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ISO 9000 was created to create an international set o process quality standards. It looks
on the process o the organization and addresses the methods utilized during the
manu acturing process instead o examining the inal product. Also, it ocuses more on

enhancing processes and monitoring customer satis action. ISO 9000 were published by
International Organization or Standardization with the purpose o promoting the
development o standardization and cooperation o the areas o intellectual, scienti ic,

technological and economic activities. ISO 9000 is a typical standard or quality
management and quality assurance. It assists companies to e fectively document the
quality system oundations to be applied to maintain an e ficient quality system. It does
not point a speci ic industry and there ore can be applied to organization o any sign. This

certi ication can support company satis y its customers, meet the necessary requirements,
and achieve constant improvement. However, it should be a irst step, the base level o a

quality system, not a complete guarantee o quality.

ISO 9000 is anchored on eight quality management principles that includes: (1) Customer-
oriented organization, (2) Leadership, (3) Involvement o human resources, (4) Process

Methodology, (5) System Approach, (6) Factual Approach, (7) Constant Improvement, (8)
Mutually avourable supplier relationship
4.2. Philippine Quality Awards

Philippine Quality Awards is the utmost national distinction given to organizations who has
exemplary per ormance. It is comparable to that very prestigious Baldrige Per ormance

Excellence Program o America. The award highlights on results, including customer

satis action. Philippine Quality Award is not a recognition or product quality or service
quality, rather or a quality management system which ocuses on continuous

enhancement in the distribution o products and delivery o services, and nonetheless o

providing a ways o satis ying and responding customers’ needs and requirements. The
award aims to create and promote standards on organizational per ormance, promulgate
national system or measuring quality and productivity per ormance, and identi y
organizations which have attained the highest level o quality and business excellence.
This award surely ensures a continuous doing o excellent service and delivery by greatly
enhancing the quality o service to customer or stakeholders, contributing to organizational
sustainability; improvement o overall organizational e ficacy and capabilities; and
organizational and personal learning.

4.3. New Accreditation Standards o Hotels, Resorts, and Apartment Hotels

The New Accreditation Standards o Hotels, Resorts and Apartment Hotels is a new
accreditation posed by the Department o Tourism in relation to the mandate o RA 9593.
The accreditation comprises ive levels o accommodation standards ranging rom one to
ive stars applicable to hotels, resorts and apartment hotels. To obtain a higher stars,
gradual provision o higher service and acility quality, acility condition and improve
business acilities like environmental management should be provided across all areas,
which are determined by a points system. The accreditation composed o 1000 points set
as the maximum earned points that can be achieved by hotels, resorts, and apartment
hotels. The criteria are divided into seven (7) measurements that are common to the latter
mentioned categories except rom the lounge area and the kitchen which are applicable
only to the apartment hotels. The measurement percentage ranges rom 5 to 10 %
respectively; each measurement consists o a number o indicators which de ine either
the existence or availability o quality and status o the acility as well as the service. Each
indicator has allotted points. A maximum o 177 indicators are evaluated. Quality indings
are used to identi y whether a acility or service is either unacceptable, acceptable, good,

very good, excellent or outstanding.
4.4. Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Awards

Malcolm Baldridge National Awards established to motivate American organizations to
continuously improve quality and productivity. It recognizes attainment in relation to
di ferent guidelines and criteria that can be utilized by an organization in assessing their

own quality improvement e forts. The award is given to organizations who have
implemented success ully quality management system. Malcolm Baldridge National Quality
Awards eatures the ollowing guidelines in the process o identi ying or recognition and

awards that comprises the: Leadership, Premeditated Planning, Customer Focus,
In ormation and Investigation, Human Resource Development, Process Management, and
Business Results.

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