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The following guidelines should be used when the Libya Infrastructure Master
Specifications are utilized for projects.

1. The table of content for the Master Specifications should be reviewed by the
project team and the specification sections relevant to the project should be

2. If additional specifications are required in order to supplement the Master

Specifications, such specifications should be identified, prepared, and added to the
project specifications for completeness.

3. Each selected section of the Master Specifications should be reviewed by a

qualified engineer of the project team having sufficient background and expertise in
the applicable technical area. The specification sections should be modified as
needed to suit the project requirements, and coordinated with the drawings and Bill
of Quantities.

4. During review of the specifications, the “Hidden Text” should be activated to

display the Note to Specifier (NTS) in blue and red. The direction(s) provided in
the “Hidden Text” should be followed. To activate “Hidden Text” in MS Word,
go to: Tools > Options >View, in “Formatting Marks” checkmark the “Hidden
Text” box. You will then be able to see the hidden text. A similar toggle exists for
printing “Hidden Text”.

5. Acceptable manufacturers: Master Specifications currently refer to three

manufacturers or products and allow for other “acceptable or approved
equal/equivalent” manufacturers or products. It is desirable not to change this to
an alternate method that is commonly used locally in which the Contractor
provides a list of three approved manufacturers/products and the Owner then
chooses one. This method typically increases the total price of the contract
because the Contractor has to base his tender price on the highest product cost of
the approved list, in lieu of an equivalent product that may cost less. Furthermore,
this method may lead to favoritism of a given manufacturer or supplier based on
the opinion of the Owner’s representative which is not desirable in competitive
bidding. Shop drawings should be submitted for each product so that the
Construction Management/Construction Supervision (CM/CS) Consultant and the
Owner can review to ensure compliance with the specifications. Selecting from a
list of 3 approved manufacturers/products does not allow for shop drawing
submittal and review.

6. In cases of conflict between metric conversion units and English units, the English
units (US customary units) shall prevail.

7. The term “Professional Engineer” and “Professional Structural Engineer” have

been used through out the Master Specifications. This terminology should be
compared to the Libyan definition of “Professional Engineer” if one exists and
appropriately cross referenced.

Libya Infrastructure Master Spec 1 20-Nov-08

8. A Performance Bond (normally 2%) and a Retention Bond (normally 5%) are
required in accordance with Articles 6 and 10 of HIB’s General Conditions.

9. Water and Sewage Treatment Plant and Pump Station security system: If a
security system is required, the type of security system should be specified in detail.
The Master Specification section for security systems specifies a simple system
consisting of door alarms and keypad access systems. This section does not include
features such as card access systems, electrically controlled doors, closed circuit
TVs (CCTV), etc. If any additional systems are required, specifications for those
systems must be developed.

10. The product names stated in the master specifications are provided to set a
standard of service for quality, capacity, performance, appearance, and
maintenance. Equivalency of other similar products shall be demonstrated and
submitted by the Contractor and approved by the CM/CS.

11. Catalogue numbers listed in the schedules are for descriptive and reference
purposes only. Equivalency of other similar products shall be demonstrated and
submitted by the Contractor and approved by the CM/CS.

12. In cases of conflict between various standards and local regulations, the most
stringent requirement shall govern.

Libya Infrastructure Master Spec 2 20-Nov-08