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No Ceiling Eb Bb ( Fm )
I leave here believing Fm Bb
Fm Cm As i walk
[Intro] Fm More than i had Eb
Eb Bb The hemisphere
Fm Bb And there's a reason i'll be Cm Eb Bb
Comes the morning Bb Ab Sure as i'm breathing
Eb Reason i'll be back Fm Cm
When i can feel Ab Sure as i'm sad
Ab Got my wish Eb Bb
That there's nothing Fm I'll keep this wisdom
Fm To up and disappear Fm Cm
Left to be concealed Bb In my flesh
Bb I been wounded Eb Bb
Moving on Eb I leave here believing
Eb I been healed Fm Cm
A scene surreal Ab More than i had
Ab Now for landing i been Eb Bb
Know my heart will never Bb This love has got
Bb Landing i been cleared Bb
Never be far from here No ceiling
Cm Eb Bb
Sure as i'm breathing
Fm Cm
Sure as i'm sad
Eb Bb
I'll keep this wisdom
Fm Cm
In my flesh