit when you don’t know something, and then, allows you to learn
something new.

Ladies and Gents,

My dear friends,

Don’t let ourselves stay in darkness, let’s start or continue to fight for a bright and a good future.
Our parents, our teachers, and this country expect much from each of us. Don’t let them down, but let’s make
them all proud of us.

The last, thank you very much for your kindly attention.

Name : Joanne Rachel Zebediah Sinaga

Class : 5
Pertama-tama, aku ingin mengucapkan selamat pagi kepada semua yang hadir. Pada kesempatan
yang luar biasa hari ini, aku ingin menyampaikan sebuah pidato mengenai “Pentingnya Pendidikan
Masing-masing dari kita pasti memiliki sesuatu yang kita bagus di bidang itu(kita punya talenta).
Masing-masing dari kita pasti memiliki sesuatu untuk dipersembahkan. Dan kita harus menemukan
apa itu. Inilah apa yang pendidikan bisa lakukan untuk membantu kita.
Mungkin suatu hari kita bisa saja menjadi seorang penulis, namun, kita mungkin tidak akan pernah
tahu sampai kita membuat sebuah tulisan dalam kelas bahasa kita.
Mungkin suatu hari kita bisa saja menjadi seorang penemu, namun, kita mungkin tidak akan pernah
tahu sampai kita mengerjakan proyek kita di kelas sains.
Kita tidak bisa putus sekolah dan mendapat perkerjaan yang bagus. Kita perlu berlatih untuk itu,
belajar untuk itu.
Dan hal ini tidak hanya penting untuk hidup kita ataupun masa depan kita. Apa yang kita lakukan
untuk pendidikan kita akan menentukan masa depan negeri ini. Masa depan Indonesia tergantung
pada kita.
Teman-temanku yang aku sayangi,
Aku tahu, tidak selalu mudah sekolah dengan baik. Aku tahu bagaimana rasanya. Aku tahu banyak
dari kita yang memiliki masalah dalam hidupnya saat ini, yang menghalanginya untuk fokus pada
tugas sekolah. Aku mengerti.
Mungkin orang tuamu tidak bisa memberi dukungan yang kamu butuhkan. Mungkin kamu mendapat
perlakukan yang tidak seharusnya di sekolah. Mungkin kamu tidak suka dengan pelajaran yang kamu
pelajari. Mungkin kamu tidak cocok dengan guru yang mengajarmu. Juga mungkin tidak semua
pekerjaan rumah terlihat relevan dengan hidupmu saat ini. Dan mungkin kamu tidak selalu berhasil
setiap kali kamu mencoba.
Tidak masalah. Kebanyakan orang-orang sukses di dunia mendapat kegagalan sebelum akhirnya
mendapat kesuksesan. Dimana kamu sekarang tidak selalu menentukan dimana kamu nantinya.
Kamulah yang menentukan masa depanmu sendiri.
Jadi, jika kamu terlibat masalah, itu tidak berarti kamu seorang pembuat masalah. Itu hanya berarti,
kamu perlu mencoba lebih keras untuk berbuat benar.
Jika kamu mendapat nilai jelek, itu tidak berarti kamu bodoh. Itu hanya berarti kamu perlu lebih
banyak belajar.
Tidak ada manusia terlahir mampu di segala bidang. Kita menjadi mampu pada suatu hal karena
kerja keras. Kita bukan atlit nomor satu ketika pertama kali bermain olahraga baru. Kita tidak
langsung lancar berbahasa ketika pertama kali mempelajari bahasa baru. Kita perlu latihan.
Jangan takut untuk bertanya ataupun meminta bantuan ketika kamu membutuhkan bantuan.
Meminta bantuan bukan berarti kamu lemah, namun itu menunjukkan kamu cukup kuat untuk
mengakui ketika kamu tidak bisa melakukan sesuatu, dan kemudian, membuatmu belajar hal baru.
Jadi hari ini, aku ingin bertanya pada kalian semua, kontribusi apa yang akan kalian berikan?
Masalah apa yang akan kalian pecahkan? Penemuan apa yang akan kalian buat?
Orang tua kita, guru-guru kita, dan negeri ini berharap banyak dari masing-masing kita. Jangan
kecewekan mereka. Buat mereka semua bangga pada kita.
Terima kasih.
Importance of Education

First of all, let us give thanks to the Almighty Allah SWT, because of His Blessing we are able to
attend this English speech competition.

