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The Bodhi tree

Concept by: Ravi Kr. Mishra

Contact: For Corporates

What is “The Bodhi Tree”?

A platform which will ease the hiring process

It provides a platform to corporates, to test their candidate’s worth for their organization before
hiring, according to their need.
Saves time of HR and Management
Overall we intend to provide a cost effective and efficient way for hiring process.
How “The Bodhi Tree” helps?
Before we discuss how The Bodhi Tree helps, lets go through the process which corporates use
currently, to hire the people.

Position Vacant/ Need an employee

Huge flow of applicants/Candidates with different


HR will brainstorm with all the applicants

Applicant/Candidates goes through multiple stages

of Interview

If everything falls Right- Applicant is offered the Job

Time consuming
process. Isn’t it ?
Employee leaves the Organization
So, what is the solution? Here “The Bodhi Tree” helps.

On our platform, Corporates can take a pre-interview test of multiple candidates at once for the required post, which will filter in the
best ones, whom they can call for interview.

The platform is designed to cover all the topics you expect your candidates to know before joining for the post. This will help the HR
to know, the actual potential of all the candidates.

How the platform will work?

On this platform, a Corporate Company or any Organization would have to create its account, where they can list every department
and designations under that particular department of their company or organization.
The HOD, or the authorized person (uploader) would have to create/add questions (MCQs) along with the correct answer on the
platform, there is also an option to upload the same in specified format.

Every HOD, have to create the questions for every designation under them.

All the question created or uploaded by the HODs under certain designation will be saved on the platform under respective

Now these questions will be asked online to the candidate appearing for a particular designation or post .
HODs or any authorized person will get options like Number of Questions to be asked, time frame, Qualifying Marks etc. while
conducting the test.

HODs will have to generate temporary TEST IDs, which will be provided to the candidates, through which candidates will have to
login on the platform by Mobile or Laptop for appearing the test.

Candidates will have to login with TEMPORARY ID along with other information asked, while appearing for test.

After completion of test, HOD will receive the results with candidate’s name.

Now HOD or HR whoever is conducting the test can decide which one is worthy enough to be called for face to face interview.
Why Corporates must use “The Bodhi Tree”?

• For Hiring The Best Ones

The best ones help the companies to ride on full throttle of the growth.
Our platform, will help the companies to find out the best talent from the crowd.
While hiring every corporate wants the candidate to have the all round knowledge of the field, for
which he/she is applying, since all the relevant questions cannot be asked during short interviews, a
thorough analysis is often missed. Our platform will cut-out this problem significantly.
• Time Saving
Interviewing Process is a time consuming process as it often continues till the desired one is found.
For Example: IF there are 15 candidates for the interview, and if its takes minimum 15 mins. for each
candidate, it will take almost 4 hours to interview them all, and then may be HR can decide which
one to Hire, or it may also happen that none of them may deem fit for the JOB. If the second
scenario happens its total time waste for the company. By using our platform, this process could
have been in more systematic and time saving way.
• Cost Saving
Since today time is money, if we are saving a company’s time we are saving their money. Now
imagine if a company hires a person, and person is not upto the mark in company’s view, what will
happen? Most companies will ask the person to leave after 3-4 months, and suppose that person’s
salary is Rs. 50k, it will cost Rs. 1.5-2 lacs in 3-4 months. This loss could have been avoided by using
the The Bodhi Tree.
• Growth and Efficiency
Efficiency of a company increases many holds, when it have the pool of talented and knowledgeable
people, which ultimately leads to the overall growth of the company. By having talented people,
operations of a company never faces any hurdle. Often it have been seen that the problems which
could have been solved in seconds, take hours. The Bodhi Tree will immensely help in finding the
right person for the company and Thus will contribute in their growth.
Thank You


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