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A Lesson Design in Grade 4

Bacalso, Kimberly G. August 20, 2018

Student Intern Date

Dr. Monique E. Cordova


I. Intended Learning Outcomes

Through varied activities, the Grade 4 students with at least 75%
accuracy are expected to:

II. Learning Content

Topic: Speaking clearly using appropriate pronunciation and intonation
Literacy Skill: Speaking
Instructional Materials:
References: Cards for “Inside Out”

III. Learning Experiences

a) Pre-Expansion
Students play the game “Inside Out”. Each student is assigned for a
specific emotion or feeling such as joyful, angry, fearful, disgust and
sadness, just like in the popular kids movie “Inside Out”. The students are
given sentences in a card and have them communicate using the
emphasis and pitch with their assigned emotion.

 I like eating vegetables.

 Always think positive!
 I want to study hard to receive good
 My parents gave me a surprised gift
 My favorite color is pink.

 I left my homework today.

 I forgot to return the pen I borrowed
 My dog was lost since last week.
 You’ll get lost if you don’t carry a map
with you.
 I had bitter gourd for breakfast.
 Someone stole my English notebook.
 I saw a really hairy guy, he looked like
a bear.
 Don't touch me!
 People should start segregating their
 Don’t throw plastics on the ocean!

 Ew! Don’t eat the rotten tomatoes.

 Wash your hands before eating.
 Stop eating your fingernails.
 People should stop throwing their
garbage everywhere.
 I saw a dog pooped in the park earlier.

 I am afraid of spiders.
 I don’t like to turn my lights off when
I’m sleeping.
 Cheating is not allowed during tests.
 Simon is about to fall on the ground.
 If my parents catch me not doing my
chores, they’ll punish me.

The following process questions are asked to the students:

 What are the emotions portrayed earlier?

 Did you pronounce one word loudly than the others? Which one?
 Did your voice rise or fall at the end of the sentence?

b) Expansion
The teacher discuss intonation and its functions in English in a Power
Point Presentation.

In linguistics, intonation is the variation of pitch when speaking.
Intonation and stress are two main elements of linguistic prosody.
Intonation helps to recognize the language that you hear in the same way
as the melody of a song helps to recognize the song that you hear.
Key components of Intonation
Intonation is based on several key components :
Pitch, Sentence stress , Rhythm
Pitch is the degree of height of our voice in speech. Normal speaking pitch
is at midlevel .Intonation is formed by certain pitch changes, characteristic
of a given language.
Sentence stress
Sentence stress makes the utterance understandable to the listener by
making the important words in the sentence stressed, clear and higher in
pitch and by shortening and obscuring the unstressed words.
Sentence stress provides rhythm in connected speech.

c) Post Expansion
The students play “Inside Out” an exercise that helps them to learn
how pronunciation and intonation can be used