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SUF-00414 Preferred private lawyer referrals: All matters with pages on this sheet refer to September 21, 2017 appearances transcripts Mother, Andrea Wood was told she did not qualify for public defender which was her request. Judge Lois Haight: “You do not qualify, as | understand for the attorney”. Page 10:18-19 Judge Lois Haight: “Okay. I'm g¢ g to refer you to an attorney.” Page 6:22-23, Mother sent into the hallway with a court issued recommended lawyers list. Before she has time to read it, the court sends Lawyer Mary Carey over to mother who introduces herself (Ms. Carey) as the recommended lawyer for Ms. Wood. This is Ms. Wood's first introduction to Ms. Carey. Approximately fifteen minutes later the court rushes mother back in and pressures her to pick one. Mother would have liked more time to investigate but at that time mother was unaware or did mother suspect that 2 recommended lawyer would collude with the court against the mother (client of said lawyer). Mary Carey was hired at $450/hour to represent mother in efforts to reunite with her children and ultimately prove Juris findings were untrue so the mother’s three children would be released home. ‘The following week, while mother was nat in the courtroom, Mother was often forced out to waitin the hallway to not hear proceedings. Ms. Carey scandalously went against the mother’s interest and on transcript record said “Your honor, | had made a request that there be no contact between my client and Hayden.” September 29, 2017 transcripts page 188-11 See attached: Exhibit #1 “Juvenile Dependency attorneys for Private retainer”, hand out from Superior court Exhibit #2 September 21, 2017 transcripts, pages 6, 10, and 18. Exhibit #3 September 29, 2017, page 18:8-11 i ECEIVE]A) Suh wr fkaeh Aus 14 208 Zz — aaa