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Appendix B

Corrections to Be Applied to Weighting Factors Due


The term dP/dX is used both to calculate the influence coefficient Djj and in the Reynolds equation. For the calculation of D;j, (dP/a*X)i at node ! is calculated by using three nodes.


^ _

-Xj - X^+i

(Xi-l ** Xi) (Xj-l * Xj+l)

2X^ - X^+i - X^i


'-'"7y— v— VTv— v— i

^Aj — Aj-iJ (A^ — A,+iJ

'***** !






At the first and last nodes, ^i and X^ax' c!P/o!X is also defined by using three nodes (e.g., Xi, Xg, X$ and X^r-i, Xjv-z, ^*JV,^*. For the calculation of dP/dX in the Reynolds equations, two nodes may often be used if the numerical convergence is difficult to obtain with the three- node formula. For the two node formula the weighting factors are

"i,!+i = 17-


a,^ = -a^+i

a;,j_i = 0


Minor corrections are

also applied on the last values of a^ , to respect the

boundary conditions at X = X^nd- For X = X<-nd, ^ = a'P/a'X = 0. It is

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assumed that between ^Qv and .Xcnd; ^**(-^) is described by a second-degree polynomial. Respecting the previously mentioned boundary condition gives

For .X = ^Qvt therefore,

^") =

which can also be expressed as

an,n_i = 0

a^ =



^ —


&„,„+! = 0




The integral of the pressure between ^j\r and vYcnd leads to

If N is odd, subtract from the value of C;v the value c?Cjv+i,jv coming from

the interval [Xjv,Xjv+2] and add A(7jv to get the final value of Cjy. If N is

even, modify Cj\r_i and C*jv. From C^/-i subtract

dCjv jv-i from the interval

]JQv-i,XAr+i] and add the weighting factor AC*^-i coming from the integra-

tion of P between Xjv-i and Xjy. Using the "trapeze" rule gives

The value of C^ is finally defined as

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