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The fourth edition of the ICS Guide to Helicopter/Ship

Operations reflects current best practice in the
international shipping and aviation industries, and
supersedes the last edition.
The ICS Guide has been fully updated To provide additional value and utility,
with extensive guidance regarding the this new edition is accompanied by a CD
role and responsibilities of both the ship version of the text with a ‘search’
and helicopter, using expert advice from function.
the aviation industry. It is strongly
recommended that a copy is carried on The CD also includes an electronic
board every ship (and is obtained by template for preparing helicopter
shipping companies and helicopter landing/operating plans for
operators). transmission from the ship to the
helicopter operator.

The fourth edition, complete

with detailed illustrations,
takes full account of:
 Latest specifications for
helicopter performance
 Latest ICAO (aviation)
requirements for the safe
location/marking of landing
and winching areas
 New guidance on the
growing practice of transfer
of marine pilots direct to the
bridge wing
 Revised guidance on actions
to be taken in the event of
helicopter incidents.

The Guide (with CD and

planning template) is
priced at UK £120 and
is available from your
maritime bookseller or
from Marisec
publications using the
form overleaf.
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