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Geog 100 Spring 2018 Cameron

Final Exam Study Guide

The final exam will cover materials from throughout the whole semester and will follow
a format similar to the two midterm exams but will include two longer essays dealing
broadly with physical and human geography. It will be held Friday 5/11 from 10:30
am-1:00 pm in room 317 Lindley. The final is worth 200 points, or 20% of your overall
course grade. This study guide, along with midterm exam reviews and quizzes provide
the best indication of what to expect on the final. Best of luck on this and other exams
and have a great summer!
Locations/Features Videos
Prime Meridian/Antipodal Meridian Euromania
Arctic/Antarctic Circles Motorcycle Diaries
Rivers: Colorado, Mississippi, St Lawrence, Rohingya
Danube, Volga, Huang He (Yellow), Chang
Jiang (Yangtze), Amazon/Solimões, Negro,
Tigris, Euphrates, Nile, Congo, Zambezi,
Brahmaputra, Ganges, Indus, Irrawaddy,
Important People
Mountains: Appalachian, Cascade, Rocky, Carl Sauer
Denali/Mount McKinley, Pyrenees, Alps, Urals, Wegener
Fuji, Zagros, Atlas, Hindu Kush, Tian Shan, Köppen
Himalayas, Andes, Aconcagua, Chimborazo, Hernando Cortes
Kilimanjaro Thomas Malthus
Water Bodies: Lake Baikal, Aral Sea, Lake Ester Boserup
Titicaca, South China Sea, African Great Lakes Aung San Suu Kyi
Deserts: Gobi, Atacama, Sahara, Kalahari
Islands: Greater Antilles, Falkland Islands
(UK), Galapagos Islands (Ecuador), Easter
Island (Chile), Taiping, Luzon, Java
Mid-Atlantic Ridge
European Peninsulas
Microstates of Europe
Great Rift Valley
Great Escarpment
Deccan Plateau
Tibetan Plateau
Continental Shields/Cratons
Altiplano-Puna Bloc
Salar de Uyuini
Humbolt Current
The Guianas
Kingdom/Jeddah Tower
Cameroon Line
Great Escarpment
Sumatra Trench
Southeast Asian Massif
Lake Toba/Toba Super Volcano
Colombia Plateau
Colorado Plateau
Geog 100 Spring 2018 Cameron

Miscellaneous Miscellaneous
Earth’s shape/size measurement Amazon River types (white, black, clear)
Geographic Coordinates/Graticule Amazon Deforestation
Plate Boundaries/ Plate Tectonics Marsh Arabs
Pacific Ring of Fire Abrahamic Religions
Climate Classification System Shia/Sunni
Types of precipitation Arab Spring
Soils and their distribution, Chernozem Israel/Palestine Territories
El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO)
Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ)
Volcano types Size of Africa/Mercator Projection
Early immigrants to the Americas Urbanization levels
Early European Settlements USA Demographic measures (CBR, CDR, etc)
Colonial Territories Americas, Africa, SE Asia Population growth rate
USA Immigration sources Demographic Transition
Push and Pull factors Berlin Conference
World Population distribution & density Monsoon Climate
Hurricanes/Saffir-Simpson Hinduism (Caste)
Water Scarcity/Use/Desalinization Buddhism
Population Pyramids Sikhism
Maya and Aztec Tsunamis/2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami
Treaty of Tordesillas Lithosphere
Columbian Exchange Eskers, drumlins, moraines
Spanish Colonial Caste Pangaea
Regions of Mexico Gondwana
UK and its components Continental vs. Maritime Influence
Unitary vs Federal System Subduction
HDI Weather and climate
GDP (Per Capita PPP) Rainshadow
Gini Ratio/Coefficient UNCLOS
European Supranationalism/Devolution Exclusive economic zone (EEZ)
Permafrost Map Scale/Area Scale
Taiga vs. Tundra Irredentism
Tragedy of the commons Terra Firme vs Varzea
Prisoner’s dilemma Fertile Crescent
Rare Earth Metals Hajj
Altitudinal Zonation/Crops Rohingya
Lithium deposits
Proven oil reserves
Ottoman Empire
Persian Empire