And also thank you for this great chance you have given to me to deliver my speech about the “Importance of

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Long time ago, the citizen of Malaysia came to Indonesia for study and also there are many teachers from
Indonesia were sent to Malaysia to teach students in there.

But now a day, it reverse the citizen of Indonesia goes to Malaysia for study. It means the education in
Indonesia become lower, lower, and lower.

Ladies and gentleman

We must wake up, open our eyes! Let’s together we increase the education in Indonesia so that the education
can become better, better and be the best.

If you are a teacher, educate, teach and train your students well,

If you are a parent support and motivate your children, tell them how important education for their future


If you are being a student study well, even perhaps you get inappropriate behavior at school, you don’t like
subjects that you learn, you don’t click with teachers or even u meet a killer teacher.

Ladies and Gents,

Believe or not, education can bring you to every single career that you want.

You want to be teacher, doctor, pilot, bank employer or even you want become an employ of Freeport Company

Ladies and gentlemen

We know that education is important. By education we can be smart, we can get a job, we can get a better
future, so, let’s make all of the people in our country to study, study, and study.


I think that’s all, thank you.

Name : Muhammad Fairudz Ramadan

Class :6


Indonesian Tourism

Firstly, I would like to say thank you very much for this great opportunity you had given to me
and also it’s a great honor for me to stand in front of you. My speech today is about
“Indonesian Tourism”

Ladies and Gents,

Indonesia has very beautiful natural wealth. Because of its natural beauty that Indonesia
has become a tourist destination that is much coveted by both local and international travelers
from around the world. Not only that, Indonesia is also rich in culture and natural views, but
besides that Indonesia also has an amazing culinary and friendly society.

Ladies and Gentlemen.

Years and Years developing Indonesian tourism not difference. Just some famous place,
such as beaches in Bali Komodo island, and Bunaken and others. That also because there are
still natural area and beautiful view. So What’s wrong with Indonesian cultural and tourism? As
we know Indonesia has many cultural with 1.128 ethnic groups from Sabang to Merauke.

Ladies and Gents,

Based on the reasons mentioned at the second paragraph, let’s bring Indonesia (from
Aceh to Papua) because we weren’t only have Bali, Bunaken, Komodo Island, Jogja, But we
also have Raja Ampat in West Papua, Lake Toba in Sumatra, Lake Sentani in Jayapura,
Wakatobi in Celebes. Not only beaches and natural views, but we also have unique culture such
as Rambu Solo ceremony from Toraja (South Sulawesi). What else? Culinary?
We have Sate Guling, (and sorry in advance), Babi Guling those are from Bali
Sate Padang from Sumatra
Rawon and Pecel from Java
And the unforgettable one Papeda from Papua, and many more

Tourism also gives many advantages, it can increase local society’s income/ they can get many
service jobs.

Ladies and Gents

I also invite all of us here to participate in promoting the Indonesian Tourism. So, from
kids to adult don’t only spent your time to play game, or even wasting your time to share

Ladies and Gentlemen

My dear friends
For all of us here, please care about our tourism, we should be proud to be an Indonesian! Proud
with many kinds culture, ethnic, object destination and culinary of Indonesia! This is our
Tourism! Our Indonesia!

Finally, I would like to say sorry if there are mistakes in my speech . Thank you very much
for your attention, thank you.
Name :

Grade :
Struggle of Indonesian Independence

Good morning everyone, I’m Lionel Thank you or this great opportunity that you have given to me to present
my speech about “Struggle of Indonesian Independence”

Ladies and Gentlemen...

On 17 August 2018 (was exactly 16 days ago), Indonesia has enjoyed independence for 73 years. It is a gift for
us. Everyone in the world wants independence.

With independence, we can feel serenity in the soul, peace, and away from fear. We should be grateful for it.
We should also be grateful for the sacrifices of the heroes for this independence. They have been willing to
sacrifice their wealth, labor and sacrifice their souls to gain independence.

I hope our freedom not only celebrated as a routine activity that we must to celebrate every year, but each of us
truly known the deeply meaning of this freedom!

Ladies and Gentlemen...

The Heroes have sincerely sacrificed everything they have for the sake of realizing independence.
As a nation of Indonesia, we should imitate it.

To appreciate their kindness, we can continue heroes' struggle, but not by holding Weapon anymore, by with
earnest in our work.

If you are the teacher, you can educate students with sincerity.

If you are the doctor, you can treat the patient with sincerity.

And if you are the students, you can learn earnestly to pride Indonesia with achievement.

Brothers and sisters ...

Our struggle isn’t stop here, we can fight for our Independence in many ways, but the most important thing for
us as the students is to study well and not being just lazy. We as the students have been facilitated by various
technologies and internet. It can bring positive impacts but also negative impacts for us.

The positive impacts are we can get a lot of knowledge and information. We can learn many things from the
internet, such as history lessons, biology, mathematics, physics, social sciences, and also foreign languages.

However it can also bring negative impacts such as playing games and also social media too long. It all makes
us become lazy. Therefore, my dear friends , let us be the useful generation for the nation. Competitive, active
and imaginative generation for the name of our nation so we can give the pride to our nation.

Go ahead Indonesia, May God bless you.

I think that’s enough, I apologize if there any inconvenience words in my speech, thank you.


Class :5


Struggle of Indonesian Independence

First of all, let’s us praise Almighty God because of HIS grace and mercy we can attend this speech
competition. And also, I’m Maria Webiser give thank for this great chance that you had given to me to present
my speech about “Struggle of Indonesian Independence”

Ladies and Gentlemen

In 73 years Indonesia has tasted this freedom. Struggle after struggle had been done to obtain this
freedom. Sweat and blood had been sacrificed by our heroes, our people, so that the freedom could be realized.
In 73 years, Indonesia has celebrated the Independence Day. With honor, with joy and with happiness.

Ladies and Gents,

Yes….. 73 years. In that length of time Indonesia should have grown up in many situations. In that length of
time this country should have become one fabulous country and one of the biggest nations with the richness of
its cultures.

The question now is ARE WE TRULY FREE?? From colonialism and imperialism I said YES… But it’s sad,
so sad to see our Indonesia nowadays where the civilians are poor, hunger’s in everywhere, corruption is in
charge, our economy is getting worst day by day.

Then why? Why the Land of Ibu Pertiwi that we loved so much is, becoming like this?

Ladies and Gents,

Brothers and sisters

Many people said that all of this is the fault of the government. Clean the government so that the nation will be
cleaned. That’s what civilians said. In other side, the government accused civilians because of their lack of
nationalism (people keep blame each other, they are busy in finding who is right and who is wrong)

Ladies and Gents,

Stop blaming on each other, the government and civilian must work together, let’s support each other. Let’s
support the government to clean the corruptors, reduce the poor civilians, and reduce the hungers.

And for the young generations (Hello Youngsters!! Stop being a lazier; it’s our time to struggle. By what? By
Real weapon? Of course not.. by using our stationary and book, let’s study hard. Don’t always think of our own
happiness. People said that as long as we’re still young, just do as you will and be happy with it. That’s a lie!
That’s wrong! As long as we’re still young, do everything useful for our surroundings.


I think that’s all, thank you so much for your kindly attention.

Name : Maria Webiser

Class :6